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IsThatR56458447 Manchester UK @RokaTbh @Leo_Giacometti @PutinOwns45 @otgraves @charliekirk11 😂😂😂😂😂 him saying it isn't racist isn't prove it isn't racist!! Just like the Spanish flu didn't end the second world war and was in 1917. Spanish flu, indecently didn't start in Spain and wasn't in 1917. No proof if start in China as they found cases before outbreak there🤣 Just.....
RokaTbh @IsThatR56458447 @Leo_Giacometti @PutinOwns45 @otgraves @charliekirk11 show me it. actual 100% proof. i will be proved wrong. instead of showing me you say that you have proof when you in reality dont. and quick tip. dont get angry in an argument. it just seems that ur losing then :) snowflake destroyer
IsThatR56458447 Manchester UK @RokaTbh @Leo_Giacometti @PutinOwns45 @otgraves @charliekirk11 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you should be a comedian!! Proof??? How much proof do you need! All he has to do is open his mouth and there's your proof!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂 Just.....
RokaTbh @IsThatR56458447 @Leo_Giacometti @PutinOwns45 @otgraves @charliekirk11 President Donald Trump. if you provide me proof and allegations i will be proven wrong. but u cant :( snowflake destroyer
RokaTbh @IsThatR56458447 @Leo_Giacometti @PutinOwns45 @otgraves @charliekirk11 biden said "poor kids are just as bright and just as bright as white kids" . lets elect him for president! and not a well spoken, american leader, who isnt racist,sexist,homophobic. snowflake destroyer
yo_ice_b 長谷津 GP Series, 3rd place Christophe Giacometti. A man who fascinates the world  with aged skating and giant quad Lutz,  will aim for his first victory at the Final! *NA : Naohiko Fujino* #yoibot_ 11 YOIに登場するキャラ達のセリフをランダムにつぶやいています◆現在1 時間に1回のペースです◆(YOI情報を中心にスケート・バレエ・聖地情報など中の人RTが多いです御免ください😌💦)(…けっこうTL埋まりますのでリスト閲覧推奨かもです…)
Leo_Giacometti Sailing the Lucidian @RokaTbh @PutinOwns45 @otgraves @charliekirk11 And Trump said the Spanish flu ended WW2. Both sides are a joke, America is forked. Is it Thursday yet?
key2art Amityville, NY These probably don't need to be painted ...Giacometti inspired figures...hard to balance...some of us got it , others are seated for now lol. Made of wire, tin foil and far.… An art studio where everyone is welcome. Working with children, adults and everyone in between. Paint, clay, draw, digital art.
Talkultra Worldwide You have to appreciate history to fully understand a sport. Marino Giacometti jack_skyrunner pioneered #skyrunning and #fastandlight - Along with bruno.brunod fabiomeraldi and @dega1977 the stage was set for… Ian Corless - photographer, writer, author, podcaster for ultra, trail, mountain and Skyrunning #RunningBeyondBook
dalter Toronto @Eric_Giacometti Sorry I was wrong. It’s cinnamon almond. I had it and it was great 🏒Hockey Reporter 🏈Long-suffering Detroit Lions fan 👊Fight for what you want. 📧 📸davidalter35 MORE:
fmapfreus Webster, MA Despite being separated by more than a generation, the creative careers of Auguste Rodin and Alberto Giacometti offer similarities and differences that are revealed for the first time in this joint exhibition at our Recoletos exhibition hall in Madrid. Official Channel of Fundación MAPFRE US
timabrahams Well there you go. Giacometti had a sadist phase. Its slowly making sense. I would love to see this stuff exhibited, particularly next to the 'more tempered and sober Giacometti'. writes about architecture
DomusWeb Milano The Giacometti Institute exhibits little-known diary drawings and sculptures of the Swiss artist, revealing his controversial passion for Marquis de Sade. #AlbertoGiacometti #MarquisDeSade #art Empowering inspirational thinkers. Since 1928.
Jansfrance Toronto, Canada If you're in the south of France, DO NOT miss visiting Fondation Maeght in Saint-Paul-de-Vence. You'll see some exceptional modern art and sculptures by artists such as Chagall, Miro, and Giacometti. #FondationMaeght #SaintPauldeVence @otstpauldevence 34 trips to France. Sharing unique experiences and travels that you’ll never forget
MrRedMan4 @NeilMDavidson @Eric_Giacometti Are there any islands that have a football pitch on it? If so take it and camp the nights away in tents! Fan of football (soccer) and a Canadian dad, husband and essential worker.
riccgia Zurich, Switzerland Why coaching others is important and how to do it #leading_the_team #leadership #inspiration #sucess #culture #motivation #personaldevelopment #management Hotellier with passion for #hospitality // #innovation // #food // #lifestyle // #AI // #Analytics
AKnowing @Leo_Giacometti @NabilDerakhsha1 @PilyaraB @cfeucht1 @AOC Truth and facts are wonderful. You should try it. Just an American that love this great republic.
saintsoftness London @theohonohan Actually comparing Twombly to graffiti as an act is what Rosalind Krause does via Derrida— and I don’t agree. Also I think graffiti as a medium is very artful and interesting. I don’t think Twombly is particularly brave. I just find Gormley depressingly resembles Giacometti. critic + essayist + art historian ⎔ Words @TheTLS @BrixtonBooks &c ⎔ @Bilderfahrzeuge postdoc @Warburg_News ⎔ repped by @craigliterary ⎔ runs @indierecs
beefkuto black jackals! ❤️ it’s 2020. time to stan christophe giacometti’s mystery boyfriend and their cat hi, i’m emmie! this is my twitter where i post art and miscellaneous tweetings! 🌸 20 🏵 she/her 🌷spoiler warning for hq manga!
heatherfullerrr Suga’s heart 💗 Guys. Guyssss. GUYSS. Christophe Giacometti’s dub VA in #YuriOnIce .... is also All Might and Vegeta.... I cannot watch this without forking dying. Have no regrets and learn to deal with what comes next.
DanielKarell Louisville, KY @MatthewLevine4 @DaveMartinezNY @Eric_Giacometti @darajaclyn @Bombardero_ESPN @ErikStoverNYC Can you get us 6 Cosmos shirts and we can print #EGIAF on them with Gio’s face? Half serious haha Husband to Hannah, father to Lily. Soccer reporter with @NBCSportsSoccer. Digital Communications professional. IU grad. Allergic to peanuts. All views are mine
EllyHB New York ‘In a fire, between a Rembrandt and a cat, I would save the cat.' — Alberto Giacometti Come away with me, he said, we will live on a desert island. I said, I am a desert island. It was not what he had in mind.
DaveMartinezNY Queens, New York Paging @Eric_Giacometti @DanielKarell @MatthewLevine4 @darajaclyn and of course @Bombardero_ESPN. Trademark infringement! Best Dad Ever 💚Soccer, Wrestling, METAL🤘🏽 Made: EoS Sold: EoS Did Some 📝Guardian, MLS, SBI Cameos 📺: NY1, OWS Consulting: 🤐 Insta/FB/Snap: DaveMartinezNY
AnthonyGoveas @KARISHMAK_TANNA “The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”  -Alberto Giacometti  #art #portraits #life I hope you like them .. and not to forget Congratulations for #KhatronKeKhiladi I knew you'd lift up the trophy! Entrepreneur | Tech Enthusiast | Critical Thinker | Films | Analyst | Travel ·o· gist | - Artistically creative
WarSpog Grayslake, IL I try to capture these long shadows when I go out for walks. They make me smile and I’ve got a weird imagination, so there are Peter Pan moments. I also wonder if Alberto Giacometti saw the same thing and it became the inspiration for his sculptures. overeducated dreamer. 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊
FreeTown30 TORONTO @Eric_Giacometti @Rvheem_ I disagree, but I've also never had it in Orlando. Only Miami and Fort Lauderdale 🇨🇦🇯🇲 @ChelseaFC fan/ Long Lost Member of New Edition
Leo_Giacometti Sailing the Lucidian @Breaking911 You realize we're forked when the first thing people think when reading this headline is to say how it is the left/right fault. And the very same people saying this crap are the ones calling out those who blame the other side. What a crap show. Is it Thursday yet?
JustDak04 Dallas, TX @Leo_Giacometti @nicholastoled13 @lamarmvp_08 @Benetto @Breaking911 And will be for the next 4 years.
TheDaiLlew Cardiff 'La magi quotidienne' (The Daily Magi) by André Masson. This 1968 woodcut was part of a portfolio of 9 prints by Jean Arp, Georges Braque, Alberto Giacometti, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Jacques Villon, Zao Wou-Ki and Masson. It is Masson's only work in that medium. @NatMuseumArt King of the Luftmenschen | He/Him | Writes books & audio plays | Latest novel A Simple Scale - | Pic:
learn_logic_pls Atlanta, GA @Leo_Giacometti @BooksCommie @NicNoto @TheMoonTirade @jasnotron @BernieSanders Imagine unironically believing that billionaires magically create wealth by being rich. I challenge you to deductively prove it with a valid argument. Logically explain, in explicit detail, the precise mechanism for how billionaires create wealth, and why it can be no other way. Just a philosopher trying to lead others out of the cave, into the light of reason... 🤔 | libertarian socialist 🏴🚩 | post-Marxist | INTP | #ComradeUnder1k 😢
gaykatemoss NY We’re going to get towering public works dedicated to the largesse of big tech, big obesity, fast fashion, and big pharma soon enough anyway. If I can’t get a Giacometti-style bronze sculpture of Donatella Versace I’ll settle for abstract grapplings with the Dunkin’ mystique Art & Music Critic Gay Aristocrat
martyn_bailey Toronto, ON @Eric_Giacometti Warning, there is no language on there that will help you understand TFC/Bruins guy. And that's probably for the best. 😂 I do a couple things for a couple companies, but tweeting isn’t one of them.
TFCCobra Canada @Eric_Giacometti @c_cwell Go to the west coast of Ireland. I stayed in a bed and breakfast in Dingle where the whole family spoke Irish. Grandma was shouting at the grandkids at the breakfast table, and I couldn't understand a word. It was delightful. Primarily a Toronto FC supporter, with a bit of Leeds United and some other sports thrown into the mix.
Alabandine_ Caroline, Alberto Giacometti, 1964, Saint Louis Art Museum: Modern and Contemporary Art informations et amour de l'Art
JamesSpringer80 @Leo_Giacometti @dtt170 @Breaking911 Right. You should burn in hell for abortions but 160k Americans dead in 5 months from a virus? No big deal and we don’t have to do anything about it and let’s keep supporting Trump. The hypocrisy is mind blowing 🤦🏻‍♂️
joesinness @SageRobinson @mthenadal @Reuters i once saw a young child go up and start shaking a towering alberto giacometti sculpture and the parents thought it was cute and i and the security guards lost our minds visual artist. queer. he/him/his, they/them
Trovinizard @giacometti_rl9 @SpecterDev Their are only so many webkit exploits in the system and the more you release to the public the more sony patches them and the less we have to use and the harder they are to find.
Trovinizard @giacometti_rl9 @SpecterDev Your gonna be waiting a while, no one is even trying to find a webkit exploit for it right now and specter dev still hasn't even released his stable 6.72 jailbreak yet. 7.02 may never get released because maybe devs wanna save that webkit exploit for a higher firmware jailbreak.