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CalvinWinner2 Visit to Foundation Maeght today - wonderful architecture by Sert and awesome collection of works by Giacometti, Miro, Calder and many more Head of Collections and Curator at Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
VaughanLtd Chelsea Harbour, London The Twig Down Wall Light is an organic, sculptural design. Influenced by the work of Giacometti, and made using the art of lost wax casting, it reinterprets tree-like forms in cast brass. #vaughandesigns #design #lighting #interiordesign #home #twig #wall #light #texture Stylish & Classical Lighting.
Leo_Giacometti Menagerie Coast @OpenBoo31327615 @BernieSanders But isn't the economy stronger than ever? Didn't Trump make America great again? And how is treating immigrants like this helping the poor? Is it Thursday yet?
PinkTaxiRunner Dubai, United Arab Emirates @wanderwithnada At least this is a correct label of theirs. They have Cy Twombly as French and I won’t mention Giacometti as French !
theartofgp Amazing experience to visit #Naoshimaisland #japan and see how the local community is thriving because of Tadao Ando’s Art Project. Great to see Yayoi Kusama’s Pumpkin alongside Monet’s Water Lilies and works by Giacometti and Turrel York GP TPD | Creative Arts for Health | Compassionate Care for All | Avid reader and lover of art | Plant Enthusiast
CostedoatD His incredible sculptures and his beautiful and tormented mind… Have you read the book Giacometti by the French writer Yves Bonnefoy? A marvel…
elle4short it's cold, EST USA @SketchesbyBoze @kathglasgow I had a drawing prof ("call me mimi") who wore mismatched earrings and a fringe shawl, only taught according to Giacometti (a cubist sculptor) her: "Let every line be straight!" Me: "but how do I draw a circle" her: "it must be the straightest circle possible"... Not what you think.
thepuffytaco The Mean Streets of Brampton @Leo_Giacometti @jacksouth25 @IGN I love Bond themes and this just falls flat. Not as bad as Die Another Day (the worst), but it's as forgettable as Black/Keyes one. Maybe if they had a better singer I could have dug it more. Trainer | Co-Host of @TruCurrency Podcast - | Watches way too much TV| Funployees D #VASHL | Goofy contestant on @PopQuiz_TV
VectorFPG South Carolina, USA @jacksouth25 @Leo_Giacometti @IGN I listened to it, it’s 3 minutes of very faint music and 1 minute of Billie saying no time to die. When it was over I indeed wanted to die. (17/editor/content creator/gamer) (follow my Instagram 7.8k+)
JakeTucker0 Lufkin, TX @Leo_Giacometti @jacksouth25 @IGN Or maybe, and I know this is a crazy concept. But maybe, maybe nobody likes it after listening to it? Or is the general public all hipsters?
MehNameIsFrog Hilversum, Nederland @Leo_Giacometti @jacksouth25 @IGN But it isn't obvious right now seeing as it could just very well be that a lot of people dislike it seeing as it is a very new and unconventional bond theme. Tech Enthusiast & #HouseOfBalance Member 🇳🇱
MehNameIsFrog Hilversum, Nederland @jacksouth25 @Leo_Giacometti @IGN I mean I just personally think it sounds horrible and only about 10 seconds of it come even close to being a proper bond theme, so I can see how many others agree with me. Tech Enthusiast & #HouseOfBalance Member 🇳🇱
jacksouth25 Eugene, Oregon @MehNameIsFrog @Leo_Giacometti @IGN And that’s perfectly fine, everyone can have their opinion. I don’t think it’s the best Bond theme ever, but still pretty good. Just feel like there’s a lot of people just hating to hate too. Be a king in your mind, but do the work of a servant. ✝️ 23
jacksouth25 Eugene, Oregon @Leo_Giacometti @IGN Makes me wonder if they even listened to it or just saw the headline and instantly hate on it lol Be a king in your mind, but do the work of a servant. ✝️ 23
a_f_anabela Giacometti and his incredible sculptures. Arts lover, photography and arquitecture. Interested in nature and minimal life style.
PortfolioCarmel Carmel-by-the-Sea @holdengraber Giacometti with Beckett and the Tree made by Giacometti for Waiting for Godot shown by Anne Carson in 'On Corners', her exquisite evocation @nypl during the final season hosted by @holdengraber: 🎥went out to the h a z e l wood. r e t u r n, remains unresolved. forgets, some things. r e m e m b e r s, others. • cover photo: Truth . Ed Ruscha
holdengraber Los Angeles, CA Alberto Giacometti and Samuel Beckett, in 1961, selecting the tree for ”Waiting for Godot.” Founding Executive Director, Onassis L.A. ("OLA") | Former Director @livefromthenypl | Interviewer, Instigator, Curator of Public Curiosity | Also @callfrompaul
FacultyVisual Northampton And, Y10 Giacometti cross with Mark Powell. Mono print and pen... L'art est la source de toute connaissance
Leo_Giacometti Menagerie Coast @KevinNyaa @FuturecowSSB And good Is it Thursday yet?
JayJardim29 Toronto, Ontario, Canada @Eric_Giacometti Morrow had a good game. The backheel along with a big defensive slide to block a shot and save a clear scoring chance in the first half. | Die hard TFC fan #TFCLive | #canMNT | #canWNT | #todosportugal |
see_witt_ Phoenix, AZ @Jb_shakur1 @sergio123476 @Leo_Giacometti @LilMonstarPLUR @ItsSaabyra @sxbvna You’re saying “they,” responding to me. I’m not a server. I was during grad school. I now do well for myself as a financial analyst... and I tip every time because I’ve been a college student struggling for funds. I offer unsolicited opinions on Bravo shows & politics. She/Her. #RESIST✊🏼
Leo_Giacometti Menagerie Coast @The_RealBan @spectatorindex And what about you taking a "fact" out of your ass? Is spreading that misinformation less harmful than overreporting this? Is it Thursday yet?
FacultyVisual Northampton And, it maybe half-term but the hits will keep coming. Y11 Fine Art sketchbook studies. Giacometti himself... L'art est la source de toute connaissance
inknose Kailua, HI the tiny boys received several Valentine's gifts yesterday, thank you everyone! But special shoutout to Christophe Giacometti who handed us this "happy retirement" sticker and told victor and yuuri that it's time to get off the ice wem 🏳️‍🌈 draws comics, collects doujinshi, always obsessed with something. Member of the Yam Fam! 🍠 ✉️ inknose @ gmail
Eric_Giacometti Toronto, Ontario Survive and advance @PhilB94_ Digital/Social/Content @TorontoFC | 🗽➡️6️⃣ | 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇨🇺🇭🇷 (🇮🇪🇨🇦) #TFCLive ⚽️
HyacinthPixie Yuri!!! On Ice Heaven, Figure skating, and MDZS. So, I made a meme for Chris's birthday, so... Happy Birthday Christophe Giacometti?! *runs and hides from shame* 💞♉️♿️ Spoonie. She/her I do art things, play 🎻, Obsessed with Yuri!!! On Ice, MDZS & ⛸️. Awkward disaster. 🔞
sardonicarious Booger Hole, WV @nieshatrout I like Giacometti so these shapes appeal to me. Thanks for posting got my mind off of the traumas and dramas of the day! stranger in strange land
PeppiestBismilk doubtsville, usa it’s been a long time coming every me and every you aka the cruel intentions au happy birthday christophe giacometti rated M | ch 1/? | rare pair hell | yoi au | collab w/ @ladyoftheflwers writer, music lover, fan. yoi, fe3h, ace attorney, sarazanmai, promare, etc. she/her. profile picture by @avcd0 💚
MissCrombie_ Bristol, England Today we have been making sculptures of predators inspired by the work of Giacometti with wire and modroc! A lovely end to a lovely term ☺️ NQT of a year 3 class ✨
CAKavanagh Norwich, England Only 9 votes while 140 who have viewed it. Surely more people have an opinion on a Degas and a Giacometti. Respiratory Paediatrician. Associate Medical Director Emergency and Urgent Care @NNUH. Francis Bacon & Irish Rugby. All views are my own. Tea & chocolate please
Grizzlegoist @Leo_Giacometti To a degree. But I mean plenty of superheroes have something more closely approximating a fabric costume in movies nowadays. Just diff material and a bit of padding here and there. Maybe not as much padding as batfleck but somewhere in that ballpark. Macklunky!
parkadescandal i'd never been one to be tempted to reply to random posts from a creator like "DROP THE TRACK PLS" but lemme tell you i just saw the official YOI twitter account wish christophe giacometti a happy birthday and i suddenly understood ann. 27. she/hers. 🇵🇷 🏳️‍🌈 this is my KH fan twitter. a card carrying soriku & certified riku stan. i write fic.
J__Riley @Leo_Giacometti @Boiys2 @irie416 @thefelipesoto @chocdolljaniya @davidikedelaney @ItsSaabyra @sxbvna Yes if you don’t tip for your service, which goes to all of the restaurant, not just your server, then you are wasting time and real estate. They make a smaller wage PLUS tips. That’s just the way it is so it’s very rude to not tip What’s poppin shorty IG: jordanrileyjohnson
Daniel_K_B Paris, France Alberto Giacometti and Mark Rothko at the Fondation Beyeler museum Frenchman, subordinate clerk, published once, spectator of life, unmoving tourist, hermit without spirituality, in love with cows' sweet melancholic look.
alizat123 ‘comma’ - #found #composition #lookingcloser at old #book featuring #works from #giacometti and #beckett - #philosophy #dialogue in the #void #artmaking #sculpture #writing #existentialism #emptiness #loss #formalism… if im an artist its only because everyone is #drawing #photography #found #poetry #compositions #art or #somethinglikeit
YoiHolidayzine earth, ice, rainbows Tomorrow's the day! Artists, writers and cosplayers, we'd love to romance you on the sexiest holiday of them all; Christophe Giacometti's birthday 😉 Application guidelines here: #yurionice #yoi #zine The Yuri!!! On Ice holidays zine :D all the skaters and their across the world holiday traditions :D
laurenwharton @massivenarc @Eric_Giacometti It was Kamil and Don Dada My former boss once referred to me as "the soccer biatch"
Leo_Giacometti Menagerie Coast @see_witt_ @Jb_shakur1 @LilMonstarPLUR @ItsSaabyra @sxbvna You're taking the fact that this people are paid crap and blaming it on the customers. Wtf man Is it Thursday yet?
wcollins2012 @Eric_Giacometti It's hard to wait till Feb 29 you know... Grrrrr.... 😡 If you are at the camp hope you get to enjoy and please take lots of pics and videos to share with us irrespective of result 🍻
Eric_Giacometti Toronto, Ontario @d_bruni I just reached out and was told they have no plans for a stream. Digital/Social/Content @TorontoFC | 🗽➡️6️⃣ | 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇨🇺🇭🇷 (🇮🇪🇨🇦) #TFCLive ⚽️
JeffreyPNesker Toronto, Canada @BrandonLaPorte @YellingAtSoccer @Eric_Giacometti Seriously. You could drink nothing but straight moonshine for days and still be less smashed than Orson. Filmmaker, Risk-taker, Hip Shaker. Gonzo-Journo @wakingthered
JeffreyPNesker Toronto, Canada @BrandonLaPorte @YellingAtSoccer @Eric_Giacometti And then the ceiling - Orson Welles level drunk. Filmmaker, Risk-taker, Hip Shaker. Gonzo-Journo @wakingthered
BrandonLaPorte Ottawa @JeffreyPNesker @YellingAtSoccer @Eric_Giacometti There’s drunk, and then there is fighting against gravity drunk Proud supporter of @TorontoFC (@KingsInTheNorth) and @atleti_Ottawa . President of the Benoit Cheyrou Fan Club. 🇬🇧/🇫🇷
ryananderson_27 O'Fallon, IL @JeffreyPNesker @martyn_bailey @TorontoFC @Eric_Giacometti That one came out of left field, Im running on 2 hours of sleep, and I wasn’t thinking Patrick Stewart/Star Trek. My life through my thoughts! Never Panic Just Manage! #HDMH.
ReadingRam South East PA @YDoINeedAUsrnme @Leo_Giacometti @alkpny @Pintexxz @BernieSanders @AndrewYang Correct, Bernies pipe dreams would not even get full Democrat backing and have zero GOP IMO I love handing facts to democrats and fighting their divisive identity politics and out of context quotes used to show “lies” that do not exist.
ishikozume London, 🇵🇭, 22, They/Them Here to talk about our lord and saviour Chris Giacometti my defining personality trait is that it is a disorder
SHAPESLewisham stlgrandidier creates art about being a woman and through body parts comments on fragility, death and love.⁠ . Estelle's aesthetics have been shaped by Modigliani, Matisse, Giacometti and African Arts and has found… Creative Enterprise Zone in New Cross and Deptford
pete_scanlon Coldsnack NJ @Eric_Giacometti Thierry looked at him like his name was Kenny Cooper and that was it popular, handsome Tillie's supporter - Asbury Park FC Feb 1, 2018

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