The things some people say about Giacometti.

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iheartSAM 1300 First Avenue 🤩 New poster alert! Discover the iconic explorations and visionary achievements of celebrated artist Alberto Giacometti when "Alberto Giacometti: Toward the Ultimate Figure" opens on July 14 at SAM. Get your tickets for opening day before they sell out! Seattle Art Museum & Seattle Asian Art Museum
M5BPEF This morning M5 started to form their Giacometti sculptures. The children had to mould wire to form a figure and create features using masking tape 🕺🏻🗿 M5 Class Twitter
crawford_school Crawford Village, Lancashire Class Three absolutely loved creating their own sculptures in the style of Giacometti today. They used a wire to create a ‘skeleton’ and then wrapped that in foil. They can’t wait to cover these in modroc next week. I’m sure you will agree, they look incredible. #giacometti Sharing what we learn in school and items of educational interest.
NGIreland Dublin City, Ireland Giacometti’s wife Annette Arm (1923-1993) was one of his most enduring models, and this is one the first sculptures that he made of her, soon after she joined him in Paris in 1946. 🎟️Tickets for #GiacomettiFromLife cost just €5 after 5pm this evening One of Ireland’s top visitor attractions housing the nation’s collection of European & Irish art. Enjoy, learn and be inspired. #NationalGalleryIRL
AnnaMcLaine ❤️🌏❤️ ☕️ Awesome #Giacometti and BRILLIANT story!☕️ #Artist 💥 📚💥 #Resiliency #ChildAbuseAdvocate ✊💥Never💥 Give 💥Up 💥💕 Exercise your #Kindness muscles daily. 🏋🏻‍♀️🌏🏋🏻‍♀️ #Survivors 💥🏆💥
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janet_mcl Dublin City, Ireland @ahistoryinart Several Yanaihara portraits are included in ‘Giacometti. From Life’ @NGIreland . I love these paintings - so still & quiet yet so full of light & life. Curator, 19th & 20th-c art. views my own.
FanficTitle Get Busy Living (Or Get Busy Dying). (Rating: T, Pairing:Christophe Giacometti & Yuri Plisetsky, Tags: Eventual Happy Ending, theyre rockstars and famous but theres just no magic) created by @concealedthread based on a tweet by @ailuridaen changelog: #FanficTitleUpdates uses data compiled by ao3 user centreoftheselights
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G_Giacometti_ @donalddhoffman I've a question. Let's suppose that consciousness can't perform any function for the purpose of survival (and reproduction) of an organism. Why any function like this cannot be performed by a blind mechanism? Perhaps consciousness can perform the function to make universe exist Sono un filosofo interessato a comprendere il senso della vita
ahistoryinart Suffolk, mostly The philosopher Isaku Yanaihara began sitting for Giacometti 1956, posing in the same position, day after day, week after week, throughout that autumn. For both men, these gruelling sessions became an obsession and were accompanied by a stream of philosophical conversations. Art historian, journalist (BBC, various print/online media) dealer in 20thC British art; occasional work for sale online. Queries:
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HathwayMrs We had a super busy day in 5MS yesterday. From friendship activities to completing their maths Board Games to researching and making Giacometti models from tin foil! We loved it🖤 @llandaffcity Year 1 Teaching Assistant
NGIreland Dublin City, Ireland Our Giacometti Artist in Residence Richard Malone will throw open the doors of his studio here tomorrow between 4pm and 8pm - drop by to see what he's working on and have a chat! Arthaus Hotel is the Giacometti Artist Residency Accommodation Partner. One of Ireland’s top visitor attractions housing the nation’s collection of European & Irish art. Enjoy, learn and be inspired. #NationalGalleryIRL
PMc276 Dublin I had today off. Was in the Dáil this morning, lunch with pal in @kilkennydesign, Giacometti exhibition in @NGIreland, bought shoes and the worlds biggest pineapple. I’d a lovely day in Dublin @drivetimerte Irish, single mam, exhausted nurse, carer, radio addict, tweet far too much. She/her #HappyVaxxer #NotARacist #WearAMask #SocialDistancingSavesLives
ChrissySturt Bishop's Waltham, England Writing, I find, requires long bouts of dreamy thought. Some of us seem to feel bad about this, and label it procrastination. It's not delay, it's development. Thank you, Giacometti for capturing this creative state of mind so perfectly (also she looks like my Lucy). @writersbureau flash winner | words published @NationalFlashfd| 2nd @writerswkend | 2nd @WellsLitFest | LL @HistoriaHWA | LL @LucyCavColl
Mtalba2022 Madrid, Spain @NuukwanCh @BTS_twt I so hope this # will make Namjoon happy!! #ArtforNamjoon @BTS_twt These are my first Art crush Albrecht Durer Self portrait and the art that moved me last is Woman of Venice by Giacometti. 💜 Grown up Baby Army. 50+ mum and teacher awoken by EPIPHANY to rescue my true self once lost.Forever grateful to BTS for saving precious lives.OT7 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
koolesbian She/her, 25, white I saw guernica in person and it rly amazed me!! i also rly enjoy more modern sculpture by alexander calder, giacometti, and jenny holzer (LED installations particularly) tae nails hair hips heels edit
KBFUS New York, NY La Fondation Maeght houses one of the largest collections of modern art in Europe—featuring paintings, sculptures, drawings, and graphic works by leading 20th century artists, including Miró, Giacometti, Chagall, Calder and Hepworth. KBFUS facilitates thoughtful, effective giving across borders.
alwaysred The Coast Alberto, me and the trees #giacometti #giacomettisculpture #trees #moving My own view from the very bottom, but trying to look up : RT does not represent opinion, it’s always your choice!
glassmagazine Global Picasso and Giacometti delight at Hauser & Wirth Zurich. Find out more about the exhibition here: @HauserWirth Cultural popsicletail of high fashion, luxury travel, fine arts and the humanities from around the globe, served to you daily by Glass
Santo4stars CANADA Arrived on the 24th wears 24, now here comes July 9th , important day in Italian football, @lorinsigneofficial first game and Italy winning the 2006 World Cup, @torontofc #tfclive @Eric_Giacometti @MichaelSingh94 TFC super fan @nebsfunworld durham's premier entertainment Centre
nsetia5 @johnhart20 I’m going to go with Giacometti (assuming left and right respectively).. Univ Chicago GI Pathology,, Mom, GI pathologist, Gastric pathologist
nuacollective Ireland “The image crystallised out of its execution" David Sylvester 1956 Quoted by Catherine Lampert in her essay ‘Auerbach and His Sitters’ RA exhibition catalogue - 2001 — Sylvester was referring to Giacometti #dailydoseofart #nuacollective #davidsylvester #visualart #Nua22 - Online Now
Eric_Giacometti Toronto, Ontario @thistwittterfo1 And a miss a cup final in VanCity? Fat chance. Digital/Social/Content @TorontoFC | 🗽➡️6️⃣ | 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇨🇺🇭🇷 (🇮🇪🇨🇦) #TFCLive ⚽️
AntonioWerli Argirópolis @thedaveydigital I tried to talk to Michaux and Soulages. But it seems Giacometti was the one who answered my question. Hypnagogic wanderer. –
brandysuperdog Buckley, Wales Brilliant y3 @SouthdownCP creating foil figures inspired by Giacometti ,using them as models and then creating animations. Such creativity. @DarrellWakelam @Teacherglitter @NiaRichards1 @Arts_Wales_ #expressivearts #outdoorlearning Sings with Cantorian Sirenian Singers, enjoys walking listening to music, baking and being a damn good mum and wife
TweetKred @Eric_Giacometti Ouch. Was to fly yyz to Newark on united, cancelled at 2am. (Was up eating a burger…tmi but I figure you’re bored) rebooked last minute air Canada to lga business class. Mucho $$$ but the flight was comfortable and cab ride in from there was fun Toronto/TFC... Come On You Reds! #TFC. #TFCLive
TweetKred @Eric_Giacometti I miss the train ride out. Did you take the train from Manhattan and pass by the NJ red bulls stadium? Toronto/TFC... Come On You Reds! #TFC. #TFCLive
TweetKred @Eric_Giacometti Do they still have those robots roaming and scanning everyone’s faces? Toronto/TFC... Come On You Reds! #TFC. #TFCLive
artpricedotcom The World...and Internet E.T. Paintings and sculpture by Modern Masters at Koller on 1 July. #Picasso #Manet #Redon #Giacometti and more #Impressionist & #ModernArt at #KollerAuctions in Zurich. the world Leader in #ArtMarket information & #Marketplace listed Euronext (Bloom. PRC Reuters ARTF) $PRC #NFT #CryptoArt #metavers #NFTs #Fintech
artmarketdotcom USA FRANCE Paintings and sculpture by Modern Masters at Koller on 1 July. #Picasso #Manet #Redon #Giacometti and more #Impressionist & #ModernArt at #KollerAuctions in Zurich. The World Leader in #ArtMarket Information (& Marketplace (listed by Nyse Euronext Paris PRC #NFT #CryptoArt #DigitalArt #NFTart
NGIreland Dublin City, Ireland We open at 11am today, and you can see our summer exhibition #GiacomettiFromLife for free until 2pm. Find out more and book your free ticket: Image: Alberto Giacometti, Annette assise, c.1965. © Succession Alberto Giacometti / Adagp, Paris, 2022. One of Ireland’s top visitor attractions housing the nation’s collection of European & Irish art. Enjoy, learn and be inspired. #NationalGalleryIRL
devlingrimm Los Angeles, CA @MaggieRobots That all makes sense, you’re big into body horror! You might also like Harry Clarke, Magda Abakanowicz, and Alberto Giacometti. art educator. avocational academic, playwright, and poet. tweets and opinions are my own. no animation business on this account. she/they
StigmabaseU WORLDWIDE TW : The perils of perfectionism: Learning from Alberto Giacometti: ...can to avoid the damning label.♀️ There are still not enough women in Indian’s military. The Agnipath protests in India—and the young men leading them—are proof of the abysmal… Asia — भारत — Türkçe — Čeština — ελληνικά | Keeping up-to-date on global exclusion — Stigmabase is a canadian internet non-profit Initiative
PeterFoolen eindhoven, the netherlands Barbara Hepworth, Alberto Giacometti, Alexander Calder and Joan Miro at the Fondation Maeght, Saint-Paul-de-Vence. contemporary art, bookdesign, publishing & exhibitions
gobblefunkerr ar shiúl leis na síoga I went into an Alberto Giacometti exhibition in the National Gallery today and LOOK at this photograph of him and his wife 🥰🥰🥰 Dancer •Gaeilgeoir • music listener • iníon léinn @ucdscoilGLCB • Láithreoir Ráidió @raidionalife 🎶• 1/8 de na @gael_gals • language enthusiast 🇮🇪🇮🇹•sí/í •
RM_Peru Peru 페루 🇵🇪 Exhibición 'Passages - Landscape, Figure and Abstraction' —'With My Back to The World', 1997 (Agnes Martin) —'Abstract Painting 780-3', 1992 (Gerhard Richter) —'Tall Figure III', 1960 (Alberto Giacometti) —'Untitled (PLUM AND DARK BROWN)', 1964 (Mark Rothko) #RKiveIG #RM #남준♡ 1st Peruvian fanbase dedicated to @BTS_twt’s leader #RM (Namjoon). We’re part of @BTS_Peru; #RMGalaxyDay | @RMGlobalUnion | 남쥬니♡ | Back-up @knj_peru
LonieOnly1 @BTS_twt_JOONIE I wonder what you think of Giacometti's "l'homme qui marche". It's a powerful sculpture that makes you think. I'm glad to see you traveling and enjoying doing what you love. Have you been eating Swiss chocolate? 😋😉 Taming a new world and reinventing oneself. Léonie 😸 Valérie 🙋 DeepL traductor is my best friend 🤫😜
youthful_museum 🌳🌳 /from rkive 3-6: 전시 정보 PASSAGES – LANDSCAPE, FIGURE AND ABSTRACTION Gerhard Richter, Agnes Martin, Alberto Giacometti, Mark Rothko, Francis Bacon, Georges Braque 외 22.02.12~22.08.14 Fondation Beyeler #미술관_다니는_청년 #매일_만나는_미술관 #청년의_책장 #청년의시간 #art_news / 페잉 답변은 사이트 확인
joonswhistle Singapore 1. “780-3 Abstract Painting” by Gerhard Richter, 1992 2. Works by Alberto Giacometti + “Passage du Commerce-Saint-André,” by Balthus, 1952–54 3. “Untitled (Plum and Dark Brown)” by Mark Rothko, 1964 4. “Snowman” by Peter Fischli and David Weiss, 2016 #ArtInfluencerRM + fic updates. ARMY💜. ♈️ | infj | enneagram 5 | Zodiac Academy – Lance Orion cheer squad. Main acct: @erinbrownwrites
PanhanCabinets Pensacola, FL This small, galley kitchen has been given tons of character through red walls and red knobs! Check out more pictures of this project along with many others in our Portfolio on our website! #panhandlecabinet #kitchenremodel #shakercabinets #shakerwhite At Panhandle Cabinets, we handle Wellborn cabinets, RTA cabinets, and cabinet refacing
7bogoshipda retro futurism enthusiast namjoon and his passion for alberto giacometti sculptures only graphic for 𝐁𝐓𝐒 ♡⃕ commissions open // do not repost
daisy_bey she/her Namjoon casually enjoying Giacometti plastics… pff I’m not jealous… no… pfff… And also mister Kim Namjoon, I saw some real Giacomettis too in my life hmm😤😤 emo princess✨// professional nerd // twentysomething //poetry @daisyspoetry// #Halsey #5SOS #DAY6 & waaaaay more lol // #FreePalestine!
kayla_sammy @Znullptr @demon_crit @giacometti_rl9 I have to agree here. Cause there is in fact private Jailbreaks in the PlayStation scene. It's also kinda strange, TheFlow , Cturt & many others choose to report it to Sony for 500- 10k sometimes. Personally I'd release it and make Sony sweat ! fork Sony and their money. I love my dog and family.

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