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cadogantate London Paris NY LA Cote d'Azur You can own this signed Damien Hirst 'Butterfly Heart', just log on to @heritageauctions August 31st to bid and support The Heart of Art and Design to benefit the American Nurses Foundation #Coronavirus Relief Fund. #Damienhirst #nurses #nurse #artist #art #auction #charity Everything, handled with care. Moving Storage Shipping
Mark_DHolmes yorkshire, united kingdom @jennyeclair we took our 2 year old to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park today - his opinion on Damien Hirst was 'scary' and 'stinks'. I think he has a future as an art critic. I'm not sure if the smell was the sheep or wether he really dislikes Damien Hirst. Husband & Dad of one. Movies, music & theatre. #lgbtq #adoption 🏳️‍🌈
LacunaAspect It's looks a piece of bamboo that's been chewed by a giant panda and spat out before being used as a piece of Damien Hirst artwork. Selectively known as Martin to 'normal' people. Photographer and gamer. IG: @lacunaaspect
andymacmichael Rejoin, EU 🇪🇺 @Superblouse We've had a dead starling in the garden for the last two days and in this intense weather, with all the flies and wasps, it has taken on the appearance of conceptual art installation carcass by Damien Hirst. I think your conscience would be clear giving it a wide birth. Scots born London bred, Bedfordian, Europhile, Citizen of Nowhere. Hates racists above all else.
hannah_redler Earth @Danielle_J_Thom I don't know who you mean and I haven't looked. But I laugh like a drain at those who only see musuem workers as 6-figure uber-curators. It's ridiculous and willfully ignorant. Same as saying artists must be rich because look at Damien Hirst. It's dumb. Curator of Contemporary Culture: Art Media Technology Science & Photography Assoc @ODIHQ, Director ODI #DataAsCulture. Trustee @KrasznaKrausz. She/her Own views
hotelalphabet London - Italy - A Suitcase Before Damien Hirst spun his work into a painted frenzy, there was #Lichtenstein and his rotating easel. So who was the prince of Pop? Lichtenstein or Warhol? Tomorrow @LondonArtSalon 6p.m. Dr. Marie-Anne Mancio: writer, art historian, The Arts Society lecturer, art history study tours. Author of Whorticulture
BillySwizzle Rare Photos Show The New 350-Foot-Long Superyacht “Luminosity” Was Inspired By Matisse, Damien Hirst And Even Moby Dick via @forbes When I'm not writing about yachts and luxury travel, for @forbes, and other luxury pubs, I'm sailing, rowing, and riding my bike long distances.
MarktheStars Oxford UK @AdamDBates @hirst_official @HENIGroup Indeed Adam, very real. Just like all the once living things Damien Hirst has (had) killed to convert into 'art', presumably because he doesn't actually enjoy making art himself - and because there are plenty of fools who will pay for these aberrations. What's your point? Astrolonomartscriboatbuilder. Indie cosmologist who (uniquely) predicted/explained accelerating expansion of the cosmos (in a '94 painting).
nicola_forman A restorative and energising day in the fresh air and open space of beautiful @YSPsculpture, the most family-friendly gallery you could ever imagine... where I took time out to model for Damien Hirst!
Snark150 Grand Fenwick @Mike_Batt @Bonnetmaker Actually, depending on the medium artists work with, they always had and will have to decide whether they can work alone or whether they need assistants (external or from their own workshop). That's perfectly fine. (I know the craftsman who did ceramics for Damien Hirst.) @Snark150 by Gœtz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) is mainly about Henry Holiday's illustrations (engraved by Joseph Swain) to Lewis Carroll's "The Hunting of the Snark".
heythere_shawty Cameron Diaz LMAO what frivolous // brazen // gutter
jfborges Oeiras - Portugal Rare Photos Show The New 350-Foot-Long Superyacht “Luminosity” Was Inspired By Matisse, Damien Hirst And Even Moby Dick Professor. TIC, Educação e Web.
Auctionwint Lichfield.Staffordshire Such a fab sale next week with Damien Hirst collectables, #jewellery including this multi-gemstone necklet, #silver, #guitars, #ceramics, #pictures, #furniture, #toys and more... ⚜ Antiques & Home Sale 🕙 10am Monday 10th August 📱 #Lichfield #auction Auctioneers of Lichfield for over 150 years next sale 17th august on line only .stay safe everyone 🌈
Vosyline Aberdeen, Scotland He recently released an app so people can make spin paintings on their phones and it also helps show how the effect is achieved: Mad, bad, and dangerous to chew on. trans omnisexual 29 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 {she|her e|em|eir} {Jackrabbit} 🔞 NSFW Art Account 🔞
CUTSof_PASSION Berkeley, CA Art credit: Ruben Burgess Jr. AND Damien Hirst — The Immaculate Heart - Sacred series i love music 🌈 deep thinker. Lesbian.💖 Vegan 💚
HHontheHoof Essex @JonMorter Flea, Damien Hirst, and Joely Richardson, were all staying at the same hotel as us in Venice and sat at nearby tables for breakfast. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers played at the gala opening night of Damien Hurst’s exhibition. Equine Body Worker, Holistic and Sports Massage Therapist.
MrsKimMyers UK A few more of my highlights from @YSPsculpture the Zodiac Heads by Ai Weiwei, Buddha by Niki de Saint Phalle, Solitaire, I’ll Be Your Mirror and Pop Rooster by Joana Vasconcelos. Finally Charity and The Virgin Mother by Damien Hirst and Katrina Palmer’s The Coffin Jump. On a sabbatical
Stevevolkwriter Bradford-on-Avon, England @LairdBarron To echo your point, it is interesting that in one single paragraph I read earlier today, the artist Damien Hirst mentioned Kurt Schwitters, Max Ernst, Jasper Johns, Warhol, Claus Oldenburg, Miro and Picasso! Even iconoclasts learn from the masters. Uncannologist / Bigscreen / Telly / Tomes / May the fruits of your insanity grow ripe / Rep: @LindaSeifert
BillySwizzle Rare Photos Show The New 350-Foot-Long Superyacht “Luminosity” Was Inspired By Matisse, Damien Hirst And Even Moby Dick via @forbes When I'm not writing about yachts and luxury travel, for @forbes, and other luxury pubs, I'm sailing, rowing, and riding my bike long distances.
BillySwizzle Rare Photos Show The New 350-Foot-Long Superyacht “Luminosity” Was Inspired By Matisse, Damien Hirst ... via @forbes When I'm not writing about yachts and luxury travel, for @forbes, and other luxury pubs, I'm sailing, rowing, and riding my bike long distances.
AdamDBates London or anywhere This is an outstanding work by Damien Hirst And impressive new art trading platform by @HENIGroup to offend against the orthodoxy of a coterie
TheWorkshyFop North West @pdkmitchell @RobertGreer90 Fictional pair of tits is more important than Cherie Blair and Tracey Emin, and shares a page with Tim Burton, Damien Hirst and Paul Whitehouse Book reviewer, essayist, salon host. Editorial Director of indie press @DodoInk & Editor @MinorLits. Culture, Alienation, Nerve and Talent. They/Them
Stevevolkwriter Bradford-on-Avon, England @memizon @JaneHoodless I wonder how much is true: I am fairly convinced that the charge against Gilles de Rais was a plot to get his land. They didn't have investigative reporters and whistle blowers in those days. Maybe as Damien Hirst said of his art "I like it and deny it at the same time". ;) Uncannologist / Bigscreen / Telly / Tomes / May the fruits of your insanity grow ripe / Rep: @LindaSeifert
_angel_burns_ Manchester, England For the Love of God by Damien Hirst 2007. When I first think of Hirst, I picture the dissected and preserved, animal sculptures of the early 90s. Thankfully, he has moved away from these 😬 #manchesterartist #damienhirst #facepainting #arthistory #makeupartist #texturedartist Nature inspired textured artist. Creating upcycled art for wellness enthusiasts
yourfriendadlai empty hotel room Damien Hirst’s work was groundbreaking and rlly fascinating and he did things with conceptual art that I think are so cool and I hate to see him getting flack
BullOfHeaven_ NOWHERE 🇦🇺 BIG energies gather above Cleopatra's Needle, did not fathom its limits in short time passing by. Damien Hirst's statue of St. Bartholomew is an icon of emptiness. Victoria Station and its surrounds has a weird spiritual voidness about it. New York does not have The Shroud An enchanted puppet sent to bring joy to the children of the world. DM FOR ASTROLOGICAL SERVICES/REQUESTS/QUESTIONS. Response may be delayed
andreitr Boulder, CO Mother and Child (Divided), Damien Hirst, 1993 #tatemuseum #museumarchive human, coder, art lover, climber - on a mission to fill social media with art. Please follow my art bots (link below). 🇷🇺🇺🇸
watchinw0rldcup New York, NY @saltybrat2000 The one in Berlin has a huge Damien hirst painting of a shark and a lot of men wearing Gucci loafers sans socks
admadlad Planet Earth @zoescaman Progress! We've been doing this for a long time in India, usually going with the hardy, minimalist stainless steel flask. It seems a tad contradictory because fashion is faddish. Also, Damien Hirst is going to 'find' this soon to produce and curate only about a billion of them 😂 #DeleteFacebook #OkColinRobinson
Shabbosgoy St. Paul MN @WooWho10 @RyanGirdusky No, I don’t think so. Marshall McLuhan said “Art is what you can get away with” and Warhol simply demonstrated that. It got worse, of course, with degenerate frauds like Damien Hirst & Jeff Koons. Former columnist for @AlphaNewsMN, contributor to @thehill. Called "a sad & hateful man" by Ilhan Omar. Blogs at MN Conservatives:
chilternbear1 MI6 Safe House @pocket_rocket96 Yes, Art is subjective. I don’t rate most of the Brit art gang of Damien Hirst and Co but they have done very well plopping sharks into formaldehyde and unmessing beds. Art marks count for nothing in life. I am a neglected pooch. Pops is something in MI6. He leaves me alone for long periods. Every dog and dog owner please follow me (except @garylineker) woof!
NickFDunne Sudbury | Ottawa | Toronto | Likewise, Damien Hirst made a similar painting for one of @ronnieo147's 147s. Hirst on snooker: "It's men trying to be machines. It seems impossible, and it's all about that human element that won't let you do it." Northeastern Hub reporter for @TVO. Have not read Gone Girl. send me story ideas!
DexterDreamer South Africa All art is art. Even if its crap. Damien Hirst fits both. And Banksy is incredibly overrated these days as his work becomes more accepted by the elite/mega galleries. Artist | Curator | Teacher| Can Lecture | Writer He|Him - I like pop culture, video games, and learning about the interests that people I like have.
CayceMarlowe NYC, SF + FMTY @MinaYoonNYC How dare you question my deep, abiding love of *checks notes* Jean-Georges and Damien Hirst Your blonde angel.
Megadestructo LBC I'm reading critical take-downs of Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, and other super-rich "artists" and it is EXTREMELY satisfying. #BlackLivesMatter
PassTheMyc Beauty and the artiste January 1997 by Johnnie Shand Kydd: Damien Hirst and Kate Moss #katemoss #damienhirst #yba Rumour mill for the modern art world, and sharer of beautiful contemporary art
planetvisions Florida In an artwork you're always looking for artistic decisions, so an ashtray is perfect. An ashtray has got life and death. ~ Damien Hirst Unleashing ART & ARTISTS Everywhere. We PROMOTE Artists & Art Businesses, SELL Art, CONNECT Artists & COACH Artists in EXPANDING their SUCCESS. ART RULES HERE!