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thebechtler Charlotte, NC Did you know, in 1965, Hans Bechtler became the first president of the Alberto Giacometti Foundation, a position he held until 1991. Learn more about the relationship between Hans Bechtler and Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti, through the video below created by AVO Insights! The Bechtler is dedicated to mid-century modernism as held in the museum's permanent collection which opened its doors to the public on January 2, 2010.
anniemac76 @AandD_KinrossHS we did an art class about Giacometti and did some sculptures. Maisie D S3 made a female form. Belfast born designer mum, learning Gaelic, faffing about with crafts and gardening. One day i may finish a project!
FootballSaves Canada @Eric_Giacometti @TFCGooner2 @ESPNFC @TorontoFC Onyx and Gotze, now Eric. Chop chop! 😂😂😂 Guy who does soccer things. #forgefc #TFCLive
mt_pensum @_contramundum_ Have you ever considered publishing translations of Yanaihara's two books on Giacometti? Seems a crime to me that they have never found their way into English (i have copies of the French publications and they are perhaps the best books on G. available.) artist/writer
Eric_Giacometti Toronto, Ontario The feels a little disrespectful to Atiba (and Sinclair, obviously) Digital/Social/Content @TorontoFC | 🗽➡️6️⃣ | 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇨🇺🇭🇷 (🇮🇪🇨🇦) #TFCLive ⚽️
SewellQuotes London Monet, Cézanne, Giacometti, Soutine and Titian, all painters whose names and reputations are virtually unquestioned and unquestionable Quotes by London's most celebrated art critic (1931 – 2015). Instagram: @sewellquotes #briansewell #art #quotes #artquotes #arthistory #historyofart
booksvcigs london @Leo_Giacometti @KonGnar3 @Breaking911 You’re being very generous to the efficacy of paper and cloth masks by making a comparison to seatbelts. Orwell lover in possession of a state of the art bullcrap detector. Views my own.
gersende75 Paris, France “To see people deliberately spaced out, like the walking but never intersecting figures in a Giacometti, is to see what cities aren’t. In a historical sense, cities are always organisms ... where a lot of people come together to barter spices and exchange ideas and find mates” Eater, drinker, cook. Mont Blanc worshipper, history and all stories enthusiast. AFP Photo. Based in Paris, soon in Joburg.
247fuego @KonGnar3 @Leo_Giacometti @Breaking911 Thats bullcrap, masks do stop/slow (depending on the mask) airborne viruses from spreading and it doesn’t take much common sense to realize that.
KonGnar3 @Leo_Giacometti @Breaking911 Thank you for an almost normal response, idk why it’s so hard for you people to have conversations. And masks don’t actually block any of the virus from spreading, it’s scientifically proven. Ask Fauci lol
IITASH Chicago, IL @SLVTLVSTPPP @KonGnar3 @Leo_Giacometti @Breaking911 I would have said it, have I known you in person, and applicable ... you see, the word reflects an attitude, not a color of skin you ignorant moron.... 🇺🇸 “Give me freedom or give me... the.. the you know, the thing” - Joe Biden
SLVTLVSTPPP New York, NY @IITASH @KonGnar3 @Leo_Giacometti @Breaking911 Come on pussy! You almost there!! Just say it B! I’m a world traveling author and a pillar in my community who’s lived every single one of my dreams... far from insecure baby... but don’t use the quotes... just say it... then drop a pin if you’re man enough.... bet ya won’t. I write. I used to be cool, now I’m washed. Buy my book it’s the best $20 you’ll spend.
SLVTLVSTPPP New York, NY @IITASH @KonGnar3 @Leo_Giacometti @Breaking911 Just call me a African-American... nothing’s holding you. Just call me a African-American and keep it moving. You’ll feel better for it. I write. I used to be cool, now I’m washed. Buy my book it’s the best $20 you’ll spend.
SLVTLVSTPPP New York, NY @IITASH @KonGnar3 @Leo_Giacometti @Breaking911 And accomplished too, come better next time. I write. I used to be cool, now I’m washed. Buy my book it’s the best $20 you’ll spend.
IITASH Chicago, IL @SLVTLVSTPPP @KonGnar3 @Leo_Giacometti @Breaking911 Very classy, and you seem very intelligent 🤣🤣🤣 🇺🇸 “Give me freedom or give me... the.. the you know, the thing” - Joe Biden
fourthdlight England The nickel plated Twig Nickel Bathroom Wall Light inspired by 20th century sculptor, Giacometti, functions as both a sculptural artwork and a light. The textural detailing of the fixture is based on naturalistic tree forms. Lighting and the control of lighting for residential, gardens and hospitality projects - "What do you want to see?"
enricaroddolo giornalista e scrittrice Dalì, Braque and Giacometti. Not to show, but to wear. Extraordinary Christie's auction Scrivere è il lavoro più affascinante, adesso sono al Corriere dopo il Sole-24Ore e il Mondo. E dopo una ventina di libri, dall'economia ai Royals
Eric_Giacometti Toronto, Ontario Just wrapped Ep. 5 of Reds Rewind. Awesome look back at history with @drewmoor, @Sbeita33 and the captain himself. #TFCLive Digital/Social/Content @TorontoFC | 🗽➡️6️⃣ | 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇨🇺🇭🇷 (🇮🇪🇨🇦) #TFCLive ⚽️
CAKavanagh Norwich, England The Portrait in graphite and watercolour by Saunders is very similar to sculptures you Giacometti’ #OpenCourtauldHour Respiratory Paediatrician.Associate Medical Director Emergency and Urgent Care @NNUH. Art, esp Francis Bacon,& Irish Rugby.All views are my own.Tea & chocolate.
RoriComics Gooey Butter Country @emilypearsonart @IamBirgitte Hands Holding the Void (Giacometti, SLAM), Corpus of Christ (AI of Chi), & Adoration (Sinding) are a couple of faves ^_^ We also have several Serra pieces where I live, and people tend to hate them, but I enjoy their stubborn quality. Illustrator & Comic Artist ft. bright art & chaotic goods. Contact: Tips: | she/her | PG-13
cmca_limerick Limerick, Ireland Ms Huban’s 2nd and 3rd years have been working incredibly hard at home, this week creating tin foil Giacometti Sculptures 👩‍🎨 Catherine McAuley School Limerick has a well established, long and successful history of catering for MGLD students in Limerick City.
13thFool Pilipinas Alberto Giacometti and Yves Klein are more spectacular together! #Gagosian Elections, Human Rights and Transitional Justice.
faseruk Toronto, Ontario @Eric_Giacometti My hopes and dreams RN. Marketer. mostly tweets: wine & craft beer news & soccer. WARNING ⚠️⚠️⚠️ : there will be soccer tweets. Welcome to the weird & wonderful world of my mind.
TFCGooner2 Canadian Rockies @Domenic_p @Eric_Giacometti If you try out for the team and get in, they’ll give you your own jersey Air Traffic Controller // TFC & Arsenal fan
Domenic_p Toronto, Ontario @Eric_Giacometti I just been waiting for a TFC jersey wallpaper with my last name and these people not replying to try out with the team.
threefacedliss Giacometti treated plaster as a noble material, valuing it for its malleability and sense of fragility i have three faces || i understand objects
ryananderson_27 O'Fallon, IL I’ll do Hockey Twitter and FT. @Steve_Dangle @evanscotthuber @alessiacatia @ajlam87 @RoterTodFooty @PhonzieFtbl @KristianJack @Eric_Giacometti That’s just to name a few. Professional Toronto FC Fan and Talking Head. “I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Right!” #TFCLive #HDMH
mike_giacometti Cambridge, MA Lincoln, an OG @cloudhealthtech pupper is going mutts for all of the customer presentations on cloud #financialmanagement and optimization at the virtual #CloudLIVE conference! Sr Product Manager at @CloudHealthTech by @VMWare. Glutton for challenge. #Techie 💻, chef 👨‍🍳, skier ⛷, ice cream lover, #runner of many miles.
PPourcelly Marseille France @Theo_Giacometti @Marseille_hl @AFPMarseille Sea sex and sun Quo pro merito meo apellatus Augustus sum .
parentingpeas England, United Kingdom Finally! We've finished our Giacometti sculptures. Clay, mod roc, spray painting in bronze and gold and finally painting the plinths. @CassioburyJM @OwlCassInf #cassinfhomelearning
TorontoFC Toronto, ON Fastest goal in club history, first MLS start and late PK drama @Eric_Giacometti catches up with @QuentinWestberg, @tsubasa_endoh and @jacobshaff2 to relive our 3-2 win over Atlanta last summer on episode four of Reds Rewind. #TFCLive WATCH » 🇨🇦 7x Voyageurs Cup Champions 🛡 2017 Supporters' Shield Champions 🏆 2017 MLS Cup Champions 🔴 #TheyWillSeeRed | #TFCLive
DavidAt93708063 @ZekeJMiller @maggieNYT Wait until you see the size of portrait Trump will choose for his portrait. And the gold won’t be just in the frame. I would favour doing him in the style of Giuseppi Archimboldo, can’t see that body mass in the style of Giacometti. Bacon or Bosch might do.#portrait Retired to spend more time drawing, painting and playing croquet.
RoterTodFooty @ZacharyRip @Eric_Giacometti it's a dumb rule regardless though because TFC wore their aways at the home opener(to sell the new kit). since they're not strictly home and away kits TFC could have onyx and red and never clash with anyone. it's an arbitrary needless rule. Post-ironically un-ironic
jollybenjabi ÜT: 43.785454,-79.56798 @Eric_Giacometti Be a rebel and do the right thing - can’t MLSE just buy the colour palette? Sports Enthusiast, Investments Watcher and an Accountant all in one! Proud to be an owner of a NFL Team (Holder of 1 Share of the Green Bay @packers Football)
Eric_Giacometti Toronto, Ontario @RoterTodFooty MLS color palette regulations. Onyx and red are both considered “dark” colors. You’d have to get rid of red to get onyx back. Digital/Social/Content @TorontoFC | 🗽➡️6️⃣ | 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇨🇺🇭🇷 (🇮🇪🇨🇦) #TFCLive ⚽️
MLS_Canada Canada @Eric_Giacometti Dark and light ... a shame ... but the grey is a nice compromise ... Pushing all things Canada in the MLS, one tweet at a time . . . .
LuiSousaSinger @LuxDeluxe11 @Leo_Giacometti @shlounggong @Chznce @Breaking911 Yeah funny. But I’m not brazilian nor had the virus. This is not a play Lux, people are dying and because of this virus people stay with problems for the rest of their life’s. Plus there’s a lot of recovers who are now again positive. It’s not a joke it’s serious Son, Brother, Husband, Singer and Master Degree in Geography. Peace, that's all I want for our world!
oyabuns 親分子分♡ hi you know what makes me uncomfortable? aph germany and christophe giacometti have the same seiyuu. the swiss guy from yuri on ice who orgasms every time he performs no thoughts only tomato
WildMelissaHart Eugene Oregon & Rochester, NY Art lovers, happy #MuseumWeek ! Check out these Masterworks on Loan from @jsmauo --Dalí, Magritte, Giacometti, Miró, and more! #ArtistOnTwitter #SCBWI author of Better with Books & Avenging the Owl. Columnist @TheWriterMag #Queerspawn with 5 chickens, 3 cats, 1 terrier & 1 adopted kid. She/her/hers.
LuxDeluxe11 @Chznce @LuiSousaSinger @Leo_Giacometti @shlounggong @Breaking911 I dont know if its weaker than the flu. My friends said its like the flu but just slightly little worse and thats it. Cryptocurrency investor. Started buying bitcoin in 2013. Retired at the age of 24. I am here to mostly follow blockchain news/updates and cryptocurrency news.
ClaesJuhlin Stockholm The living room in the Jacques Grange designed Upper East Side apartment of philanthropists and collectors Caryl and Israel Englander. The chandelier and the plaster table lamp are both by Alberto Giacometti for… @claesjuhlin
yo_ice_b 長谷津 GP Series, 3rd place Christophe Giacometti. A man who fascinates the world  with aged skating and giant quad Lutz,  will aim for his first victory at the Final! *NA : Naohiko Fujino* #yoibot_ 11 YOIに登場するキャラ達のセリフをランダムにつぶやいています◆現在2時間に1回のペースです◆(YOI情報を中心にスケート・バレエ・聖地情報など中の人RTが多いです御免ください😌💦)(…けっこうTL埋まりますのでリスト閲覧推奨かもです…)
TBRreviews Ireland #ReadingDesk ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #Bookreview for #TheFourSymbolsBook1inTheBlackSunTrilogy by Eric Giacometti A wonderfully sinister story of finding powerful ancient relics. Full of tension and suspense. #NetGalley #NewRelease @HodderBooks #HistoricalFiction Supporting #WritingCommunity - #BookReviews, #Author #Interviews & Promotion. Member @TheReadingDesk - Top #Reviewer on #Amazon #Goodreads & #NetGalley
LuiSousaSinger @LuxDeluxe11 @Leo_Giacometti @shlounggong @Chznce @Breaking911 How many are dead and not truly reported? How many states are “covering” the numbers of dead, not presenting them to the public. Yeah right Son, Brother, Husband, Singer and Master Degree in Geography. Peace, that's all I want for our world!
gayforbeckham New Delhi, India "Giacometti was once run down by a car and he recalled falling into a lucid faint, a sudden exhilaration, as he realized, at last, something was happening to him." - Waking Life Decent breather. He/Him
DavidSchoof2 A page of Chris (and bae) my entire brainspace is occupied by Cristophe Giacometti... I guess I could be doing worse lol Friendly neighbourhood art weirdo | 21yo, bi, potato| I like comics | There will be 18+/NSFW content | If there's anything else you want to know, just ask me!
DABailey62 Willowdale ON, Canada @RudiSchuller @Eric_Giacometti Initially, it was Kaberlaw but it was wrong and so was Kaberlay. A member of the Voyageurs, Canada's National Soccer Supporter's Group and U-Sector. Support TFC. Love 60's music! Addicted to Zevia. Miss the Blizzard!!!
PinkTaxiRunner Dubai, United Arab Emirates @angelsag2927 @stormkrow I also love the walking man! If my memory serves me well, they did a comparison of Giacometti and Rodin at Fondation Giannada
RudiSchuller Toronto @DABailey62 @Eric_Giacometti And, yes, I'm aware that "Davies" is traditionally pronounced "Davis" in the UK, but that's simply not his name. Current: ??? Previous: @SportingNews, @Goal, etc.
AniSWISSarts Switzerland Alberto #Giacometti - BUNCH OF FLOWERS AND APPLE, 1961 Human expression, #art, #music, #cinema, #photography, #design, #architecture

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