Sculpture today

Sculpture today.

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cumslut9000 She/her 18+ NOLA I made my mold for sculpture today and it took SO LONG I was literally there for 4 and a half hours ooof #JIMIN: my mom won’t let me post the wap dance but it’s in my drafts
TV5MONDEapac Asia and Pacific regions #Investigation #French 🍿 The body of Juliette Laborde, the daughter of an influential family, is found pinned on a sculpture… Today on TV5MONDE Pacifique and tomorrow on Asie ▶️World's Leading Cultural Network in French broadcasting. Subtitled programs include movies, news, sports, documentaries, cartoons and entertainment. Tune in!
mundanehales I finished two paintings and a sculpture today holy chsjsjcbsjsjwn my brain
HepworthGallery Wakefield, West Yorkshire 'Everything I do, I intend to make on a large scale...Size itself has its own impact, and physically we can relate ourselves more strongly to a big sculpture.' We're starting today's #OnlineArtExchange with Henry Moore's Large Two Forms which towers over @yspsculpture at 6m tall The Hepworth Wakefield has reopened. Gallery open Wed-Sun, 10am-5pm. Garden open daily, 10am-5pm. Free entry. Welcome back!
brianjaffa Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland The first story you read when you open a copy of @TheScotsman today on warnings that the future of award-winning sculpture park @jupiterartland is under threat from green belt housing plans: @scotsman_arts Edinburgh-based journalist, arts-follower, traveller-around-Scotland. Any views expressed are mine alone. Follow me on Instagram @brianjaffa
OneChrisEdwards Toronto So much of what comic books/strips are today have their root in the messaging aimed at illiterate, pre-modern populations. And not just on paper! On walls, in sculpture, woven into tapestries. It's fascinating. Silent Film, Science Fiction. Unpopular before it was cool.
cityofguelph Guelph, Ontario, Canada Work starts today in John Galt Park to build platforms for Locomotive 6167 and the Time Line/Water Line sculpture. The pathway through the park and the sidewalk on Woolwich Street is closed until end of December. The trail will remain open. Learn more: The official account for City of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Monitored Monday to Friday 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
CommackSchools Commack, New York Kindergartners play Freeze (or Sculpture, depending on where you grew up) and getting some fresh air and exercise at #NorthRidge today. #FreezeTag #CommackSchools #PlayTime #RunAround The official site of the Commack School District. Follow our Superintendent @commack_supt
GenderUnbound Austin, TX Today’s featured artist in our Intersex Awareness Day gallery is Jeanne Nollman! Jeanne (she/her) is an intersex artist who concentrates on pottery and and sculpture, as well as an intersex media person, activist, and educator. Supporting #trans and #intersex #artists, #musicians, #performers, & #filmmakers! Upcoming events: Gender Unbound 2020 Virtual Showcase - Every Saturday in Sept
lionescence London, England Today writing like working on a sculpture except you've been given a blunt chisel and one of those clown hammers that squeak. I WILL CARVE THIS forkER OUT. Writer, drummer, dreamer. Here be Giant Magic Space Robot Lions. NB trans-masc, they/them. 41. Visit my Ko-Fi!
guromanga my sculpture professor makes me wanna cry i stayed up til 3 am making a new model after he told me my other idea wasn’t “interesting” and then he told me today that he didnt like how this one looks either because it deviated from my intial sketches pisces 21
starkimages St Petersburg, FL Volunteering today at the suntan Arts Center and I'm not alone here! This lovely little Ratticate loves my wire sculpture. @bstarkart @suntanartcenter @ Suntan Art Center Artist, PhD, writer, educator, ghost sleep, but I'll do that when I'm dead.
LeicesterPalaeo Looking at fish fin morphology and locomotion today with some rather fetching models produced by @MarkAPurnell #abstractart #sculpture #palaeo #paleo Leicester palaeobiologists - Most content produced by: @CStockey Also managed by: @CoralHedi @MarkAPurnell & Tom Harvey
swiftpositions minor @bloodydracos hello! i’m not an apple, and for that, creating suspicion, clay sculpture, i will not be any more today. — ❀‧₊˚ she / her
CrichTramway Crich, Derbyshire, UK What a beautiful #autumnal morning! #nationaltramwaymuseum The colours on our #Woodland Walk and #Sculpture Trail look amazing. Why not come along for a #walk and a #tram ride. The #trams in service today are #leeds 180 and #chesterfield 7 We do hope you have a #wonderful #visit. Step back in time at Crich Tramway Village in Derbyshire. Ride on vintage trams through the period street. A perfect day out for all the family.
alicia_june International Hilarious! Running Bondi-Bronte today & saw but actually thought it was Sculptures by Sea bumping in...could only see the back of sculpture with #borat and security all around stopping anyone from entering park. But fine with me now seeing those Borats 🤣 Publicist for Jessica Adams, Editor on . Proud mama, runner & lover of nature. email:
FrancoiseNaudet Paris PM Showers today! With a high of 20 C and a low of 13 C. #art #sculpture #naudet Françoise Naudet (1928-2008) est un sculpteur français. Elle fut Présidente des artistes français pour la section #sculpture. #art #culture #artist #sculptor
lofi_bears I have so much art envy today and not in a good way T.T I know we all go at our own pace and I took a pretty long detour into sculpture and stuff but still I feel old and untalented haha I like otome games, sports anime, and girls |
StrawberrySith Visit my links yet? 👉🏻 @secondrealm I'll bite 🙂 Skulls are a big theme in my collection. Hoping to add more "sculpture" like pieces (e.g. Crystal Pops). Cranial Space #1/#2 are cool. They are tied to physical prints by @ProbCause that arrived by post today and have been sent for framing · · · Darkness and Dessert · · · Tinkering w/ #Web3 🔗 #Gaming hard 🎮 Making 🔮 Follow this page for stats/thoughts about #blockchain and #NFTs!
AdrielRestrepo Worked on building my animation dreams again today. 👨🏻‍🔧 I got the clay sculpture and stopmotion corner desks area started! Artist 🎨 Animator 🎠
LasleyArtStudio Lakewood, CO So much happening in art today! Liquid watercolors and salt, paper sculpture, monster collages, and sewing. @LasleyLions #lasleypride #art
lanquiren ᴄʀᴀᴄᴋʜᴇᴀᴅ ᴠɪʙᴇs Ffff enjoy my piece of failure bc apparently it was due today and like, I never finished ??? And turns out I have to make a sculpture now aside from painting a bull for rodeo??? Like😭😭😭 and then I have a two point perspective drawing to do😅😅😅 and then AP— Enjoy my mess<3 \(-_______-;)/ ᴀ 𝓼𝓱𝓪𝓶𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓼𝓼 ᴀᴄᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ
SGForestSchool Bristol & Bath The Y1/2 class at @St_SavioursBath loved exploring autumnal colours today. They created a beautiful leaf sculpture and made great autumnal sparklers. Playing and Learning in the Wild!
Billflows1 Hackney Spotted this sculpture "Wooden Boat with Seven People" by Kalliopi Lemos on my cycle through the city today. Beautiful, powerful, and moving. Text says "The text says "Wooden Boat With Seven People features an authentic boat that was used to transport refugees from Turkey to... Officially mad since 1998. C-PTSD. Benefits scrounger. Mostly kempt. Loves dogs, fears cats. Arab Jewish & Geordie heritage. Hackney council tenant. They/them.
ledrang UK Day 21: Learnt a new Blu spell today, it's supposed to incase my enemies in ice and stop them from moving, wait did I use the ice sculpture spell instead. #FFXIV #PS4share #elftober2020 Living the Femroe life, mains Derpgoon, subs SMN, DNC & MCH, remembering which button does what is hard sometimes - Moogle #FFXIV
sculpture_park Churt, Surrey “Only recently learnt of the existence of this park.. Visited today and found it very enjoyable; great collection and as it was a weekend plenty of space from other visitors.” TripAdvisor Reviews - October 2020 The World Most Eclectic All Year Sculpture Exhibition open to all. Over 250 renowned sculptors exhibiting 750 sculptures for sale in arboretum & water gardens.
cordeliaspot they/them my sculpture teacher told me today that my two projects im working on have a level of sophistication he hasnt seen from me yet and that im a better artist than i was last semester and that i should be aware of this change bc its rlly good n im gnna cry lets b pals// virgo slug DARRYL
Lisa_Evans92 Carmarthen, Wales Our first pour of the semester @CarmSchOfArt ⚠️🔥 The furnace shot was taken by our first year Tom Bellingham who was part of the furnace crew today and he kicked bottom ⚠️💪 #sculpture #castiron #foundry #westwales #colegsirgar menyw / woman
CCAurora Aurora, CO Happening now! Join us to hear Jaime Carrejo discuss his work from 10am-noon today. Jaime Carrejo is a multi-discipline artist and his projects involve painting, sculpture, video, and immersive installations. Learn more and get the Zoom link here: CCA is a community college with campuses in Denver & Aurora, CO. Spring registration opens on Nov 2! Visit our website for more information.
Angeliiiiique In my dreams Just went in town today and they put a giant sculpture of a beetle next to the hospital. I don’t really know why (there was a thing written but I didn’t have time to read it) but it’s so cool, I love it! I'm just a little demon named Angel. 🖤❤️ Black Lives Matter! ~~~ Biggest otps: #Bangel #Huddy #Suliet #Luby ~~~ Current otps: #Sambucky #Angelita #Richonne ❤️
julezhami UK @juillana @marinajac @nadalinaloves @annetatham @july4thmom @LauraBe86579131 @MariaCr62364133 @NikkiSBR @cljNnmCSoEqNJ6B @catluverfurever There is news today that the Islington site has been agreed and they're just looking for bronze sculpture now, my bet would be they're trying to get everything for free including a sculpture appeal to the heart strings and keep the 💰 Passionate about changing the face of Homelessness. . Crazy about my Kids Grankids, Crazy about my Cats and First and Formost passionate about God
EBCEAcademyY3T Ellison Boulters, LN2 2UZ This term the children have been exploring how different religions express their beliefs' through art, sculpture and architecture. Today they created their own clay structures to represent the things that they believe in and those that are important to them. Excellent! 😃♥️😃 For anyone with children in Miss Toyne's Y3 class.
PhotoLondonFair London It was with immense sadness that we learned, today, of the death of the great Frank Horvat, aged 92. Although best known for his fashion photography, his wide ranging photographic encompassed photojournalism, portraiture, landscape, nature, and sculpture. ‘The Photography event of the Year’ The Guardian. Photo London Digital the world’s first international online photo fair runs 7–18 October 2020.
ClassicsWarwick Coventry Looking forward to today's research seminar presented by PhD student Carlo Lualdi - "Where the acanthus raises its leaves over the sleepers": A pattern between sculpture and vase painting in southern Italy. All welcome! #ClassicsTwitter The Department of Classics and Ancient History at The University of Warwick.
FrancoiseNaudet Paris AM Showers/Wind today! With a high of 22 C and a low of 14 C. #art #sculpture #naudet Françoise Naudet (1928-2008) est un sculpteur français. Elle fut Présidente des artistes français pour la section #sculpture. #art #culture #artist #sculptor
ArtDeakin Burwood, Melbourne Today we look at the beautiful sculpture by Adrian Mauriks ‘Strange Fruit, 2010’ photographed by Simon Peter Fox and recently installed at Deakin University Burwood. Image courtesy of the artist. For more head to our Instagram page at Deakin University Art Gallery is an inspiring and innovative educational resource.Visit the Gallery on the Burwood campus, free and open to all.
vampIuvr read carrd byf 🦇 today my sculpture professor made it clear that he somehow doesn’t remember having me in his ceramics class literally 1 year ago & it rly forking wrecked my ego bc that means I must not be the coolest and most unforgettable person after all #SYPHA: see? god hates me! ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ゚ art acc: @grvmoires
cumslut9000 She/her 18+ NOLA I made my mold for sculpture today and it took SO LONG I was literally there for 4 and a half hours ooof #JIMIN: my mom won’t let me post the wap dance but it’s in my drafts
theamoncarter Fort Worth, Texas We’re just hanging around at the Carter! When you enter the museum, check out James Surls’ otherworldly sculpture “Seven and Seven Flower,” a complex portrait of family, land, and self. Get in the spooky spirit with this blooming gorgeous work on view today! #CarterArt #art American Art Museum
nijanandji ગુજરાત Today, modern science, which is named 'Dark Energy' by the universe, is searching for it, the same black power was called 'Mahakali' by the sages of Hindu civilization, thousands of years ago! The Hindu science of sculpture is really surprising and advanced. #DarkEnergy #ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં ટ્વિટ કરો ..., ■ વિચારોને વાચા આપો
DinosaurDungeon Ontario, Canada I'm starting on a new commission today! It's Ajkaceratops from Hungary! The reference pics I used are from two artists on deviantART Cisiopurple and tnilab-ekneb121 #dinosaurs #sculpture #commissionsculpture #sciart #paleoart #paleontology #ceratopsian #ajkaceratops Canadian Paleo Artist and Sculptor.
norramot London Trekked off to Kew to see some Dale Chihuly glasswork a year ago today. Got up, went on my own, enjoyed a bit of sculpture magic, travelled by train and just loved the world. I miss all that. MSV press officer. Brentford season ticket holder. Usually at a racing circuit or following Bruce Springsteen around the globe. Opinions my own. 🇪🇺
MsKoppaithara Region of Peel, Ontario Today K1 @champlaintrail did an interactive art exploration using branches and glass bangles. Children decorated our branches by saying how many bangles and/or specific colours to add. At the end, the sculpture even fell onto the floor. #Banskyinthehouse #OnlineKindy @PeelArts1 Proud mother of two daughters. Kindergarten teacher~ the remote variety #vintage2020. I #hike🌺 #explore 🌄 #lovewater 🌊 Inspired by the unexpected.
archidose New York City @NoguchiMuseum @MariaLisella @POETSorg Learned a word today! "An ekphrastic poem is a vivid description of a scene or, more commonly, a work of art. Through the imaginative act of narrating and reflecting on the 'action' of a painting or sculpture, the poet may amplify and expand its meaning." Architect, blogger, @worldarchitects editor, tour guide (on break due to pandemic), & author of a handful of books. Newest, NYC Walks, came out March 12, 2019.
CIIRCCTU Prague 👑New Maria Therese sculpture has been unveiled at @Praha6 Hradčany just now. 🎥As mobility and crowds are limited today, you can visit the place in 3D visualisation done by #cedet team of @CIIRCCTU - Michal and Martin Kotek.👏 Check it out ⬇️⬇️⬇️ By creating fusions of research disciplines, CIIRC CTU turns ideas into breakthrough technologies for industry, energetics, health and society.
WhatDesignCanDo Amsterdam What we're reading today: How has satire changed in the 21st century? In this fascinating piece, @itsnicethat explores how meme culture has affected the age-old art form of political cartoons, and what it means to be "funny, but not vulgar" in 2020. What Design Can Do is an international platform about the social impact of design. This year our focus is on #SocialJustice and #ClimateAction.
higginsbedford Bedford, UK Great news! We've finished installing the sculpture display ahead of time. It's supposed to open this Saturday but you can come and see it starting from today. Free to visit but tickets must be booked in advance: A Bedford Borough Council cultural service.
thisisCBR Canberra If you go down to the lake today, you’ll find….a ziggurat made of straw + a lot of fascinating art thanks to the Contour 556 sculpture festival A culinary and cultural journal for the nation's capital.
Rainmaker1973 Italy, North by Northwest Measuring nearly nine meters tall and firing out vapour rings, ∞ Blue (Infinity Blue) is an immersive 9 meters tall, 20-ton installation at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK that pays homage to cyanobacteria, one of the world’s smallest living beings Astronomy, astronautics, meteorology, physics. @Coelum_news columnist. Engineer, trying to build the big picture of #science via pics, videos & links
AimeeMaroux It's the 3rd day of the ancient Athenian month #Maimakterion and on every third day of the month, the people of Athens honoured #Athena. Bronze sculpture dubbed "The Peiraeus Athena". 340—330 BCE Athens, today in the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus I write #erotica about sexy #GreekGods & #GreekMythology 🏛️ New stories every month on Patreon: Host of #MythologyMonday & #FannyFriday

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