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berryxcrossing finishing my Kingdom Hearts chocolate sculpture today and i am SO EXCITED 22 • she/her • ACNH, KH, Pokémon, Sims✨ your local pastry chef 👩‍🍳 18+ 🏳️‍🌈🇵🇷 eng/spa
NHSOrganDonor Instagram/FB: @nhsorgandonor Today marks five years since the beautiful Gift of Life sculpture, which honours all organ and tissue donors and their families, was unveiled at the @Nat_Mem_Arb in Staffordshire. ❤️🦋 @DonorFamilyNetw Saving and improving lives. Official account for the NHS Organ Donor Register. We love reading your tweets and reply to them between 0700-2300 #OrganDonation
CAPittard United Kingdom My phone has reminded me that it’s three years ago today since I took a panoramic picture in Rome and managed to turn a woman into a Futurist sculpture. Senior Lecturer in English Literature: Victorian literature, detective fiction, conjuring. Books inc *Purity & Contamination in Late Vict. Detective Fiction*
CrazyMeliMelo Ontario, Canada So I was bored today while babysitting my dogs and figured making my lil hummingbird seal, humseal for short, as a sculpture. This is how big it would actually be in real life. Tis about the same ish size as a hummingbird <3 will paint it later~ Amélie Demers/23/Ace✏️Traditional ✒️Digital 💻3D Artist/♀️♊🖤BLM+ALM💛 💎Commissions are CLOSED💎 ⚠️Do NOT use any of my art or ocs without permission⚠️
AnjHanda Leeds, West Yorkshire All the weather in Leeds today. Sun, hail, snow. My Buddha wasn't impressed. . Video: Anj's courtyard garden which is framed by an old brick wall and conifers and features a mirror, ceramic spheres and a Buddha head flat sculpture. Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, NED. Founder @wmnchangemakers 👩‍‍Chair @Freedom_Studios 🎭 Governor @LeedsArtsUni 🎨 #inclusion #comms #SocialImpact #Governance
GeorgeRickeyFdn Today is #SlowArtDay, and we invite you to breathe deeply and spend an intentional, slow moment with this sculpture by #GeorgeRickey. [George Rickey, "Column of Eight Triangles with Spirals," 1973. Unique, Gilded stainless steel wire. Collection of the Estate of George Rickey.] The George Rickey Foundation advances appreciation and understanding of the life and work of artist #GeorgeRickey (1907-2002).
CreativeWashten Ann Arbor, MI The Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum (@mfsmuseum) will be reopening to the public TODAY, Saturday, April 10 with new museum hours and a new exhibition! Have a show/venue opening? Let us know! Email or send us a private message. Advocating for artists, creative workers, organizations and businesses to ensure that the greater Ann Arbor area remains a great place to create, live, work,
TenleytownMS Tenleytown - Washington, DC TODAY! Elizabeth Ashe, artist & creator of Tenleytown’s “Hive Blossom” sculpture visits #Tenleytown Main Street from 10:30am - 12pm. 🌸 Grab a local coffee and join us at the corner of Wisconsin Ave & Albemarle to learn about her inspiration and artistic process. 🐝#ArtInBloom Revitalizing the business district at the heart of our community and making Tenleytown an even more desirable place to work and play.
Enjoy_Medway Medway #DiscoverParksFortnight - today’s award-winning park is Gillingham Park 🏞️ The 16-acre park offers a circular walk with sculpture trail, a children’s play area, winter garden, herbaceous beds, and a relaxed parkland setting 🌳 📷 Share your pics of Gillingham Park with us! The official page for Medway Council's Tourism and Events team bringing you the latest events and things to do in Medway
FrancoiseNaudet Paris Rain today! With a high of 14 C and a low of 7 C. #art #sculpture #naudet Françoise Naudet (1928-2008) est un sculpteur français. Elle fut Présidente des artistes français pour la section #sculpture. #art #culture #artist #sculptor
sonofthunder1 @TX_VisionShock And he closed the book and said this sculpture is fulfilled today.
kannakoo she/her 19 210409 today was an amazing day alhamdullilah! i went to my favorite art museum w my friend and the exhibits were sensational! we also visited the sculpture gardens next to the museum. i tried sushi for the first time and it was so good! i had a really nice day today. goodnight💗 hoba + koo = sunbunny 🌞🐰✨
queen_briittt Los Angeles, CA the hummingbirds at the sculpture garden today were so fun and flirty 🥰😌🥺 UCLA // ig: queen_briittt
BarbChamberlain Olympia + all of WA Day 9 #30DaysOfBiking: Extreme pain in left hip/quad of unknown origin sidelined me from walking and yoga today, but not riding. Gentle pedaling movements help rather than hurt. Stopped to admire a sculpture, met the creator who was out in his garden. Tweeting/working for a better world in walk/bike/active transportation/everything else. She/her; they=fine. #EndWhiteSilence #BlackLivesMatter #MobilityJustice
newroyaloceans Texas, USA Well if I can't print today I'll do it tomorrow and star my next sculpture for class 24/ENG/ESP/Hispanic/MULTIFANDOM she/Her 💜Aro/Ace🖤/ I draw sometimes PFP @ITSASH0WTIME
vickscharlton Gainsborough, England Kids are in bed & talking about how good today was. Highly recommend the Yorkshire sculpture park, what a truly beautiful and magical place. Some art we were in awe at & some sculptures had the kids in stitches. Really loved hearing the kids thoughts on the art and their....
InYared today, exploring the virtual gallery my first visit was the “Wwwunderkammer” . first reaction: very impressive on the detailed colors and unusual art design/sculpture #Conartinsitu
FBIChicago Chicago, IL Its #FindArtFriday and today we have "Le Chat" this piece by Theo Tobiasse includes several copies of a bronze sculpture that were stolen in transit between France and New Orleans in about 1985. Tips to or 1-800-CALL-FBI. Official Twitter for FBI Chicago. Do not report tips here. Submit tips on terrorism or federal crimes at For emergencies, dial 911.
itsMr_med Cotgrave. Nottinghamshire Impressive sculpture of steel workers in Schumphorpe today. It can't be good for your health. The number of people in motability buggies, Zimmer frames and on crutches was disproportionate! A fellow who's always keen to see what's happening over the horizon.
Gabrielle_Faust Austin, Texas Hello Twitter followers, I've uploaded my little fruit bat creation to the Nakano Knives fruit sculpture challenge today and need your help. Would you mind showing me some clicky love today and vote for my little bat? :) XOV''''VOX Acclaimed horror & sci fi author. Entertainment journalist. New Orleans Vampire Royalty, pirate singer & collector of voodoo dolls. Owner of Ice Pick's Pies.
BrynMawrLITS Bryn Mawr, PA Ancient Greek sculpture was painted in bright colors and vibrant patterns, yet they are exhibited today as bare white stone. Join us to learn how students built 3D hypothetical colorized reconstructions and projected them onto sculpture. To register, visit Library & Information Technology Services at Bryn Mawr College | Libraries | EdTech | Digital Scholarship | Women | Information Security | Media Literacy
awardsplaques We've got some truly striking art glass sculpture awards that will add that extra sparkle to an already special evening. Browse our beautiful collection and call for support today: 502-451-5284
BlueRoomLIV Liverpool Our Chop 'n' Chain-ge making session today was inspired by @Biennial artist André Romão's sculpture 'Armour'🐚and by the chainmail worn by knights buried at @NortonPriory⛓️⚔️ We used imagination and investigation to create 3d artworks with paper chainmail and card💡🔎✨⛓️🎨 An inclusive arts project with groups @thebluecoat & @nortonpriory. We make art inspired by the gallery & museum. Sharing work created by Blue Room artists.
FrancoiseNaudet Paris Mostly Cloudy today! With a high of 18 C and a low of 9 C. #art #sculpture #naudet Françoise Naudet (1928-2008) est un sculpteur français. Elle fut Présidente des artistes français pour la section #sculpture. #art #culture #artist #sculptor
orionstar159 @twistedties Ohhh this so cool... just today i was looking for a new little project and i was watching a video of this super talented guy that made etched metal. and he used something like this.. IT WAS AWSOME... and a wood and poxy sculpture so cool... I'll send you the's wow... Tired of other people speaking for me. I'm a real person learning to use my voice. Cansada de que otros hablen por mi. Yo soy una persona real usando mi voz.
mattadam___ Los Angeles, CA Took the metro today. Literally watched a leprechaun lookin dude pull out a glass sculpture and started smoking crack out of it INSIDE THE TRAIN! Don’t do crack kids.
WhiteRabbitSyd Sydney Australia ‘Writers Vessel’ was the first kinetic sculpture made by Shyu Ruey-Shiann in 1997. The work is simple and poetic: less is more. He often tells his students and young protégées, “If you can say something in one sentence, you don’t need ten.”  ​ ​​​​LUMEN is open today until 5pm. The White Rabbit Collection is one of the world’s largest and most significant collections of contemporary Chinese art. Founded by Judith Neilson.
TonyCookeTCM I love my new John Wesley print from 1790. Laura got it for me and I got it back from being framed today. It stands beside a sculpture of Wesley on horseback. He traveled about 250,000 miles ministering the Word of God, much of that on horseback. Tony Cooke Ministries is committed to strengthening #pastors, #leaders, and congregations to achieve new levels of excellence, effectiveness, and productivity.
The_Jaspr San Francisco @robertgaal Fun Seneca fact I learned today: he was long presumed to look like the sculpture on the left (so stoic!). Until the bust on the right, labeled "Seneca", was found and historians begrudgingly admitted they'd been wrong. Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency
carelesslondon_ Atlanta, GA Came two locations today! Not 1 but 2 proud myself now let me getting these open to services all the baddies in the city 💕 body sculpture and upscale boutique coming soon on 200th street Carless... ⚠️
WorldViewMaster New Orleans | Atlanta | Mobile RabbitHoleKC: If you've ever seen Scribe's street art, you'll often see a character he created called Rumpus the rhino. In addition to painting murals across the country, Scribe is one of our Sculpture Team Leads, and today is his birthday so of course h… Engage clients globally to understand exposures to risk affecting their business and join them to implement creative, integrated solutions supporting success.
RabbitHoleKC Kansas City, MO If you've ever seen Scribe's street art, you'll often see a character he created called Rumpus the rhino. In addition to painting murals across the country, Scribe is one of our Sculpture Team Leads, and today is his birthday so of course he needed a rhino cupcake. 🦏 ❤️ The Rabbit hOle is a visionary nonprofit center for the children’s book chartered to create new and extraordinary experiences around literature. #rabbitholekc
katie42235332 The Textor Ball right outside of Textor Hall is a very beautiful piece of art. This iconic ball sculpture has had many faculty and students for years, wonder what exactly it is. Today it is a great place for students to hangout and complete homework.
nshoretavern Pittsburgh, PA TODAY IN PIRATES HISTORY: 2003 - At the home opener at PNC Park, Pittsburgh unveiled a sculpture of Ralph Kiner. Kiner joined Willie Stargell, Honus Wagner, and Roberto Clemente as other former Pirates honored with a statue in the North Shore. #pirateshistory #LetsGoBucs Steak. Baseball. Beer. Pittsburgh's newest destination, located on the hottest corner in the North Shore. Home of Steak on a Stone! #LetsGoBucs
MamaO_GO USA @LindaPeters64 @sl2016_sl @Nicolette_O @travelcricket8 @LiveaMemory @MadHattersNYC @CharlesMcCool @leisurelambie @RoarLoudTravel @epicureanexpats @DoroLef @suziday123 @shaynedsouz @StanleyParkEco @MetroVancouver Aww, @LindaPeters64, stunning #photography as always. Today, this blue sculpture caught my eye. A punch of cobalt against a backdrop of natural blue. And the composition! Love love love it! 😁 #CultureTrav #lockdown #hometown Opinionated, respectful European/USA Mama, speaking her mind. Not seeking approval. Cosmopolitan, nature lover; retired corporate communications professional.
comradelean Stolen Muscogee/Creek land My favorite sculpture in atl is titled “Atlanta from the ashes” ,, I think it’s so beautiful and today I was looking at it and like damn that’s me though.... sometimes u just gotta be a phoenix and self-immolate so you can be reborn my heart is full of love and garbage // she/they (atl) ☭ ⓥ
Vantablack_Mind Toronto, Japan @NoKidsHive It was a job intended to employ post freed slaves, so it was meant as a control of your funds to the black community too. But it was a crapty system and continues to be crapty today. If you start molding crap to make a sculpture, it's still a sculpture made of crap. •Heart of gold, rude as fork ○Welcome to my army of treatises○ IRPI 🖤 ○
ClemsonVisArts Clemson, SC Opening TODAY! The Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Exhibit showcases work by seniors in the studio disciplines of Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Photography and Sculpture. April 8 – 15 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. M-F @ClemsonGallery #clemsonvisualarts "The beautiful Arts the magic bonds which unite all ages and nations." Thomas G. Clemson, Founder Clemson University #ClemsonVisualArts
ASOMF Fayetteville, North Carolina Work continues today on a prominent statue overlooking the ASOM parade field.🇺🇸🇺🇸 The monument on a granite base depicts a 10-foot-tall standing bronze sculpture of the North Carolina native and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Hugh Shelton. Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation located in downtown Fayetteville, NC!
MarianoBrothers Bethel, CT Our services include custom crating, machinery moving, sculpture moving, and more. Give us a call today to discuss your needs. Mariano Brothers Specialty Moving have the equipment and crew to ensure that all of your items, including machinery & sculptures, are moved safely and quickly.
manzcera washington DC Today my beautiful orchids have bloomed, with their beauty they fill my life with joy and hope. #ArtManzcera #sculpture #DanceToLifeNow #steel #aluminum #equinox #spring #blue #Flowers #orchids #artmajeur #artmajeurartist #artmajeurgallery #artmajeurseller #life #hope CARLOS MANZCERA Photographer, sculptor, painter and publicist.
IntSculptureCtr Hamilton, NJ Today at 12:30PM ET, check out Ad Hoc on our YouTube channel. Artist Michael Rees will be speaking with Tom Moran, curator, about the making of the exhibition Site and Parasite, which was up at Grounds For Sculpture from June 2, 2018 — January 10, 2021. Publisher of Sculpture magazine. The ISC is a member-supported, nonprofit organization founded to advance the creation and understanding of sculpture.
nftcalendar 'CERNAN' #NFT collection by @mrmichaelkagan TODAY on @niftygateway 🖤 ‘CERNAN’ is a sculpture that the artist has worked on for the past year in the studio. He has digitalized it in four striking colorways and is releasing it as a second NFT collection. ⏰6:30 pm EST! #NFTdrop 🗓 We cover the most interesting events and #NFT drops. 📌 Add your drops to our calendar and follow us not to miss the greatest upcoming releases!
ArtsRocklin Rocklin, CA We present art from our 2021 RFA Juried Show. Today... JoRene’ Danel Snowy Day at the Park (2nd Place Award Winner in 3D & Sculpture) 3D & Sculpture 15 x 10 $700 And Marianne Harris Naughty Pup Pastel 11 x 14 $525 To see more about the artist and RFA, RFA is a group of artists who seek to promote art appreciation in our city through art exhibits, demonstrations, workshops, support of our local arts.
GregLitchfield Massachusetts, USA Congratulation to Tommy Asalone from Edgmont, PA, who had his clay sculpture of Toony displayed on “Toon In With Me” today! You can see Tommy’s and many other talented artists work on MeTV’s “Toon In With Me Fan Gallery” on their web site: #tooninwithme A comic book reader and collector for 49 years. I review comics. I also love SF/Fantasy/Horror movies, TV, books, animation & podcasts. Amateur artist-writer.
AntonineWall Scotland Today we're at Kinneil filming our community sculpture and our partnership with @CWAScotland. Check out the new Antonine Wall trishaw which will improve access to the Wall in Bo'ness. Official Twitter feed of the @HLFScotland-funded "Rediscovering the Antonine Wall" project.
emmahaslett Whitstable My friend @theGREYGREY (the man behind these loveheart bike hoops you see around London) is installing a gorgeous rainbow sculpture in Soho Square today. It's taken blood, sweat and tears to get the go-ahead - so go check it out if you get a chance. Group managing editor at New Statesman Media Group, author, co-host of @bigfatnegative podcast and infertility rent-a-quote. ‘A little whiny & self-involved’.
berryxcrossing finishing my Kingdom Hearts chocolate sculpture today and i am SO EXCITED 22 • she/her • ACNH, KH, Pokémon, Sims✨ your local pastry chef 👩‍🍳 18+ 🏳️‍🌈🇵🇷 eng/spa
2019Ifaw Might be Devon, one day. @DailyPicTheme #DailyPictureTheme Today's theme is ‘QUEEN’ Here's a QUEEN-in-waiting in Stockholm's cathedral - the princess hoping to be rescued from a (particularly scary) dragon by Saint George. It's part of a medieval wooden sculpture attributed to Bernt Notke and is just wonderful. Art History student. Mature. OU. Likes #Art, #Architecture, #Churches, #Botany, #Devon, #Geology, #Graveyards, #IndustrialArchaeology, #Irony, #Trees.
FrancoiseNaudet Paris Partly Cloudy today! With a high of 13 C and a low of 4 C. #art #sculpture #naudet Françoise Naudet (1928-2008) est un sculpteur français. Elle fut Présidente des artistes français pour la section #sculpture. #art #culture #artist #sculptor

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