This is a young Corulin (my

This is a young Corulin (my minstrel) that I sculpted several years ago. My very first time sculpting in real clay. I didn't have a screenshot of him so I had to make him out of memory so it doesn't look like him at all, though it does look a bit better IRL XD

Portrait of the Artist.

Showcasing sculpture from around the world.

Je remercie chaleureusement le papillon pour sa coopration

Michelangelo David Cats!

Sculpted in marble.

Founded in fur.

These Kittehs have defined the ideal of beauty for centuries!

Barbara Hepworth sculptures, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, August 2023.

Barbara Hepworth sculptures, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, August 2023.

la religion
happy birthday
Volodymyr Tsisaryk

Solar Powered Flower Chases The Light

Solar Powered Flower Chases The Light

Et du coup, trouvant que la patine s'tait dlave... Je viens de la reprendre, et j'ai bien fait

Danish artist and climate activist Thomas Dambo spent his summer in the US creating gigantic troll-like creatures across the country out of recycled materials. Five are in Western Washington where he worked with Indigenous tribes and artist John Halliday to make sure his work respected their traditions.

Cormorants on Helen Denerley's 1994 Govan Milestone sculpture on Govan Road in Glasgow.

Zen Doorway by Lucy Congdon Hanson at Botanic Gardens.

Un petit

'Figure, Blue' by John Mason (2002)


Je suis en avance pour

Where can buy a skyhook
Wo kann (man*) einen Skyhook kaufen

Another look at the Maltese Falcon prop replica.

The hardest part of this sculpt was the large smooth surfaces.

The most enjoyable part was the diamonds section on the falcon's chest.

Lovely bit of in Holt Country Park today.

Vite ! L'exposition Nature de fonds dos de girafe (Archives nationales, site de Paris) se terminera lundi 18 septembre !

Hommage au Tiers-Monde (Armand Vaillancourt)

Standin On The Corner In Winslow AZ

Standin' On The Corner In Winslow AZ - 2023 Robert N. Clinton (aka CyberShutterbug)

Here are some I took when I was in .

Bull's head by Edme Gaulle (French, 17621841). Bronze, 1819. One of a pair, formerly used as the head of a fountain at the Blanc-Manteaux market, now at no. 8, rue des Hospitalires-Saint-Gervais, 4th arrondissement of Paris (Les Marais)

Show Me How Its All My Fault

At a sculpture park that features lots of large phantastical creatures and found this Praying Mantis trying to blend in.

Ths statues around the entrance to the offices of the Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company in Govan. Sculpted by James Pittendrigh MacGillivary in 1890, they represent an Engineer on the left and a Shipwright on the right. Above these two are a pair of mermaids (not clearly visible from this angle) and the head of a Viking Sea God.

Heads are nearly done (the hair is just a test)


Odd fact for today: There are more public sculptures of elephants in Glasgow than of Scottish women.

Top left: Isabella Elder (Elder Park) Top right: Mary Barbour (Govan) Bottom Left: Elephant for Glasgow (Bellahouston Park) Bottom middle: Maryhill Elephants (Shakespeare Street) Bottom right: Elephant at Applecross Basin (Forth and Clyde Canal, Maryhill).

Some sculptures from the museum of art. This small sampling across different time periods absolutely does not do the museum justice at all. Just a few that caught my eye! Will be adding alt text shortly.

I want to make sure the reaction diffusion system responds when the domain expands and contracts.

A nice one.

Insta 3yrs ago: Shapely.

Supple textures meet bold hues in Sangmin Ohs elegant 'Knitted Light' series.

Green magic

These are the Grey-Scott Equations:

Kim's solution involved solving a polynomial derived from rearranging the reaction so that u is in terms of v which results in a polynomial, probably to avoid the matrix inversion required by the multi-variable Newton solve. 3/n

The problem with using an implicit Diffusion solve is that it tends to knock out all of the high order frequencies, so some of the wild oscillating behavior goes away.

proposed a solution to the problem here:

The idea is to use operator splitting and Newton Solve solve the reaction equation.


As far as I know, the two that make up don't have individual names.

I like to think of this one as the more wary of the two ... always keeping an eye on you as you wander around the park

You can find the first photo in this series here:

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