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jebrittan2 #CamilaBatmanghelidjh brushed off warnings about #KidsCompany charity's financial woes Why #Coldplay? #SherborneShame Kids Company enjoyed backing from high-profile celebrities Coldplay, author JK Rowling comedian Michael McIntyre and artist Damien Hirst Exposing Child Sexual Abuse at Sherborne Prep School in Dorset, as listed at IICSA Inquiry. IICSA Hearings into SP began 30/9/19. Views my own
kitaakes 19, he/him, mixed race goro’s art opinions only go as far as having hot takes. yusuke asks for his favorite art piece and he ends up getting a rant on why damien hirst’s art is insipid and pointless instead #AKECHI: Stop calling me a fruit, it’s harassment | m/w: @akechiest ★ @honeybeelnn ★ @paersi
N3CR0F4NCY @v4mp1r3s_ fork DAMIEN HIRST ME AND MY HOMIES HATE DAMIEN HIRST i am not that kind of boy ❌🧻✍️‼️🙋‍♂️❌🏳️‍🌈‼️ priv- @H3RH34V3N | she / they | under 15 | my struggle acc 😩🙏- @brainf4rtbert
DurgaOne San Juan/NYC @francisco1967PR @trschatz51 Lo se - pero le faltan. Y ademas - me gustaria saber cuanto dinero se gastan en cabilderos - a la Jeffrey Farrow and Ramon Luis. These guys made so much money they could afford Damien Hirst on their walls. Ex News Director Univision Puerto Rico. Featured writer The Good Immigrant US ; The Guardian, Latino Rebels; Channel 4 UK, NBC Think, Magacin - Endi.
sarahguestperry Boston, MA Severed head of the Medusa from the project "Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable". Installation view. 2017. British. Damien Hirst, artist. © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, Artists Rights Society. Photo credit Writer & on line art curator. Providing an alternative universe of wondrous images.
young__hag London, England Ladies and Gentlemen, one of the most ‘successful’ artists of our generation, Damien Hirst feed me
jtedeschi1968 Why not cut into pieces, place in tabernacles and sell off as relics. Seems undervalued as a single item. ⁦@ned_reif⁩ Check out Damien Hirst's eBay T-shirt on Uncrate
spandey16 New Delhi, India Damien Hirst: End of a Century shows artist in his outrageous, inventive and irreverent prime Notes on transport, technology & design.
Thee_Red_Ant @CMoviemaker The visuals are amazing, it just bothered me how much imagery he straight up stole from Damien Hirst and others' art. I still really love this film, but I agree on it thinking it's much smarter than it is or needs to be. Socialist insect, occasional vandal, I teach art to kids. Free Palestine, Black Lives Matter. Healthcare for all. None of this crap should be difficult!
carlosbob Sydney, AU | Eora Nation @trixiemattel Move the Damien Hirst and the stegosaurus back four more inches and put them at a slight angle facing out and all will be right in the world 💕 Visual Artist
HobanGirl Alexandria, VA Damien Hirst's In & Out of Love (Butterfly Paintings & Ashtrays) will be shown in its entirety for the 1st time in many years alongside works of historic, modern & more contemporary art from the Yale Center for British Art's collections. via @artandobject Runaway bride with 2 lovely daughters (and 2 groovy sons-in-law); over-the-moon Grammy. A face in the crowd. Voracious reader. Life is rich. Still pinch myself.
PolaRooS #PolaroidWeek Day 3, “Let battle commence” and “The Virgin Mother - Damien Hirst” Film photography. Music. NAPO.
zimmerstewart Arundel, Sussex, UK The third online shop is exclusively for Books: Our Bookshop has new, rare & signed artist books, plus Artist ‘Deluxe’ Limited Editions with a print. Artists include: Tom Hammick, Terry Frost, Damien Hirst, Bridget Riley and more. A contemporary art gallery, in Arundel, since 2003, showing a range of work by new and established artists for your home and office. Find us on
zimmerstewart Arundel, Sussex, UK We have just refreshed our Online Shop, you can now browse three separate pages. The first one is for editions by established and emerging artists, such as: Peter Blake, Patrick Caulfield, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Bridget Riley, Paula Rego & Peter Doig A contemporary art gallery, in Arundel, since 2003, showing a range of work by new and established artists for your home and office. Find us on
NHSsoutheast South East, England 'Bringing the arts and music into our hospitals has never been more important...' - limited edition print, ‘Butterfly Rainbow’, has been gifted to @OUHospitals and @OxfordHealthNHS by Turner prize-winning artist Damien Hirst. 🌈 We are the NHS in the South East. This account is only monitored between Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
NorthArt2 @AnneQuinton Chapman Bros is(are?) a great shout! Listening to the Art History Babes podcast and Dutch vanitas paintings and Damien Hirst also came up. Art historian. Teacher of History of Art, Fine Art and Photography. Southerner in the North. Oxon and Cantab.
kwan_julia United Kingdom @ChristiesInc Delightful themed rooms of art, including David Hockney's paintings, Chief Executive (1945-70) @RoyalOperaHouse (to help the music/arts community), Italian design, the luminous butterfly montage by Damien Hirst, and 'Once upon a time' tapestry (can create stories). #art #stories Performing #TheRakesProgress 03.10.20 #Blackheath #RyedaleFestival #Nominee #RPS20 #StreetwiseOpera #Nominee #RPS19
yorkshirepost Yorkshire, England The Leeds artist created his rendition of the NHS rainbow to pay tribute to the "wonderful work" doctors, nurses and other staff are doing amidst the coronavirus pandemic #TheYP - News, sport, business and more from Yorkshire's national newspaper. Talking your language. We're also on Facebook
oeclls Houston, Texas Hey @hirst_official, our Shark Tank may not have real sharks and a salt relaxation room, but it definitely competes with your one-of-a-kind experience! By providing stellar customer service and an innovate design, partnering with us is just as relaxing. OEC LLS - Where every drop counts
Sothebys Discover how #DamienHirst chose simple every day objects, the cabinet and the cigarette, to represent the meaning of mortality. The official handle for Sotheby’s. Follow along for news from our global auctions, events & special projects, and daily art world updates.
TheFaceMagazine United Kingdom These lot know good art. They’ve been predicting the Next Big Thing since 1949, like Damien Hirst, Mark Leckey and even David Hockney. So take a moment and check out this year’s New Contemporaries – they’ll be filling a gallery near you soon. Born in London in 1980, the original, definitive style magazine. 5 organisations to support to help #EndSARS:
omegawill West Yorkshire, England @PonchoRebound I think it is a talent! Like, the magician thing of, putting in so much effort that there's no reason someone should've expected you to go to that much trouble, and I did tediously argue in art college that using the art market like Damien Hirst is art, but.. Dunno, not very 2020 Video creator, monster hunter and other. Feel free to @ me. He/him or they/them
HYPEBEAST The signed and framed tee was acquired by a lucky Instagram user back in May. Download the HYPEBEAST App now on the Apple App Store! Follow us on Instagram: @hypebeast
HullHospitals Hull, England We're thrilled to have been chosen to receive a limited edition Damien Hirst Butterfly Rainbow to exhibit at HRI - making our hospital spaces more colourful, welcoming and beautiful one rainbow at a time. More info: @hirst_official #HospitalArts Hi from Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram @hullhospitals
abrightfar London @hkatewilliams there's the big damien hirst thing which is good? also, hollis frampton photographs at GCCA, and they've moved the huge Cy Twombly's (back?) into the tate modern's permanent collection, which is cool. writer, co-host of @muubtube podcast.
HullHospitals Hull, England Thanks to @hirst_official @HENIGroup for our beautiful Butterfly Rainbow artwork which will brighten up Hull Royal Infirmary for patients and staff More info: #HospitalArts #ArtsHealthWellbeing Hi from Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram @hullhospitals
michaelvertz If you are not familiar with Damien Hirst, his is a brilliant British artist, being featured on I am interested if you are familiar with him and what you think about his art. #MCO335 Luxury Residential Real Estate Professional with London Foster Realty in Miami Beach, FL
Outlandishcreat London @KathyBurke Me me me! Single parent smutty ceramic maker - Clients include Lady Gaga, Elton John, Damien Hirst and plenty more. I handmake everything to order in London all on my lonesome ❤️ thank you x British Designer Maker of handmade personalised ceramics. Clients include Lady Gaga, Ruby Wax, Graham Norton & McFly. Purveyor of the finest and dirtiest china.
hottrendtshirt2 y comparison Happy halloween scoobydoo moon shirt . Damien Hirst’s is another. The piece that has stuck with me. It also made me think… about health, about the tobacco industry, and about addiction. #Happyhalloweenscoobydoomoonshirt At Hot Trend T-shirt, we’re about more than tshirts. We’re about you and everything you love
BoxGalleries 402 Kings Road London Damien Hirst Sanctum Dome and Bran Symondson Blue Butterfly and Dollar Bill AK47 installed at a client’s home in Surrey Contemporary Art Gallery in Chelsea London representing emerging as well as established investment artwork. Owner Emma Moir.
HenryMullen500 York, England @jakkicowley In Walton on Thames, armed with my man bag , full of nanna pack up (she made the best cheese and cucumber sarnies) we went on a full-on adventure into Olympic London. First stop Tate modern, Damien Hirst exhibition, an 8 year old walking through a dissected cow, could Twitter, fills in the time, between watching Dave Lee Travis playing McBeth and the reality of being a grown up.
TOKERNEXTDOOR Shangri-La @badm0n1 The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living is an artwork created in 1991 by Damien Hirst, an English artist and a leading member of the “Young British Artists” (or YBA). HIGHEST IN THE ROOM
leftywoke Fish Town England, UK @JoolzDenby I think it's the prices he goes for that contributes to that, I fail to understand Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin's appeal. Fake News, question it, research it then tweet about it, there's reasons why they feed you bullcrap. Question their agenda and who benefits from it.
NotSoEffy Kuwait @E_7sen Marcel Duchamp presented a signed urinal at an art exhibition in 1917 so people would stop saying what is art and what isn’t. If it weren’t for him, Damien Hirst wouldn’t be considered an artist and many others as well. Everything is art but it’s a matter of preference tbh. -insert pretentious bullcrap here-
JGibbon44531516 @freddiesayers @piersmorgan Morgan’s equally disastrous ‘business partner’, notorious addict Matthew Freud. See also Damien Hirst and extensive plagiarism...
darkenedwindow She/They. The Ether There’s more to life than making jam and having kids, Damien Hirst, 2002 #tatemuseum #damienhirst A peek into my love for art, the artists, and their history. Art calms me, centers me. 🌎 I own nothing except a raging case of anxiety.
jrobertlennon Ithaca, NY @joeyalison He should sleep on top of an igloo and be super into Damien Hirst! Author of various books including SUBDIVISION and LET ME THINK, from Graywolf Press, April 2021. English Prof. Tweets disappear after one week. he/him/his.
Cookieurch London I’m going one better than Damien Hirst and his cow in formaldehyde and giving you the live piece ‘Cat in Vase’. Older but probably not wiser.
TinkerChip Odiham, England I assume no Vegans are having the flu vaccine. Just looked at the leaflet for this season’s and it’s got eggs in it! Eggs! Righto 👍🏻 Oh and a touch of formaldehyde too, in case you were thinking of being Damien Hirst’s next project 😬 Soft Tissue Therapist, LSSM, MISRM Body Fixer and weight lifter 🏋️‍♂️
GondorffShaw Damien Hirst exhibition @ Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana 2017 + some cool art I came across in Venice The Palms in Vegas ended up buying the statue. From Riches to Rags and on my way back.
uhbwNHS Bristol and Weston-super-Mare The artwork will be displayed at each of our ten hospital sites across Bristol and Weston in the next few months so as many people as possible will be able to enjoy this symbol of hope. What a special gift! 💙 🔗 #HospitalArts #ArtsHealthWellbeing University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust. We offer over 100 clinical services across 10 sites. Page monitored Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm
eleanor_babb Staffordshire Thank you @hirst_official @HENIGroup for our limited edition Damien Hirst Butterfly Rainbow print! Ours will tour our ward nurses' stations for MPFT staff and service users to enjoy. @CHWAlliance @NPAGUK @NHScharities #HospitalArts #ArtsHealthWellbeing Arts for Health project worker at Midlands Partnership Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.
uhbwNHS Bristol and Weston-super-Mare We are thrilled to have received a limited edition Damien Hirst Butterfly Rainbow 🌈 Thanks to @hirst_official @HENIGroup from @uhbwNHS #HospitalArts for the beautiful artwork which will brighten up our hospitals for patients and staff. #ArtsHealthWellbeing University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust. We offer over 100 clinical services across 10 sites. Page monitored Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm
OxHospCharity Oxford This is special 💕 A beautiful gift to 50 hospitals, including @OUHospitals from Damien Hirst. Making hospital spaces more colourful, welcoming and beautiful one 🌈 at a time.  Thank you @hirst_official @NHScharities @hirst_official #HospitalArts The charity helping your local Oxfordshire Hospitals. JR, Horton, NOC, Children's and Churchill. 01865 743 444
YorkTeachingNHS York We were thrilled to have received a limited edition Damien Hirst Butterfly Rainbow to exhibit in our Trust. Thank you @hirst_official & @HENIGroupfor the artwork which we're sure our patients and staff will love. The Arts Team are arranging the perfect frame for it #HospitalArts Official Twitter feed for news, updates and recruitment from York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Tweets by the Communications Team (not monitored 24/7)
Erik75005280 United States @Art430FA20 Damien Hirst's "The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living" creates a space that both suspends and simulates danger in the form of a preserved shark. Am I truly experiencing this work if I am not in the same room as it and thus less intimidated? 21, I’m not really sure what we do here. MSU 21
katiekinzakat London Bridge There is an elderly woman who is wearing a face mask that says “fork off” to this Damien Hirst exhibition and she may be my new hero former jungle cruise prole. current regular prole | she/her
cwpluscharity Chelsea, London, UK #ICYMI, last week the amazing artist Damien Hirst donated this 'Butterfly Rainbow' to @ChelwestFT! 🌈 All profits from sales of the limited-edition print have been donated to @NHSCharities. Read more here: Hospital charity supporting patients, families and staff @ChelwestFT and @WestMidHospital. Registered Charity No.1169897
DrDanielBarnes London I know there’s a lot going on, and a lot of really terrible stuff to worry about, but a nagging worry I have is that we will go into lockdown again and no good will come of it so it will drag on and on and the Damien Hirst show will close and never reopen. Erstwhile philosopher, occasional art critic and curator, ambitious educator. Author of The Value Industry, the only book about art and money you'll ever need.
AttitudeGallery Bridge St. Congleton Cheshire Just released and truly impressive these original works by Emma Gibbons, who worked with Damien Hirst for 7 years, are real conversation starters. Avail to order 01260 299143. Absolutely Wasted: 29” x 17” £595 each #OriginalArt #EmmaGibbons #Art #AttitudeGallery #Cheshire Contemporary art gallery. Leading artists + new talent. Congleton Cheshire 01260 299143 also @SerenityDesigns + @SDWithAttitude

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