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IslandRegistry COLONY OF ROGHOJO Area: 1165 sqkm Population: 810 Terrain: Haunted Flowering Gravel Moraine Last month, I explored this place and uncovered a silent sculpture. Today it is just the same. Records of strange islands with a melancholy magical realism aesthetic. By @TaleweaversLoom. Tweets every hour with a new imaginary land.
doivash LSMSA 2019 / Tulane 2023 we worked in the wood shop in sculpture today and now all my lungs are sawdust homophobic lesbian, trans-anarchist socialist, occasional misandrist, king of eating dirt
Tillette Kansas City, MO Starting a new big sculpture today. Been fighting some depression lately and also been eternally coughing due to left over bronchitis. But I had a really good conversation with a friend last night, so there’s some wind in my sails! Let’s do this!! ❤️❤️ Kakapo Gryphon, Ceramic Artist & Illustrator. Full Time Jewelry Store Employee. Owner of two Shiba Inus, two cats, a collection of cacti and odd antiques!
swagspaz Minneapolis, MN started a fun and challenging sculpture today kisser and disser | they/them
Madelyn21728637 rats I saw a cow sculpture today and it made me happy emo, crying, raging while eating peeps, and wondering why all my band t shirts disappeared. #Yeemo 💙
gildy61 North East England Well with no shopping to time limits regarding getting home if it remains mild, I hope to see the Knife Angel sculpture today outside The Sage at Gateshead. Get the latest free ASDA magazine and possibly some charity books. Do all that, I can take it easy over the weekend
LevineRx Providence, RI - Flint, MI Sicyon was also an important center of the arts, producing the famed Lysippus (cf. my post from Corinth a few days ago). Not much to see in the way of Hellenistic sculpture today, but excavations of the Roman baths turned up some scraps of Hellenistic originals and Roman copies! @BrownUniversity @ the @ASCSAthens Archaeology of Greece, Jordan, Central Asia. Rural Landscapes, Islands, GIS, Remote Sensing. Formerly @TexasTech & @kcollege
ElliKyunn ❄️pfp: @AUG99_99❄️ Today we gon have burger for dinner and I love burgers so this brings me in a good mood. Good enough to make a sculpture today. :) lezgetit HI I DRAw ANd MAKE SCULPTURES!! (Also you may call me Elli!) Mostly just posting artwork of smpl/smpe/Lunchclub/Misfits/other streamers! welcome!!
ClarenceHouse United Kingdom In 2018, @Style4Soldiers put on ‘Art in the Aftermath’, an exhibition of painting, poetry, film and sculpture by injured service personnel recovering through the creative process from the trauma of war. Today at @EmmaWillisLtd, HRH views artwork that was shown in the exhibition. Updates, pictures and videos from Clarence House, about The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.
1SCPSFOUNDATION Stafford, VA Today is your last chance to audition for an Evening with the Stafford Stars! Participate as a singer, instrumentalist, dancer, actor, comedian, painter, sculpture, crew member and more! Visit #AnEveningWithTheStaffordStars2020 #SEFgives Official Page for the Stafford Education Foundation.
LevineRx Providence, RI - Flint, MI Day 2 of the @ASCSAthens in the Deep Peloponnese, and that means another day in the Sanctaury of Zeus at Olympia! Today features footraces, treasuries, spectacular sculpture, sacrifice, and plenty of rain! . . #archaeology #greece #travel #olympia @BrownUniversity @ the @ASCSAthens Archaeology of Greece, Jordan, Central Asia. Rural Landscapes, Islands, GIS, Remote Sensing. Formerly @TexasTech & @kcollege
CrawfordArtGall Cork, Ireland All positive vibes here as @ArtistsGasp, participants in #CrawfordSupportedStudio, were joined by @CIT_Crawford's Creativity and Change students in our Sculpture Galleries earlier today. Go raibh míle! Learn more about Crawford Supported Studio: ZURICH PORTRAIT PRIZE, MISE ÉIRE, and RECASTING CANOVA now on. IN TRANSIT coming soon! Open daily and Free entry.
Rhi_and_D Florida, USA Light up Godzilla sculpture launches in our shop today! #photooftheday #godzilla #godzillakingofthemonsters #godzilla2019 #customstatue #oneofakind #godzillavskong #etsy #clayartist #lightupstatue #smallshopsnetworking #resinart #godzillanightlight
aeartcentre Kingston, ON Today's guided Thursday Tour at 12:15 pm features "Face of the Sky." Come see Inuit printmaking, Renaissance angels, Canadian mystical landscapes and modernist sculpture. Image: Angotigalu Teevee, "Spirits Reaching for the Moon," 1961, stonecut on paper. Agnes Etherington Art Centre is a research‐intensive art museum located on the historic campus of Queen’s University.
REME_MUSEUM Lyneham, England Looking for #HalfTermfun for the whole family? REME Museum has fascinating interactive displays and fun holiday workshop!. Join us between 10:30 and 15:30 today and Friday to take on our assault course or make cardboard sculpture. We are less than 20 minutes from M4 Junction 16 Telling the story of REME's history from its beginnings in 1942 to present day. Open every Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 4:30 pm and Bank Holiday Mondays.
WalterMayrseidl australia Today's Sculpture " Beauty and the Beast " Love Ryukyu Islands ,Motorsports and a good laugh
TheVCGallery Pembrokeshire Join us today at 12pm in our Pembroke Dock Gallery for sculpture, carving and papier mache. It's going to be a lovely workshop to get involved in! #pembrokedock #sculpting #art #workshop @PembsBot @WelshGovernment @dock_town @NPTPembrokeDock Non-profit organisation using 🎨art engagement to support 🎖Veterans and the 👫Community to reduce social isolation.
Royal_Sculptors London, UK Our free Sculpture Lab is open again today! Drop in between 11am-1pm and 2-4pm to experiment with different ways of making 3D art - suitable for all ages! #FebruaryHalfTerm #art #sculpture #free The Royal Society of Sculptors was created more than 100 years ago to champion contemporary sculpture and the artists who create it.
FrancoiseNaudet Paris PM Showers today! With a high of 12 C and a low of 3 C. #art #sculpture #naudet Françoise Naudet (1928-2008) est un sculpteur français. Elle fut Présidente des artistes français pour la section #sculpture. #art #culture #artist #sculptor
TheGenniesDaily Lexington, VA Chantal Iosso ‘20 talks about her sculpture project at the artist reception today in Leyburn. She said the work takes items not valued by society and turns them into something valuable, such as a shelter. The theme is Recycle; Mash up; Reconstruct. The crowd loved it! The Gennies Daily's mission is to inform and engage! Get your daily cup of local & national news from the students at Washington and Lee University.
cinnamoon_x @shoto_4242 is the loml 💕 So I ordered coffee today at Dunkin .... Decaf of course, and I asked if it was decaf and they said yeah. I took it and rushed to class cuz I had to finish a box sculpture so I didn’t think anything of it. So I drink it and noticed the label says original blend and I panicked.... ✨RenTan ✨GiyuTan ✨GenTan ✨TokiTan 💥NSFW ARTIST🔞 🔥KNY ⚔️AOT 💞SSBU 📖TPN 🌿MHA 🌞NT 🌙SM 🍃DR 🦄MP100 •gamer •artist •student •magical girl 🦋 (vent & nsfw ⬇️
Alex_Blastfire Perú Well, this is my new sculpture for today, I made a #Pokemon and that is Voltorb, the round and explody guy everybody loves! ( Or not ) Hope you like it! • #art #artist #artistsoftwitter #sculpture No, I'm not a fox, I'm a Bandicoot | Sonic-ish artist | Storytelling enthusiast | Aspiring comic illustrator/writer | Novice Voice actor [Commissions: Closed!]
ColumbiaES_Art Today we learned different paper sculpture techniques and designed a playground for ants in Kindergarten! @ColumbiaES_fcps #fcpsart Showcasing all of the amazing things our CES artists are creating and learning!
SFOrpheum Sioux Falls, South Dakota Experience the amazingly imaginative combination of dance, story-telling and sculpture with CATAPULT before it goes to Broadway! Get your tickets today and join us on March 6! The Historic Orpheum Theater Center consists of 3 distinct (rentable) spaces: the 688-seat Orpheum Theater, the Anne Zabel Studio and a classroom space.
ratburns funky town saw sculpture dad for a min earlier and he didn’t remember me so if anyone needs me today i’ll be crying about my daddy issues in my car thnx B E N J I 🌻 tom cruisin' for a bruisin'
elsatierney London UK Visiting Leeds today I couldn’t have had a Moore fitting welcome 🙂 (pardon the pun 😂). With an amazing exhibition of wooden art sculpture and a great permanent collection of great sculptures I felt quite at home 😉… Handmade Quality & Bespoke Jewellery
museum_owl London My #StarOfTheStores today is this bronze sculpture by Richard Salter, Royal Signals, made in 2015. It’s entitled ‘Meaning if Life’ and the grenade has’Made in China’ stamped on it @NAM_London Curator, Collections Development and Review at the National Army Museum @NAM_london. Looking to improve public's access to museum collections. Views my own.
KilcockArt Kilcock Co.Kildare, Ireland Store-room sale of artworks.  Sculpture, Paintings, Prints all reduced - Kilcock Art Gallery established 1978 Contact Kilcock Art Gallery- and @kilcockart
twoGnetwork My sculpture class canceled today but i still need to talk to my professor about missing critique day and he hasnt responded to my email PLS..... Dont make me mad . I close to leveling up and u look like just enough Xp
emilyjmacaulay Exeter, UK Lovely to work today in @BarnstapleLibr helping with an interview process (I got to role play an angry member of the public! 🤬) and spot this wonderful sculpture. Good to catch up briefly with @LisaDAlberti and thanks to @AmyBellWorfell for the desk loan 😉 Public servant, #RunningIsFunning, fundraiser for @Janesappeal, MBE, Trustee for @librariesunltd, Alumni Fellow for @Trentuni 🏳️‍🌈 She/Her. Views mine.
andreimihai35 Paris, Ile-de-France 🇷🇴Today is about Brancusi, but it is also about young romanian artists and the opening to the world. Considered a pioneer of modernism, one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th-century, Brâncuși is called the patriarch of modern sculpture.... #brancusi #paris2020 #bfmtv #Journalists #Paris2024 #OlympicGames
wapping_project Today we are sharing a sketch for sculpture by @RihamNoor I will clean up my mess, 2020, produced for Resonance exhibition at @StalGallery curated and produced by The Wapping Project. The exhibition is part of the British Council UK-Gulf Exhibition Programme. @BritishArts Platform for risk taking, continuous development of ideas, thoughts and people. We exist to enable artists to work with unrestrained ambition.
Enescu_Festival Bucharest, Romania Today marks the 144th anniversary of the birth of Constantin #Brâncuși, the Romanian who revolutionized modern sculpture. In the famous recording below, we enjoy some precious moments in which #Enescu and Brâncuși discuss together in Paris, in 1947. George Enescu International Festival held in honor of the celebrated Romanian composer George Enescu ** Tweets by @simonerentea
rebelsrulers Romania Today, we celebrate Constantin Brâncuși Day 🎉 And how could we better honor his work and ingenuity than by adding a bit more art and creativity to his most famous sculpture ― The Endless Column. #BrancusiDay #Art #Sculpture #Celebrate The Global Forum for Open Branding
FrancoiseNaudet Paris Mostly Cloudy today! With a high of 11 C and a low of 8 C. #art #sculpture #naudet Françoise Naudet (1928-2008) est un sculpteur français. Elle fut Présidente des artistes français pour la section #sculpture. #art #culture #artist #sculptor
TheWackyFactory New Jersey, USA The second oddity is true! In 2003, thieves climbed up The Kunsthistorisches Museum, broke a window and took The Cellini Salt Cellar–a 16th century golden sculpture worth an estimated $68.3 million today! They demanded a ransom, but were caught instead! 🤣 Welcome to the wackiness! Here, you'll find out about some of the wackiest and craziest facts and oddities from the world! We are now on YouTube!
SayTyrone United States @sculptorwriter @HTVHouston Thanks so much for coming to Houston’s City Hall today! Loved your new sculpture and look forward to seeing you again. #TakeCare #AlwaysWelcome #HTXCouncil City of Houston, Texas: Mayor's Communications Office, Social Media Strategist/Reporter | Alum @VCU & @WCS_Houston | Media/Politics | Sociable | @HoustonABJ Sec
katherinedp Colorado, USA Brian has been trying to figure out a weird noise outside our house lately. Our neighbor came over today and said she thinks our faucet outside is on. It has been building a large ice sculpture for 3 days now. We are forkin idiots To say I’m an overrated troll, when you have never even seen me guard a bridge, is patently unfair.
Tulane New Orleans, LA Just in time for Mardi Gras, the first of three 21-foot tall steel and acrylic “trees” was installed today near the spot where the beloved Bead Tree once stood. The official Twitter account for Tulane University 🌊 Join the conversation: #Tulane | #RollWave
sculpture_body Swansea, Wales Another 5k today but at a slower pace more of a recovery run 🏃‍♂️ after yesterday’s fast pace run. Tomorrow I have a rest day which to be fair I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus today lol. Full strength and… BBBofC fully qualified Pro boxing trainer/second W.A.B.A boxing coach. founder of Jack 2 A King Boxing Gym, Group & 1-2-1 Training. Insta,FB @bodysculpture121
JessicaJoyJirsa Today I'm 44. So I packed up 40ish pounds of art supplies amd strapped on my skates and hopped on the train and am going to paint a picture of my favorite sculpture on the bay. Why? Because this is my destiny. How do…
visagermusic Brooklyn, NY Had such a nice time today visiting @LiterallyAKing’s class at Parsons to talk to his students about collaborative freelancing, valuing yourself, and skill trading!! Also their classroom is guarded by this giant robot sculpture?? Music + sound for games & more incl. #MEATPUNKS, #BlossomTales, #GayMonsterKissClub & @bffgame! Proudly trans, enby, queer, polyam. she/they. 📸- @transmusicorg
uwsoa Seattle, WA One week from today is our 3D4M open house! It's a great opportunity to see what's happening in ceramics, glass, and sculpture @UW We are the School of Art + Art History + Design at the University of Washington.
SarahEHBurr London or the countryside 🏙🏞 Had a wonderful visit to @EHOsborneHouse today. Can’t stop thinking about how much Victoria loved Albert (see quote in pic 1) and how much Albert loved himself (he commissioned the sculpture of himself in pic 2) 💕 #ifyoucantloveyourselfhowthehellyougonnalovesomebodyelse History lover, 🚲 lover, telly lover. Mum to 3, wife to @RichardPBurr. @NationalTrust London & the South East by day 🌿 Wannabe bass guitarist by night 🎸
ola_demk Manchester, England Spent today on leave, with some friends and their kids over at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Everything blew the 3 year old’s mind. “Oh wow! Another sculpture, everyone, look, quick! What do you think it is?” May we all have moments of delight as purely as a 3 year old ❤️ Lecturer in Psychology of Education at University of Manchester | Interested in mechanisms and lived experience in CYP mental health | She/her 🐝
KingCharlesIRTN West Midlands, England @Infoseepage It is a fantastic story and a #drama in itself 👌 I was shocked when i learned of how it came to end up on it's plinth in Charing Cross. We owe a big thanks to John for hiding & preserving it to be appreciated today for prosperity. #Art #Sculpture #CharlesI #London #Horse King Charles I Actor/Historical interpreter journeying in his footsteps. Speaker/Lookalike for public/private events & personal appearances.
DennisO_ Portrait Of A Modern Man, 2020 This sculpture highlights the rise of globalization in today’s world, and its key characteristics such as; migration, smartphone technology, and trade. Dimension: 13 H x 8.1 W x 4.8 D inches Medium: Cast Resin & 18 Karat Gold Hand Painted Details artist | neo african.
KeithMasonAK London, England Big milestone today - my coffee tower now resembles and rivals the temples of Siem Reap. A proud moment of 2020. #sculpture #art #brianbadonde #symmerty #coffee #costacoffee Web Designer, Co-Founder of @akcreation, Part time DJ, Guitar Music and fancy dress lover :) (**Views are mine, not AK's)
sundaypainter_ Great Falls, MT #Remembering #artist #Michelangelo. The #italian #sculptor and #painter died #today #Feb18 in 1564. #sistinechapel #david #sculpture #painting #artists #paintings #italy #arte #pieta Love #art? #Social? Live in #GreatFalls #Montana? Join #SundayPainter - Let's get out & make art together every Sunday! #painting #drawing #pleinair #artist
IslandRegistry COLONY OF ROGHOJO Area: 1165 sqkm Population: 810 Terrain: Haunted Flowering Gravel Moraine Last month, I explored this place and uncovered a silent sculpture. Today it is just the same. Records of strange islands with a melancholy magical realism aesthetic. By @TaleweaversLoom. Tweets every hour with a new imaginary land.

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