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kind_and_polite @babybombsheII verity (big damien hirst statue in the harbour) looks dramatic with the rough seas and whatever tho, so that's a positive 17. She/her. I love Katharine Hepburn, Pulp, Jarvis popsicleer, Bowie, Christine and the Queens, Grace Jones and more besides. Paddington 2 stan
OWC2020 Rennes (🇬🇧) Quite the following act ... We’ll be following an exhibition with Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons at the magnificent @LeCouventRennes where we’re hosting the Organic World Congress 2020 ! 👨🏼‍🎨 @IFOAMorganic @OWC2020 Tous les 3 ans, 2 500 acteurs de l'#Agriculture #Biologique, du monde entier, se réunissent pour se rencontrer, débattre, partager. #OWC2020 C’est en France !
forarthistory London, UK #forarthistory2020 Sessions incl. ‘The Real Price: Between #art and the (art) market’. When Lehman Brothers bank was collapsing Damien Hirst works fetched $200 million at auction. What is the real relationship between art and the economy, historically/now? The UK subject association for art history. Sharing knowledge, inspiring views and advancing research.
Amy_Concannon_ @pdLouiseP @Ethical_Leader @MrsKatieSmith @drewmorrisok @GLOWMaths @mathsjem @NJC_Ed_Maths @MrReddyMaths @joboaler @Teacherglitter @DrKWallis @FloraBarton @gpenn7762 @STEAMempower @BiddybreezeArt Ah this is amazing! Bridget Riley’s psychedelic pattern paintings would be good, as would some of Barbara Hepworth’s sculptures and Damien Hirst’s spot paintings. I’m sure there are loads more! Curator @Tate | co-curator #WilliamBlake (Tate Britain til 2 Feb.) | AHRC-funded PhD (2014-18) ‘Urban Landscape & the Age of Reform, c.1820-50’ | Views my own
thesiloteam South Western Ontario Damien Hirst At World’s First Asset-Based Tokenised Contemporary Art Exhibition "Highly anticipated highlights of ‘XXI’ will be rare & unseen works by established contemporary artists such as Kaws, RETNA and Damian Hirst. These include the..." #HOFA Always trending!
nat_monster London Stopped by @phillipsauction to see art by Keith Haring, Takashi Murakami, KAWS, Damien Hirst, Yayoi Kusama and more for sale. Imagine being rich enough to drop over £1 million on a work of art! The dream 🎨 born again christian dior 🌙
MimoDraven runawaydevill: Hydra and Kali by Damien Hirst, 2017 Diseñador Gráfico orientado a Diseño Web, aunque es una de varias monerias.
C21Art Luton Other artists at the Moco museum included Yayoi Kusama, Damien Hirst, Space Invader and Jeff Koons 🎨 @PhotographyCHB1 @ChallneyBoys @ChallneyDesign Challney High School For Boys - Art Department.
guardianartbot Damien Hirst and angst: the V&A's main problem Jonathan Jones writes on art for the Guardian and was on the jury for the 2009 Turner prize.
DevonLiveNews Devon The landlord claims to count Prince Harry, Damien Hirst and Formula 1 stars among its fans News across Devon. Insta: Our journalists:
spoopyteddy Germany Ayy got a 20pg term paper comparing @TheRustyQuill's #magnuspod and Damien Hirst's art greenlit, focusing on "the new visibility of death" and disgust according to Menninghaus + some Foucault for flavour @jonnywaistcoat would you accept a pdf of it when I'm done? Not kidding lol resigned to dying in the upcoming political, economic and/or climate collapse and trying to be kind in the meantine. icon by @asinineteen // she/they 🏳️‍🌈🌹
MrTRoach Oldham I take a Y6 group at Friday lunchtimes (ostensibly for GDS). Yesterday, we listened to @BobCox_SFE on the @moreteachertalk podcast read out some of our writing, read more of The Graveyard Book together and discussed all sorts inc. graffiti, modern art, Damien Hirst and Banksy. Year 3 (erstwhile Year 6) teacher. 👍 📚, Neil Young, Stephen King & good TV. 🤬 correcting comma splices, capital letters & full stops. All views are my own.
beercomerad Damien Hirst - Untitled, 2000. Butterflies and household gloss on canvas.
Tatintsian Moscow, Russia ‘Love is a beautiful thing and I see it as a small antidote to all the horror in the world.’ - Damien Hirst. Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! 💘 #damienhirst #hirst #valentines #love #heart #beautifullove #contemporaryart #britishart #garytatintsiangallery Gary Tatintsian Gallery is located in Moscow and dedicated to organizing exhibitions of American and European contemporary art.
HENIGroup London Love hurts. Happy Valentines Day from the HENI Team! The Sacred Heart – The Acts of Reparation by Damien Hirst. Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, 2019.⁠ Making art accessible to everyone.⁣ ⁣ #henipublishing #henieditions @henitalks
exploredayout Southwest England If you ever visit ILFRACOMBE, you might come across Verity the 20-25m steel and bronze statue by Damien Hirst, she stands proud guarding the coast at the entrance to the harbour in Ilfracombe looking out over the… A guide highlighting the Best Days Out, places to Eat, Drink, Stay, Visit, Shop, Escape & Explore plus beauty spots, places of interest & more in the SW
RCFA_Gallery Birmingham. B3 2BB Happy Valentines Day! Throwback to the Summer of 2018 and our Damien Hirst exhibition which featured the spectacular limited edition 'Big Love'. #damienhirst #valentinesday #HappyValentinesDay #biglove #love #romance #loveart #heart #redheart #LimitedEdition #butterflies #art Fine art gallery located at 85 - 89 Colmore Row, Birmingham, founded by Birmingham born internationally renowned artist Reuben Colley
nyceverywhere and any chick who claims to work for Damien Hirst is gonna fork you for sure. lunar ruins
Philbrook Tulsa, OK Damien Hirst (English, b. 1965). Devotion, 2003. Butterfly wings on household gloss paint on canvas, 118 × 80 × 6”. Tia Collection, Santa Fe. ©️ Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS/Artimage 2019. Fine art museum in Midtown Tulsa. 25 acres of art and gardens. Also, we have cats.
Lacroick American culture is capitalist and you can see that right now in our art! The only change in the last 20 years is the shift from great shows of wealth being considered art (jeff koons damien hirst etc) to identity being used as capitol and popular art mirroring identity politics
BUCK_AND_BIRCH Edinburgh, Scotland Rowan and rhubarb wine Going through our flavour library experiments and found these lurking at the back of a shelf. With the Rowan shoots suspended in the clear wine they look more like a Damien Hirst work of art than a drink so now take pride of plac… Foragers, fermenters, fishermen, fathers, philosophers. Feeders of the hungry and nourishers of the soul. Thought for Food
WhatSellsBest ‘In 1989, 28-year-old Robert Tibbles bought a medicine cabinet artwork full of bottles of pills for £600 ($782). His friends derided it as “crap” and told Tibbles he had been ripped off and should return it (estimated value: £1.8 million / $2.3 million).’ Tracking Treasures & Prices Worldwide
RochdaleSFC Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Each year art students visit Yorkshire Sculpture Park and experience the work of contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst and Saad Qureshi in the grounds of the park, this helps students to develop their own experimental ideas and discuss the contextual elements as a group. Our students remain at the heart of everything we do and we believe it is our duty to convert their potential into reality.
Superfishack Yes This man will be a Daniel Arsham and Damien Hirst fusion and he will either be surprisingly pure or absolutely horrible as is suitable for someone who has Any of Damien Hirst in him This account is for clowning not for clouting. Call me Fish!|18 yo|They/Them or He/him|@TeaNPens for Art| Look at @ThunderlyA
Superfishack Yes He’s based on Daniel Freaking Arsham who has a deal with adidas and sells his shoes for Lots of Cash and the Weed Room really isn’t based on anything it just seems like something a contemporary artist would try to do. Maybe Damien Hirst or whoever the heck This account is for clowning not for clouting. Call me Fish!|18 yo|They/Them or He/him|@TeaNPens for Art| Look at @ThunderlyA
greynotgrey Montreal "According to its website, Blain Southern represents Francesco Clemente, Tony Cragg, Lucien Freud, Damien Hirst, Edward & Nancy Kienholz, Joan Synder, Bosco Sodi, Bill Viola, and others." (ʘoʘ’) Raconteur, bon vivant, & man-about-town. Teacher, UI/UX specialist & media designer.
drguengraziano @haroldcheese609 @TygrHawk @OliPutland I thought it's Hirst and they make pièce d'art in the manner of Damien Hirst . 😬
westwitchhex she/her @jortswall jeff koons and damien hirst are somehow the most talked about artists in contemporary art history but all professors fail to mention how unbelievably corny these African-Americans are Allison✨23✨♌ ✨art twit @westwitcharts✨ y'all know im gonna snap one day right?
blackography Brisbane, Queensland @royalacademy @paperdoll73 Damien Hirst is incredibly overrated and pretentious. Brisbane based Photographer and creative spark. Lover of life, people and animals... addicted to hugs.
ElephantMag London “Sex doesn’t just have to be talked about through the lens of pornography.” The British artist, whose prolific work was discovered by chance by Damien Hirst, speaks to @hollimond about depicting intimacy and pleasure. 🐘Life Through Art 📖 Visual culture magazine online & in print ⛽️ Follow @_ElephantWest for our West London art space, cafe & bar in a converted petrol station
kennedy_prompts @jess_prompts @IKEartprompts @IKEartprompts my response: as for representing life in an innovative way, I think the only truly new representation of life cycles (of the examples given) is the damien hirst work with the cow head and flies. the art world has become so “saturated” with representations of ... AP art account for Kennedy :)
WoWBattersea WoW Battersea Power Station @TheCommsStore @ThePeninsulist In addition to the fluid artworks at NOW, there are stunning sculptures by Damien Hirst & Allen Jones and more..permanently installed at The Tide overlooking The Thames. Definitely worth a visit. I am thirty plus(plus 26 years to be exact)The only thing I know after all these years is ...I don't even know what I DON'T know.I try to just be & to be...just
Hamza_ArtFreak Islamabad @warda_hijab @OverLord_Xd Damien Hirst’s ‘For The Love Of God’ is one of my favourite, in which he actually took a human skull and embedded diamonds over it. Also then there was the ‘Dead Head’ which was more of show than a piece cause why be scared of death and much more, read these artworks later on. Reverie // Isolate. Simplify. Complete. T-ALL 🎗
TheArtNewspaper NY/London Object Lessons: A Damien Hirst medicine cabinet and a splashy David Hockney are among the highlights up for sale over the next fortnight Download our new iOS app for compelling stories and in-depth analysis about the art world
gyoung9751 Missouri Object lessons: from a medicinal Damien Hirst to a splashy David Hockney - @TheArtNewspaper Author of the novels 'Dancing Priest,' 'A Light Shining,' 'Dancing King,' and 'Dancing Prophet," and the non-fiction book 'Poetry at Work.' Editor @tspoetry.
WorksByLorraine Bethesda, Maryland Object lessons: from a medicinal Damien Hirst to a splashy David Hockney - Art Newspaper It is the sincere hope of author Lorraine Donfor-Chen that you will enjoy reading the thoughts that sprang from the viewing of each painting.
iamsocialdana Meet Collector Robert Tibbles, Who Snapped Up a $1,000 Damien Hirst Work in 1989 That Could Soon Sell for $2.3 Million: Tibbles is selling his collection of early YBA works at Phillips—and the return on his initial investment could be huge. The post Meet… #arts #visualarts #galleries #aimiamos #iamlove

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