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oidingus Stumbled upon this sculpture today again and thought i’d share it. Did a double take first time i encountered it on a jog at a park in my city (Russia), took me a moment figure they are hugging. Love the motion to the whole pose. Called “Brotherhood” by Karel Pokorný i’m more active on tumblr y’all!
Guggenheim New York City Today's #FrankLloydWrightFridays illustration is by @tulkaqelume—“Contemplating the Guggenheim makes me feel that I am facing something unreal, a confluence of architecture, painting and sculpture. It seems that it breathes, that it is alive.” Radical art and architecture meet here. Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 🌎 @guggenheimPGC @museoguggenheim
susantran Boston, MA This popped up in a FB memory. A beautiful sculpture of a mother and child. I can’t figure out which museum we spotted this at during our trip to #SantaFe in 2014. But the image brought me some serenity this morning. May you find a bit of peace today. Anchor @NECN 7:00-9:30a & noon @NBC10Boston. Worked in Utica, NY & Charlotte, NC. BU grad! SoCal girl loving East Coast!
loulayeumu @KagutaMuseveni @edthnaka The challenge we have with our youth today, Is that they have not developed any hobbies such as painting, sculpture, pottery, gardening, art and crafts, e.t.c. we are learning alot during this lockdown and I urge the business community to come up with. In God I trust
HaggardMess Today rocks. And this is why. . #timhortons #frenchvanilla #timhortonshanghai #PS4 #residentevil #residentevil3 #nemesis #playstation #playstation4 #residentevil3remake #raccooncity #shanghailife @ Jing'an Sculpture… A Canadian who loves #reading, #writing, #horror, #comics, #music, #boxing, #photography, #film, #gaming, and a good cup of tea. ☕️ #amwriting
Annabel__always variable Things I'm missing today Yorkshire Sculpture Park Hugging Mama G Park run and Trust 10 races Garden centres Outdoor mooches and wild swims w friends Feel v grateful for my little garden + being able to plant seeds Cinema lady, Sheffield. Manage Major Programmes for #BFIFAN. 2019: #FilmFeels #BFIMusicals @filmhubmidlands. Prev fests, theatre, VR. Personal views herein.
_rchie0425 Jaipur, India I shared about Jatayu Sculpture in feb. And today i saw many tweets regarding this sculpture, thanks to Ramayan, people are learning about our Sanskriti and history. Good to see that. Our Sanskriti is alive. #Ramayan #Jatayu #DDNational #StayHomeSaveLives Price is what you pay, Value is what you get😎 #MscMathematics 📚 Love of my Life : ● #Family 😘 ● #Cricket 🏏 ● #SouthMovies 🎬 ● #Music 🎶
FrancoiseNaudet Paris Sunny today! With a high of 22 C and a low of 10 C. #art #sculpture #naudet Françoise Naudet (1928-2008) est un sculpteur français. Elle fut Présidente des artistes français pour la section #sculpture. #art #culture #artist #sculptor
ChristianArtTod Diocese of Westminster, London A German Palmesel To read the Gospel of today and reflection on the sculpture: #palmesel #palmsunday #christianart #art #christian #jesus #christianity #religiousart #christianartist #propheticart #iconography #orthodoxart #artesacra #holyspirit We post alongside the Daily Gospel a work of art & reflection that we believe is relevant to the reading, edited by Patrick, seminarian for Westminster Diocese
gabrieldishaw Indiana Quick video of Zapper LV and the base I wrapped up today. - - - #lv #lux #louisvuitton #sculpture #art #mashup #popart #nintendo #nintendoart #zapper #gabrieldishaw #upcycler #recycler #videogameart #indianaartist… I'm a upcycler / sculptor, visit my site at to see all of my upcycled creations.
HappyPawsTreats In the Coronavirus presser today, President Trump said '1917' five times. Central Park has medical tents an 'Alice and wonderland' sculpture (child trafficking ref/connection) and a 1917 tunnel that is 20 stories down. More indications it's 'mission go'.
Just_JPH Here though, are the first half dozen shots taken today with it... I just went next door to where I live and wandered around the local art museum's outdoor sculpture area ... existing... but once again looking to do more than that, and to get back to living, being me
Harra Gateshead North East England @alfiejoey Hi Alfie big Les here, I had some modelling clay delivered today and I fancy having a go at making a dolphin sculpture, not painting at the moment so might have a go at summik different with clay Dad to Ben n Rachael free taxi (or so it seems) anywhere in the northern hemisphere 20 pence a mile once over the equator book now for fear of disappointment
gozerush Chicago, IL My dog pooped out a sculpture of Trump’s ghastly nether regions today and I couldn’t be prouder. #StayAtHome #DearMrPresident #GetCreativeAtHome Immunocompromised, scared, mad dad. If you do nothing else in your short life, at least be a responsible citizen for once and keep indoors. Proudly Bi. He/him.
karon Washington, DC My friend isalara had the wonderful idea to post #Kusama photos today to I’m joining in. @ Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Photographer, comics fan, museum lover, spend my time roaming the DC area. Ex-Texan. Impudent slattern hoping to upgrade to unscrupulous adventuress.
udokitunes can u imagine him like "sorry I can't make it today I was making one of my furniture aerobics videos and I fell on my knife sculpture" very sexy man sejstcu
PurdueHHS Purdue University The “Brickhead” sculpture in front of Yue-Kong Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts at @LifeatPurdue recently received a new addition: a surgical mask. 😷 If you could return to campus today, where is the first place you'd visit? #PurdueHHS #BoilerUp🚂 @LifeatPurdue College of HHS prepares scholars, develops leaders, translates theory to practice, advances knowledge of human behavior, health & quality of life.
StAnthonysArt Congratulations to today's featured Year 6 artists J and F for the sculpture 'Future Cities collide'. The twitter account for St. Anthony's School's Art department.
newashgate Waggon Yard, Farnham GU9 7PS Today's #RisingStars2020 talent is Sandy Buchanan. His sculpture has transformed the gallery foyer and they are perfect pieces to any family home Sandy is a contemporary furniture maker and sculptor. His work is… A charity dedicated to champion contemporary art & craft and to provide an unparalleled resource in Surrey & beyond. Image: Hannah Staber #risingstars2020
martinoart London, England Today is the birthday of Grinling Gibbons (1648-1721). Famous for his limewood carvings in numerous palaces and churches across the land. But he also created free-standing sculpture. His statue of James II in Trafalgar Square some regard as the finest outdoor statue in London.1/8 Art historian. I write about C18th & C19th British Art, Art of Empire, Exploration, Mountaineering, Museums. (And I occasionally tweet about UK politics)
WalkLakes Today's #virtualwalk finds us in Ulverston looking at the 'Cairn and Compass' sculpture which marks the start of the Cumbria Way. In more normal times it's a cracking way to spend a week walking through the #LakeDistrict but for now #StaySafeStayHome Helping you make the most out of walking in the Lake District
magicooper East Midlands UK I would have been running a willow sculpture course @st_edwardschurch today. Here are some pics of my sculptures which will inspire future courses (and of course you might like to purchase). @LoveCastleDon #willow #sculpture #love #nature #craft #weaving #baskets Baskets and sculptures
A_C_Collection Southbank Centre, London, UK #ACCTouring Exhibition 'Breaking the Mould: Women in Sculpture since 1945' was due to open today at Longside Gallery @YSPsculpture. Although postponed, we will continue to post themes and content. See #BreakingtheMould for updates, artist quotes, interviews and the latest press. The Arts Council Collection is the most widely circulated national loan collection of modern and contemporary British Art. #ACC #ACCNationalPartners
unit_twelve Stafford, uk Continuing to share work in the 'Reclaim/Reimagine/Repurpose' exhibition, and today are the intricate, life-sized sculptures of plants and insects by Kasasagi - Sculpture by @kasasagiDesign If interested in a piece just let us know, and we are currently offering FREE UK POSTAGE Contemporary craft gallery and workshops space in stunning rural Staffordshire, open THUR-SAT, 10-4PM. Run by @paperjennifer & @mrprintgarage
FrancoiseNaudet Paris Mostly Sunny today! With a high of 17 C and a low of 6 C. #art #sculpture #naudet Françoise Naudet (1928-2008) est un sculpteur français. Elle fut Présidente des artistes français pour la section #sculpture. #art #culture #artist #sculptor
TylerPugeda Current Mood: Inspired. 🤔 Just ordered sculpting clay & tools on Amazon today. I made clay sculptures a long time ago, but I want to take up sculpting as a hobby during self-isolation. I want to use my hands and vision to create a sculpture and become the new Michelangelo. #sculpture aspiring deaf physician-scientist of color. passionate about cell bio, entrepreneurship, 💡innovation, inclusion & diversity. next hobby: sculpturing. 🗿
HenryEvanCat Plano, TX Since I buy cheap shoes they break in like 4-6 months, and I keep every broken pair. I bought a new pair today so that’s just adding to it. I think I’ll make a sculpture with them cat lover and boba addict 🏳️‍🌈 vegan 🌱UNT CVAD Drawing & Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Art History, Art Education he/him they/them
FantomasCinema Doing yoga today and slipped into my active boiling lava sculpture, jumped out as fast as I could and ran into my chainsaw mobile before falling backwards into my hydrochloric acid fountain. Probably should have done yoga somewhere else, like my cobra pen. Next time. Writer for TCM and RebellerMedia. Thoughts my own. "I haven't many illusions left, I'd like to keep the ones I have."
iamcarriesoom Brooklyn, NY Two days ago I sliced my finger on my fabric rotary cutter and today I cut another finger while trying to chop carrots, starting to feel like that knife sculpture aerobics guy. Tahini heiress.
TexasTech Lubbock, TX This "untitled" steel sculpture by former @TTUCoA professor, Robert Bruno, was said to have been the inspiration for his Steel House in Ransom Canyon. The presence of one of his works serves as a memorial to Bruno, and his legacy. More: @TTUSPublicArt Raider Power! Official Twitter account of Texas Tech University. News, events and updates. Join the #Raiderland conversation!
PEwithCoachW North Carolina, USA "I completed the soft sculpture creature today for my art "class" at home (sewing is HARD) and also for the last day of Spirit Week." -Campbell @NorthRidgeES Momma to Mack👩‍👧💗 PE Teacher 🥎🏈🏀⚽️🏐🏓 Furmomma🐶🐶🐶
discovergrenada Grenada Today we are dreaming of snorkeling at the world’s first underwater sculpture park. We can’t snorkel just now but soon we will – and we can’t wait for you to see the sculptures. Photo: @JasondeCairesT @ctotourism #PureGrenada #dreamtodaytraveltomorrow Welcome to the official tourism account of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The Spice of the Caribbean. Tweet us @discovergrenada | #puregrenada
Guggenheim New York City Today's #FrankLloydWrightFridays illustration is by @tulkaqelume—“Contemplating the Guggenheim makes me feel that I am facing something unreal, a confluence of architecture, painting and sculpture. It seems that it breathes, that it is alive.” Radical art and architecture meet here. Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 🌎 @guggenheimPGC @museoguggenheim
sophiehannahCB1 Cambridge, England Today in #afewofmyfavouritethings, St Botolph’s Church in Cambridge, with its beautiful ‘Lamb of God’ sculpture. Beautiful and important Cambridge landmark. We can’t go in at the moment but we walk past regularly and say hello. Internationally bestselling crime writer/Course Director of University of Cambridge's new Master's degree in Crime & Thriller Writing:
SiMacKPhoto Scotland @rclstudio Not yet though I did ride it up and over a sort of undulating bench/sculpture hybrid thing today. That was exciting. Colour is overrated Flickr: Insta: Web:
etabecila 제주도 / norfolk / oxford @KingoftheTinies was about to message you actually! went to loveland today and saw the sequoia tree sculpture 22 y/o literature grad & hopeful teacher living in South Korea | books, film, food, & Keats Tweets
CourtlandRose We did “Roll-a-Picasso” as inspired by @ImThirsTaeKim today. My daughter was all-in but my son wasn’t excited about colouring. 🤷🏼‍♀️ At least he somewhat participated and I got to tell them about the Picasso sculpture I saw at the Legion of Honor in SF. 😊 Married to the awesome software engineer @LunarRaid. 33, born in 🇨🇦, living life in 🇺🇸, mother & Christian. 💜 Love music, BTS, anime, writing,bks & art. 💜
artistic_AFI New York, NY Sun Yuan and Peng Yu have been called ‘the sharpest social critics working in China today’. Their work involves visceral, provocative and sometimes violent expression of social and political issues. Read their interview for @artsy here: #art #sculpture The Artistic Freedom Initiative (AFI) provides pro bono immigration services and resettlement assistance to international artists at risk.
ThePublicSquare Today we published a poem written by Liza Flum that was inspired by @PatriciaACronin's sculpture, "Memorial To A Marriage." Since it's #NationalPoetryMonth and we could probably all benefit from a #PauseforPoetry, we're sharing the full poem below. 1/12 An innovative blend of ideas journalism and live events.
B4SSTL St. Louis, MO There are endless possibilities for campers at Laumeier Sculpture Park! Campers enjoy arts, artists' visits, and a trip to the pool during their week at camp. Learn more and sign up today!An easy-to-use search tool that connects St. Louis area families to #summercamp opportunities for kids! FREE for parents AND summer programs!
GSUArts Atlanta, GA Proud of our sculpture alumna, Emma Quintana (B.F.A. ’10) helping out healthcare workers in the Tampa/St. Petersburg. Today, she is slated to donate 100 face shields to Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg. #TheStateWay @gsu_artdesign Georgia State University's College of the Arts launched in July 2017 -- a new academic unit that focuses on education in arts and related media.
AspireAdoption Bournemouth, England Today's #AspireArt is sculpture and we go a bit cultural today First is Mera (9). Her piece is based on Henry Moore's Reclining Lady. We also have Hannah (7), who has made a ballet shoe based on Edgar Degas. Many thanks for mum for sending these in ☺️ Providing adoption & special guardianship services for @BCPCouncil & @DorsetCouncilUK to form one of the first Regional Adoption Agencies
TheLightbox Woking, Surrey Today, artist Marianne Frost offers her tips and tricks on how to draw proportions of the face using a sculpture from @IngramColl, on the blog. Have a read and give it a go! How did you do? 😊 #StayHome #StaySafe #StayCreative Award-winning gallery and museum in Woking, Surrey. We believe that art has the power to make you feel good. Closed temporarily as of 18 March 2020.
clickboss1943 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. UK Great story about John Williams and his fabulous sculpture figurine of St Edmunds in today's @buryfree I am honoured to have one of John's pieces, it's a self portrait and takes pride of place in my home Retired Photographer, F1 fan, wine lover, , major charity fund raiser. Infamous Beatles photographer. great lecturer.
DarrellWakelam South West, England Nearly half-way through my 'Alphabet of Artwork' challenge and today 'L' is for 'Lobsters'! The one on the left was made by KS2 students from Westfield College just a few weeks ago. @WestfieldArts #Art #Sculpture #ArtTeacher #Lockdown I make a living from sticking bits of paper and cardboard together to make things! I'm a freelance artist working with children of all ages.
FrancoiseNaudet Paris Partly Cloudy today! With a high of 14 C and a low of 4 C. #art #sculpture #naudet Françoise Naudet (1928-2008) est un sculpteur français. Elle fut Présidente des artistes français pour la section #sculpture. #art #culture #artist #sculptor
TylerDallis Hays, KS I felt like I was so productive today. I did some homework and finished one sculpture out of 20. Feels good FHSU ceramics student. future MFA. #tylerdallisart
GlaceJaclyn We made #recycled #birdfeeders 🐦 today using the boys apple juice containers, duct tape, skewers, and twine. Now we can watch 👀 from our dining room window to see what species we attract to our sculpture garden.… Elementary Art Teacher in Cobb County, GA
QuinceMountain Wisconsin, USA (Bler wore her ARCTIC CIRCLE SPRING FESTIVAL shirt today. She and Briar won them with their snow sculpture in last year’s contest.) @Kobuk440 Explorer on hiatus. He/him/his. Was Naked & Afraid in Honduras, then Clothed and Doggy on the Iditarod Trail. Still--no survival challenge like the present.
OgdenMuseum New Orleans, Louisiana While the O is closed, we still can bring the art of the American South to you! Today, we're featuring Horton Humble’s “The Guardian.” Check out our blog post on Humble and see the sculpture that stands at a towering 10 feet tall! Exploring & presenting the art of the American South. Come to the O to #seethesouth!

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