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CaseyToGo Toronto, Ontario @Eric_Giacometti I've watched this 6 times and still have no idea what he said. 😂 Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart // Media Director, @1812FC 🍁⚽ Shooter of Sports 📸
WhaleyStatic Windsor, Ont. @Eric_Giacometti I didn't tweet negatively about the game and picked a 3-1 win in the WTR contest, so wasn't me :) Retired campus radio DJ, father, geek, Voyageur, #CanPL, BHAFC fan, Rheo on CanPL Dischord. I randomly follow people that are Canadian soccer fans
kzknowles Toronto @Eric_Giacometti I was ALMOST positive! I praised the Mullins' floofy hair and everything! Reader of books, wanderer/wonderer, footy fan & frisbee thrower. The Girl on the Vocal Minority Podcast. Podcast wrangler, occasional writer of words. She/her.
FootballSaves Canada @Eric_Giacometti I am seen, and I am sorry. Guy who does soccer things. #forgefc #TFCLive
Eric_Giacometti Toronto, Ontario Kid put in a shift and a half Digital/Social/Content @TorontoFC | 🗽➡️6️⃣ | 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇨🇺🇭🇷 (🇮🇪🇨🇦) #TFCLive ⚽️
prizby Toronto @Eric_Giacometti Yes you can. Lift the camera and camera person in your back! #TFC #StKildaFC #BVB #CanMNT #WeCanBball #Canada
AdvaniMatthew Toronto, Ontario @Eric_Giacometti Came off a Leon player and he wasn’t even in an offside position in the first place 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇨🇦 | NUFC⚽️, TFC⚽️, LFC⚽️, Raptors🏀, Maple Leafs 🏒, Blue Jays ⚾️, Bills 🏈, England ⚽️🏏, Canada ⚽️🏒🎾🥌, United Kingdom 🎾🎽
D_sports33 Ontario, Canada @Eric_Giacometti Haha it’s brutal. But I’m more focused on these young guys. Priso and Okello MapleLeafs, TorontoFC, GB Packers, Juventus. I just love sports.
colinscameron Burlington, ON CANADA @Eric_Giacometti Come on, you don't have 14 phones that can film in 8K around the pitch, all tied into your laptop and doing all the switching between angles and replays yourself? Why isn't MLSE investing in this team? Don't they care about exposing the team to a wider audience? 😉 (he/him/his) Pastor @HolyCrossBurl
JeffreyPNesker Toronto, Canada @RBuchel @Eric_Giacometti I love the snark. But I think I have to say IRL it’s not just the crane, it’s the operator, and the insurance. And the parking. And the etc. Filmmaker, Risk-taker, Hip Shaker. Gonzo-Journo @wakingthered
niveditasharm10 2nd grade Vikings were super excited to create Foil sculpture with movement inspired by Alberto Giacometti! And the fun part was to dress them up. I am so proud of these amazing artists! @Fahmikhan @FortBendISD @DE_Vikings @TxArtsEd @vikingvisualart
DesignCentreCH Chelsea Harbour @PortaRomanaUK open their doors this week with the launch of the Spring 21 collection. Inspired by nature, artists & sculptors including Diego Giacometti and Eduardo Chillida, these eccentric designs transport you to another world. Head down to view yourself #WelcomeBackToDCCH The world's premier destination for interior design
Seattle_arts seattle, WA USA I paint and sculpt to get a grip on reality... to protect myself., Alberto Giacometti We're a small, family-owned business creating fine art and canvas prints, plexi face mounts, resin-coated artwork, and much more! We're all about art.
MikeIozzia New Jersey, USA @MeneIaos @Eric_Giacometti dude why you are you so mad?? I’m a RBNY fan who still follows Eric because he’s a cool dude and posts great content. Just don’t like Deleon very much (like literally every NY fan) NY96 / Arsenal FC / GSU 05 / 🇩🇪🇭🇺
MeneIaos Toronto, Ontario @MikeIozzia @Eric_Giacometti Great little cut and paste, but what does that have to do with Eric? The man got his vaccine, that’s the end of it. ZERO to do with what a player decides to do. Mike go find something productive to do buddy. Proud member of @MadeMenGaming_
njsh2008 Arrakis @Eric_Giacometti Watching MB sitting down and laughing like my kid's soccer practices is wonderful. The nutmeg videos were fun. I like to see these guys having fun. No cunning plan. #ForgeFC #Arsenal #WatfordFC #TFC #cdnpoli #biking #onpoli
holdengraber Los Angeles, CA 🍁 SAMUEL BECKETT Born on this day, in 1906 Alberto Giacometti and Samuel Beckett, in 1961, selecting the the tree for “Waiting for Godot” Founding Exec. Dir. #OnassisLA| Former Dir. @LIVEfromNYPL | Interviewer, Instigator, Curator of Public Curiosity | Also #TheQuarantineTapes @dublab @lithub
Ravi_Aujla @TorontoFC @OsoJ92 @Eric_Giacometti be like @JozyAltidore and leak those member scarves.
Joi_the_Artist Bellingham, WA @HitlerPuncher @nataliereed84 This was me with Monet and Giacometti. Anti-fascist. She/her. That blue-haired SJW your youth group leader warned you about. I have run out of compassion for wolves. ~Blythe Baird
c_cwell Ottawa, Canada @Eric_Giacometti Looks like Nelson needs to work on his ball control and passing. Trying my best.
daannyykayy @Eric_Giacometti Love it. Also love scouring every frame of every video to see if Pozuelo, Osorio and others who were missing are back in training. Bio?
AuctionUp Aston PA 19014 Lot 86 is Giacometti Style Paul Ferrante Wrought Iron Hound Head popsicletail Table. These items and more in our April 15, Villanova Contents Auction, Online only Link in Bio. Auction house in Pennsylvania selling Modern Design, Antiques and Estates.
BayFarmMA Duxbury, MA Middle school students are finishing their creative armatures this week, and have truly done an incredible job using this difficult art medium. After being inspired by the work of Alberto Giacometti, their sculptures took on an interesting, unique, twist. A vibrant Montessori learning community where children are inspired to grow with joy, purpose, and compassion. Request more info:
MaryDivers77 Brooklyn, NY But by 1924 Socialist parliamentarian Giacometti Matteotti is assassinated and Mussolini will be authoritarian head of the fascist state of Italy by 1926. Generation Xer, liberal, art history & fashion history scholar, movie lover. Member of #TheResistance.
nigigebi And here I am very certain it was by Giacometti 🤦🏾‍♀️ A serial trigger and stress tweep 🥴#momtrepreneur, Ha Hu apps @hahuamharic #TigrayGenocide
jonwicksdog No where @D_sports33 @Eric_Giacometti Every goal could potentially decide a game that’s the thing. I think we need to ask ourselves. Is this a clear and obvious error. Like VAR is here to fix, if its rulers,invisible lines coming down from the sky, and protectors that’s not a clear and obvious error in my book 😂 Everybody love everybody, please follow me or don't, I don't really care.
tube_ebooks baltimore took a photo of this giacometti statue w my cutesy purple instax film and it keeps making me laugh bry | 22 | she/her & they/them | spn finale defender & baseball fan 🌿☀️⚾️☕🔬 hope's kinda the whole point
giacometti_rl9 Brazzaville Congo 🇨🇬 @Colin46840556 did you have a ps4? i have in my possession a ps4 slim 7.55 i gave you the useless link to treat this fake or whatever. tried and come and confirm.
IRA16441449 Moscow Alberto Giacometti 'The older I grow, the more I find myself alone. Giacometti recognized and felt the vulnerability and defenselessness of man. @AishaM131 My name is💃Ira(Ира) 'When you feel homesick,’ he said, ‘just look up. Because the moon is the same wherever you go' D.Tartt.The Goldfinch🕊Crowevillager🐇
GarethWheeler Toronto, ON @Eric_Giacometti Not sure how many times more I can say it - VAR in theory but not practice. This has happened countless times this season. And it’s a joke every time. Lead Commentator @OneSoccer @CPLSoccer @CanadaSoccerEN - @TorontoFC Come On You Reds + A90 - @Raptors905 PxP (15-20) - Melanoma Survivor - IG: gareth.wheeler
Ak98400669 @giacometti_rl9 correct use in slim version..less KP.@sleirsgoevy and the guy & his work splendid
Ineya18 The vocation can be recognized and proven only by the sacrifice that a scientist or artist makes to his peace or well-being in order to surrender to his vocation. ~ Lev Tolstoy. ~ photo Henri Cartier-Bresson. Alberto Giacometti. Swiss sculptor, painter and graphic artist. Art, photo, literature, poetry, philosophy No DM ~❕ groups ~ no, list ~ no
giacometti_rl9 Brazzaville Congo 🇨🇬 @Joonie86, @notzecoxao, @MrMario2011, @ImMrNiato, @esc0rtd3w @bguerville, @SpecterDev. i have a ps3 which is stuck on recovery mode at 3.55 and every time trying to update I get the message 'Update data damaged and tried the majority of FWs still same result. Please hel me
kunstkritikk Oslo, Norway The enduring radicalness of Alberto Giacometti is made strikingly evident in an exhibition which urges is to reflect how we look at and talk about art. Review of Moderna Museet's "Giacometti. Face to face" by Frans Josef Petersson. Updated daily, the Nordic contemporary art journal Kunstkritikk brings reviews, commentary and news, in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, and English.
Eric_Giacometti Toronto, Ontario @ErnestoMottaNYC @NewYorkRedBulls Very sorry to hear this. Your passion for the club is unmatched, and you’ll no doubt be an asset to wherever you end up next. Un abrazo, amigo. Digital/Social/Content @TorontoFC | 🗽➡️6️⃣ | 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇨🇺🇭🇷 (🇮🇪🇨🇦) #TFCLive ⚽️
Bubsthebeast @WDPhotography3 That's been on my mind too. He scored at the ft Lauderdale game. Also seems like rumors about Mavinga and Westberg being out are based on the fact that they don't feature in the limited cell phone footage from @Eric_Giacometti Thou shalt be yeeted upon 35rd is my least favourite colour in the alphabet
SmithGreenfield Greater London @phillipsauction's London 20th Century & Contemporary Art Day Sale includes works by Banksy, Jean Dubuffet, Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, Paula Rego, Alberto Giacometti, and more. #Auction #ContemporaryArt #ArtMarket #ArtCollector #ArtInsurance #Banksy via Independent specialist insurance broker for luxury lifestyles.
milkeeoreos 🇨🇴 she/her damn my man is an architect. go off king, tell me about le corbusier and giacometti all you want constant reminder to love and cherish kim seokjin, soogyu enthusiast, occasional barker
_bsuofficial Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Some fantastic Alberto Giacometti inspired aluminium foil figures from @_bsuofficial Year 7 Art students. Wonderful to see such creativity happening via online learning and lessons. #BSU #Mongolia #Art #Design #figures #sculptures BSU is a co-educational international school of high academic standards offering CIE IGCSE, AS Level and A Levels, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia for 3-18 year olds.
Brendafarris10 Indiana, USA (By Chicago) @xandertheblue That is the curse of every artist. I remember when I was getting my masters degree in art I heard about Giacometti. He would work all night and then his art dealer would come in steal his work in the morning or he would’ve destroyed it when he got up. Velocity the running sloth. aka sloth Mom love furry conventions. Just don’t call me lazy! I prefers “metabolic conservationist.” if you’re blocked sorry nsfw.
JackMcGowan5 Tried black pudding as the base for these eggs and smoked salmon and the texture contrast really works #giacometti #englishbreakfasttea #happyhumpday🐫 #crossingtherubicon #essexfood #essexfoodie @ Chalkwell Beach Maker of my own people
Dementialand California, USA ...and I slept with PICASSO, Giacometti and Gulley Jimson. #picasso #mentors #pandemic #painters #suzka #artistsontwitter #artists #painters Author/Speaker: There are truly Wonders for you to find in Dementialand
jroakes Raleigh @giacomozecchini @iPullRank @rick_viscomi I thin @giacomozecchini and @davewsmart are on the right track if you REALLY have to hit 1M URLs. This lib seems to have worked out some of the kinks in the CrUX API, but Giacometti is right about them not mentioning rate limits anywhere. Love working with smart people on smart things. Senior Director, Technical SEO Research @LocomotiveSEO. 🐍💔