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JeffreyPNesker Toronto, Canada Buried the lede. @Eric_Giacometti was our guest and we all almost cried. Filmmaker, Risk-taker, Hip Shaker. “Rageista” and Gonzo-Journo @wakingthered / @torontotilidie Opinions are my own, and often maddeningly contrary.
olivia_kra97554 Tall and poised and Giacometti-thin in his black wetsuit, he paddles slowly along a line parallel to the horizon, not seeming to see the seals, or, if he does see them, indifferent to them
WakingtheRed Toronto, Ontario It's fair to say there's plenty for @JeffreyPNesker, @MichaelSingh94, @FootballSaves, and guest @Eric_Giacometti to talk about on the Toronto Til I Die show tonight. There's never a quiet week in #TFCLive land... 📸 @ShaunReports #TFCLive site covering @TorontoFC, Canada's national teams & the Canadian Premier League » News, analysis, and community | Part of the @CANSoccerDaily network
Eric_Giacometti Toronto, Ontario Dropping off the MLSE laptop and looking at the content graveyard one last time... I watch ⚽️. Sometimes I get paid for it.
DJFuzzboy Scarborough @Eric_Giacometti I am just being silly. Also, as much as it pains me to say it, you can't love (successful) TFC and not at least respect the USMNT. 110,710th fittest man in the world, Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe crap
Eric_Giacometti Toronto, Ontario @DJFuzzboy My love for TFC and USMNT is not mutually exclusive, sir! I watch ⚽️. Sometimes I get paid for it.
StBartsCofE Armley, Leeds, West Yorkshire Year 3 - Class 9 have enjoyed making sculptures inspired by Giacometti using modroc and a wire frame.
DJFuzzboy Scarborough @Eric_Giacometti Bro. BRO... We gave you a standing ovation and 24 hours later this is how you act? 110,710th fittest man in the world, Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe crap
FagathaGagatha True Self Clinic I need Giacometti to give me a nose job and get this mug on primordial mode Survivor of narcissistic assault❤️‍🩹| Person of sodomitic experience✨| Owner of “True Self Clinic” offering gender affirming care🏳️‍⚧️👩‍⚕️🏥AIDS patient zero
Eric_Giacometti Toronto, Ontario @martyn_bailey As a man of stats and figures I would not expect such flippancy from you! I watch ⚽️. Sometimes I get paid for it.
Johnsmith2553h Toronto @Eric_Giacometti Highway robbery and concacaf cheating for a usmnt vs mexico final Toronto FC + Leeds
gideon_relyveld Opmeer @RMRoss_ @AlexeyZiskin @StanFranks3 @aquilanebula Right so. With the possibly and only exception for his 1970s-recording of the 1st Piano Sonata. I was disappointed by the rec. of Pollini's Davidsbündlertänze op. 6 of Schumann which he recorded about 20 years ago & as I guess. Infinitely stronger & impressive: Paolo Giacometti! HvA: Media- & Informatiemanagement; CD-retail; CD: Donizetti & Liszt; Radio-4, VPRO & VARA; Voorm. red. lid & archief, Gustav Mahler Stichting Nederland
boatical everyone has to be somewhere @Eric_Giacometti i know i tagged the hashtag and the team account a lot, and often with something sarcastic…but i appreciate you letting fans share their frustration and hopefully never took it personal as vince mcmahon is fond of saying; ‘best of luck on your future endeavors’ sports + politics. a colleague of J/Dre/Who/Pepper. faculty @kentstate @woundscanada. associate @ACFAS. writer @wakingthered. the 6th Beatle. dope beat dropper.
gmstreeter Canada @Eric_Giacometti Thanks so much for everything that you've done for us and @TorontoFC over the years, Eric! Father to 3 beautiful, young women, and a lover of the beautiful game. - It's only crazy until you do it. Just do it! - Be curious, not judgemental.
D_sports33 Canada @Eric_Giacometti Thanks Eric. And good luck #LeafsForever , #SeaKraken , #TFCLive , #GoPackGo , #FinoAllaFine⚫️⚪️,#ForzaAzzurri🇮🇹 #WeareBluejays, #Argos . I use memes to help with the pain.
MCerenz Toronto, Ontario @Eric_Giacometti Thanks for a great 7 years and all the best in your next chapter Lover and player of hockey and soccer. Leafs, AC Milan and TFC die hard. All tweets and opinions are my own 🏒 ⚽️ 🇮🇹 🇨🇦
FClMthomas 🇨🇦🇮🇹 @Eric_Giacometti All the best in your future and thanks for all the great work! @Inter | Nicolò Barella
Eric_Giacometti Toronto, Ontario So that’s that… The highest of highs, the lowest of lows, and everything in between over the last 7 seasons. Been an honour to be one of the voices of the #TFCLive community. Lord knows I didn’t always get it right, but I always tried to bring y’all closer to the club we love. I watch ⚽️. Sometimes I get paid for it.
knownforms OM = the OtherMelissa, my wife I was stoned af the other night and took multiple pics of what I thought looked like a Giacometti/Futurist sculpture of the madonna. It's the handle of a lint roller. M Moorer, writer, she/her/they. Cis, queer. Read me @ElectricLit @tin_house @matchbooklitmag @strangehorizons @theoffing
fagan_jim Toronto, Ontario @Eric_Giacometti The knowledgeable fans did. And ty so much for your years with this club. You will be sorely missed. 🇺🇦 die hard TFC & York United fan. lover of pets, music, and nature. all about equality for everyone.
GarethWheeler Toronto, ON Love the kit. Good look for @Eric_Giacometti last dance at BMO with #TFCLive. A great guy with a big heart. We wish him the best. And always a pleasure welcoming @RossSmith_20 back home. He'll be on the main match call. I've got the home radio/in-stadium feed covered. Lead Commentator @OneSoccer @CPLSoccer @CanadaSoccerEN - @TorontoFC Come On You Reds - @Pinnacle Contributor - Melanoma Survivor - IG/TikTok: gareth.wheeler
GiacomettiPeter @Eric_Giacometti ....thanks TFC and Toronto for looking after my son and daughter in law and treating them so well, we will see you again soon!...All For ONE! stay strong TFC will rise again Forza!!🤗
GiacomettiPeter @Eric_Giacometti it was a great run, but all good things must come to an end, friends and memories will last your lifetime, think of all the great things you experienced, all that you learned, all the people you touched and that impacted you..
martinidemisec santiago de chile @douglasgordon66 @FAAGiacometti Eternal Giacometti and Douglas Gordon visual artist
Eric_Giacometti Toronto, Ontario Got a new look and feel on the socials for tomorrow's Caribbean Heritage Night match. Excited for the full unveil! I watch ⚽️. Sometimes I get paid for it.
CKinglegaled Birmingham @ArcCreativeArts @MyBCU I thought you'd said beforehand that there were 6, + I was listening intently, so (now that I've read it), I'm embarrassed that I managed to miss Moore, Hepworth and Epstein. Not quite sure how. I did catch the references to Gormley, Frink and Giacometti. Hangs head in shame! Senior lecturer in law, clinical legal educator, art law student, moitié Français, art nut, live music afficionado and agent provocateur
HeinzRudolf155 @MagdalenaSal1 @GiovannaAlessi8 @CristianoVenez1 @MelitaStellari 💥Happy Friday dear Magdalena and #AllFriendsOfFineArts #ArtLovers 💥 Alberto Giacometti Chariot, 1950 Painted bronze on wooden base PhD A'dam +Utrecht #FBPE 🇪🇺 @funder @donwinslow @joncoopertweets @girlsreallyrule @glennkirschner2 @mmpadellan 🇳🇱Amsterdam🇩🇪 Bonn 🇨🇭Basel
MurphyNiallGLA Glasgow, Scotland #MomentsOfBeauty in #Glasgow: out on a wee visit to @maryhill_halls and for #IronworkThursday couldn’t help but admire Blacksmith John Creed’s gates which are like Mackintosh’s Willow Tea Rooms frieze meets Alberto Giacometti - really great work and very beautiful = I am a fan😍! Passionate about Cities, Architecture, Heritage, & Urbanism - Director @GlasgowHeritage, Chair @GovanhillBaths, Trustee @theBEFS - All views my own 🏳️‍🌈
dnglj Manhattan, NY Wonderful piece on Piranesi, always desperate to have been an architect, not appreciated in his own time and influencing generations of others like Giacometti His pieces became more abstract with time. Fascinating
NightCrashNoir Hamiltoe, Canader @Eric_Giacometti The @Eric_Giacometti era is finally over. Was a treat looking forward to new content when #TFCLive were buzzing. So long and thanks for all the fish. All the best, EG. Onward and upward.
P_DUrso1 Celerina, Engadin, Switzerland @Culture_Crit The Kissing Rocks, entering the village where the greatest sculptor of the 20th century, Alberto Giacometti, was born and is buried
sigmoidneuron Los Angeles, CA Cover of the day: Just a superb cover Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti. It's is actually a photograph of one of Giacometti's sculptures, and exquisitely evokes the labyrinthine (dare I say, Kafkaesque?) horrors of The Trial. Sci-Fi Author. AI Dev before it was cool. Disney/Stanford. Author of The Quantum Price.
AtomsUfrj Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The AT🌐MS seminar of the week is: "Statistical Mechanics of Self-Assembly in Liquid Crystals and Biopolymers". The seminar will be held in English by Prof. Achille Giacometti on July 06, at 12 a.m. 🌐To participate access the zoom link in our bio Research group of Applied Thermodynamics and Molecular Simulation at UFRJ ATOMS Seminar Registration:
familylist This edition is all about art and creativity in all its forms. Learn about Giacometti and Picasso’s unique form of self-expression. Try a variety of different drawing skills and finally watch acrobat and choreographer Yoann Bourgeois defy gravity! Family List, The essential list of fun activities for kids and parents By @Buscada
NordenEst Estonia "Chocolate mousse” made of wood? Fertilizer made of algae? What is the #bioeconomy and what are the biggest treasures of #NordicBaltic region? Let @Nordregio's senior researcher Alberto Giacometti and communication advisor Vaida Ražaitytė tell you: Nordic Council of Ministers´ Office in Estonia which promotes Nordic values and cooperation between Estonia and Nordic countries
EstoniaNorden "Chocolate mousse” made of wood? Fertilizer made of algae? What is the #bioeconomy and what are the biggest treasures of #NordicBaltic region? Let @Nordregio 's senior researcher Alberto Giacometti and communication advisor Vaida Ražaitytė tell you:
lifeinsuttonpl Sutton Place, New York 1. Don't miss “The Encounter: Barbara Chase-Riboud/Alberto Giacometti” (at the MoMa, through October 9th). The exhibition explores the relationship between two sculptors who met while in Paris and their shared practice of artwork of the human form. #suttonplace #moma #giacometti Refreshing tips for creative survival. Food, culture, and art in one of New York’s most charming neighborhoods. Photos by Catherine Doyle. 🌷 Subscribe here:
John_Perd New York, NY @jholmes104 @Corey__Brady @martyn_bailey @Eric_Giacometti New York Red Bulls, they fired Mike Petke (After winning the shield) and hired Jesse Marsch subsequently. I do Futbol Photography | Professional IT Support Tech | #RBNY , #YERRRR & Avid Football fanatic
NIHILISM1994 Milan Schiaparelli F/W 2023 Couture “… And The Artists” Daniel Roseberry doesn’t disappoint, delivering another show-stopping collection as the brand’s director. He pays homage to avant-garde artists such as Klein, Giacometti and Lucien Freud in a way only Elsa herself could’ve done. fashion student | an italian boy who loves high fashion, art and cinema.
_panenka @Eric_Giacometti Rough season to go out on but cheers and good luck on whatever comes next PANENKA! 🇨🇦 TFC - FCB 🇩🇪
efozzer We used modroc today for Giacometti inspired sculptures and neither the rooms nor the children looked as if there had been some kind of disaster 😂 Second layer next week though so there’s still time 😬😩 Mother, wife, dog owner, Year 6 Year Leader, Reading Coordinator on a mission to spread a love of all things reading. Runner, Welsh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
RBuchel Toronto @Eric_Giacometti Lucky to have had you Eric. Wish you and the family all the best. #ForeverARed #TFCLive All views r my own except those that I have subconsciously inherited from my parents & those that I have nicked from far cleverer people. #TFCLive 🇲🇽🇩🇪🇨🇦
mitchelltierney Canada @Eric_Giacometti GOAT🐐 cheers for everything you did for the club and best of luck in your next chapter! Digital Content Producer at the Canadian Premier League (@CPLSoccer) | @DarbyMagazine
TweetKred @Eric_Giacometti Cheers for everything you did with humour and grace. Good luck with the adventure! Toronto/TFC... Come On You Reds! #TFC. #TFCLive
Ghoul_Daddy 116 @Eric_Giacometti I’ve got no words man except for thank you for everything you’ve done at TFC and being one of the cool cats on here. dad, woodworker, photographer & chronic illness fighter.
D_sports33 Canada @Eric_Giacometti Well, I knew this time would come. I’ll follow You to the very end Eric. thanks for everything!!! You contributed a lot to the social media content. Made it fun and entertaining. #LeafsForever , #SeaKraken , #TFCLive , #GoPackGo , #FinoAllaFine⚫️⚪️,#ForzaAzzurri🇮🇹 #WeareBluejays, #Argos . I use memes to help with the pain.
hulfie Glasgow, Scotland @Eric_Giacometti All the best Eric, living the other side of the world, the work yourself and the amazing team put out made me fall in love with Toronto years ago. Best of luck wherever the next adventure takes you Bearded, blind, potato bear
Eric_Giacometti Toronto, Ontario And so begins my final week at Toronto FC. Extremely bittersweet to be saying goodbye to this incredible club and amazing city after seven seasons. News on what’s next in due time. But for now, I’m gonna enjoy what’s left! Much love, #TFCLive I watch ⚽️. Sometimes I get paid for it.
happyhappyhenri London 🇬🇧 @Nationalmuseet Louisiana Museum of Modern Art was incredible and totally worth the visit. The outdoor sculpture park in the trees and by the sea is incredible, the indoor exhibitions such as the Giacometti are stunning but the true highlight is how seamlessly nature is part of the experience. 📚 Book Nerd @Waterstones, @Hatchards & Blackwells. History MA from King’s College🎓. E Europe and Russia watcher. From 🇱🇹 Opinions my own, obviously 🤷🏼‍♂️
bfliesflutter17 United Kingdom I don't know who I am or who I was. I know it less than ever. I do and don't identify myself with myself. Everything is totally contradictory, but maybe I have remained exactly as I was as a small boy of twelve. Alberto Giacometti @gretchenrubin #enjoytoday 🦋 Currently emerging from my chrysalis using inspiration from many sources: Gretchen Rubin, Mark Twain, Disney, Shonda Rhimes, Harry Potter... 😃 🦋 🌻 🦋

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