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personalityHere people think it's soooo easy to be cool. "all i have to do is say i hate damien hirst and godard and i'll be cool" no bitch u have to come up with a reason. THEN you're cool Just jokes just jokes
fatposting_ she/her Mother and Child (Divided) by Damien Hirst (2007) caught between the moon & New York city✨25
Sothebys Sotheby’s first Contemporary Art Online Sale of 2021 starts today! Check out a fantastic selection of works by leading Contemporary artists including Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Eddie Martinez, Yayoi Kusama and MADSAKI. Open for bidding now to 26 January: The official handle for Sotheby’s. Follow along for news from our global auctions, events & special projects, and daily art world updates.
NorthwestMuseum Spokane, Washington, USA Those who visit the MAC before Jan. 24 will get to see “Pop Power From Warhol to Koons: Masterworks From the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation,” which features pieces by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst. The largest cultural organization in the Inland Northwest since 1916. What will you discover at YOUR Museum? (R/T≠endorsement.)
FernetBroncho Oklahoma City Damien Hirst has been posting videos where he discusses his work and I still cannot decide if I think he's brilliant or a fraud I had the titular line in 'C.H.U.D.'
TheCriticMag London "Just as Hirst brings together the visceral and the bland – and politicians often combine superficial charm with ruthless opportunism – boredom and fear define the age of Covid-19" - @alysdenby Britain’s new monthly mag for politics, art & literature. Print Subscription: Free Email Subscription:
popsicle_____ Oxford, UK @Charliecondou @BridgLondon I literally bumped into Damien Hirst on the dance floor in a nightclub and he spilt his drink on me, I can’t remember if he was nice or horrible because I was pissed So normal and yet so odd
DailyArtMag The #RHCP commissioned the controversial artist Damien Hirst to produce the cover for their studio album I’m With You. It manifests Hirst’s obvious love of pharmaceuticals and their connotations to our society. 🎼 'Album Covers which are Pure Art' ---- Ideal for Art Nerds, your daily dose of art history stories - served in a quirky but educational way. Visit at:
spencerkeys Sunshine Coast, B.C. @gshotwell Except if the entire fine art market were the works of Damien Hirst (sp?) and devoid of historical importance. Law firm jagaloon-in-chief trying to increase #A2J through entrepreneurship. Enthusiast. @allardlaw alumnae. (he/they/him/them)
elliee__smithh west mids + she/her should’ve seen bcnr in islington yesterday as well as going to the damien hirst exhibition and seen the tracey emin x edvard munch one today. it hurts !! so much !!!! under the moon, above the sky
TheCriticMag London "Collecting and displaying art isn’t just a matter of personal taste, it’s a political act", says @alysdenby of the Damien Hirst piece on display in Matt Hancock's office Britain’s new monthly mag for politics, art & literature. Print Subscription: Free Email Subscription:
Riffkungen Åbo, Finland @Ron_Fleasley 1. I've publicly been called a "Finnish puff" by Damien Hirst. 2. My one-man business deals in journalism and house-painting. 3. I've apprared semi-nude in Polish Penthouse. RT is not a RT.
ListenUpMusic_ North West, England Country House “Comedian Keith Allen and Matt Lucas from Little Britain both starred in the video for this song. The video was directed by Damien Hirst, the artist famous for his strange art of dead animals in jars” Indie and alternative DJs/promotion. All new band/artists info to @rickbazza Weekly podcast:
InvaluableLive A number of rare Lucian Freud etchings will be brought to auction by Philips on 21 January, along with works by Julian Opie, Damien Hirst, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Alexander Calder, David Hockney, Howard Hodgkin, Gilbert & George and many more. The world’s leading online marketplace for fine art, antiques and collectibles. Instagram: invaluableofficial
BadHoroscopeBot ♓ Pisces: On Sunday Lila and your pet triggerfish, Zoe, loan Damien Hirst and your sister their limo and Stardew Valley and your pet costia, Brayden, rebuild your spongy chitons. Bad Horoscopes
court_college @bunkerline @MitchBenn It is good he donating art work to the government, (its not to the party or them personally) and if its the Queens head that looks like a government office. Is the Queens head a Damien Hirst? Resident in Hammersmith
TobyGuise London, England Another absolutely cracking essay. @MattHancock (who wore trainers to launch the most jejune leadership bid in history) and Damien Hirst as joint heirs of an era marked by superficiality, boredom and fear. From @TheCriticMag. Paleoliberal to be found @reactionlife, @standpointmag, @FTLifeArts, @amconmag, @thecriticmag. “60% right and 40% very annoying.” Vice-signaller extraordinaire.
alysdenby London Just as Damien Hirst brings together the visceral and bland, and politicians often combine charm and opportunism, so boredom and fear define the age of Covid. Me on the politics of Matt Hancock’s painting in @TheCriticMag Deputy Editor @CapX
TheCriticMag London Damien Hirst’s work encapsulates the sterility, isolation and obsession with death of these times - making him the perfect artist for the pandemic, says @alysdenby Britain’s new monthly mag for politics, art & literature. Print Subscription: Free Email Subscription:
DjbSackett Time to wheel out this specimen of Victorianus Carpio preserved since 1903 in formaldehyde* by Damien @hirst_official ‘s great grandad (*produced and bottled in our land of Hope and Glory b’God) @MartinRowson @Aiannucci @jonlis1 @davidschneider #fisheries #ReesMogg #BrexitReality Art-music-food-drink-trees-breathing (‘Encouraged’ hibernation at_quietlane for trolling Trumpntory)
KJHego London, UK @multiplebears donated by Damien Hirst to the government art collection, which is supposed to be displayed in government buildings to promote diplomacy and express British culture and so on “Live by the foma that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy." he/him
GeorgeBouras London @EleanorMargolis Oh I see from other replies that queen thing is by Damien Hirst and from that govt collection. Wow
ratakmonodosico Rosario, Argentina The Sublime Object Damien Hirst’s Shark: Nature, Capitalism and the Sublime. «La amenaza es más fuerte que su ejecución.» Nímzovitch, 1913. Ajedrez
NotWokeButLeft UK @MujerGuerrera78 "Modern Art" -I happened to bump into a guy I knew who used to be a bouncer, He was pals, from school, with Damien Hirst. He told me Damien got him to create a picture & he'd promote it as art. He did (not artistic) and now lives off a picture a year each makes 10s of thousand s Father of 2, Solutions Architect Increasingly alarmed at the violation of women's rights "I'm not politically homeless, there are squatters in my house"-anon
LoneLadyHQ MANCHESTER, ENGLAND I'm very honoured to have been asked to contribute a track to 'The Problem of Leisure: A Celebration of Andy Gill and Gang of Four'​ - a new compilation album feat. globally famous names w/ original artwork by Damien Hirst. Out 14.05.2021. Pre-order​:​ LoneLady is Julie Campbell - musician, songwriter, singer, producer. LABEL: @warprecords LIVE: MGMT:
NigelLindsay1 London Pre lockdown, friend was in a masked queue, freezing outside The Wolseley restaurant in London. Damien Hirst, maskless, swept past and straight in. Man in front of my mate turned round, lifted his mask and said: "forking celebrities!" And that's why I love Gary Oldman. Twas he. Actorus Preposterous
VRTUMusic Manchester, England .@LoneLadyHQ's cover of #NotGreatMen features on 'The Problem of Leisure: A Celebration of Andy Gill and Gang Of Four', featuring original artwork from Damien Hirst. The album is released on May 14. Pre-order @gangof4official @hirst_official #gangoffour Artist Management company based in Manchester, UK. Est. 2020.
ericjmurray @CelineMarchbank If that is his house, the picture/painting of the queen on the wall, by Damien Hirst no less, used to be in his official office and if it’s the original it’s government property. Scottish. British. European. Earthling. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🇪🇺🌍 💉💪
BeameAbe @OmarMinayaFan @StevenACohen2 I'm a huge Damien Hirst and deGrom fan. I'd come for the art. 104th Mayor of New York City, Democrat, Dispensing Political Wisdom from the Great Beyond
MySybaris Worldwide 6️⃣ Pinault Collection / Palazzo Grassi (Venice) Collector: Francois Pinault His collection its valued in $1.4 billion and includes over 2000 pieces from the stars of contemporary art: Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakamk, etc. Contemporary Art Platform to buy and discover art. #releaseyourtaste Handpicked Art Art Mag Art Advisory Art Collection
TammithMahogany New Farm, Brisbane or FMTY Listening to Damien Hirst talk about his art has been enlightening and super interesting. ❤️👄👠Australia’s Best BBW Escort ❤️👄👠
widewalls1 International The city of St. Moritz will serve as a backdrop for #DamienHirst's first exhibition in Switzerland, spreading across indoor and outdoor sites. Contemporary and Urban Art Resource
BlenheimEpsom Epsom, Surrey, UK 👏During this half term, Year 8 art students are researching conceptual artist, Damien Hirst. For this task, students have created drawings of bugs. Below are some fantastic examples of the iPad and pencil drawings which #TeamBlenheim students completed in just one lesson!🪲👍 Proud to be co-educational. Using cutting edge technology to deliver outstanding teaching and learning.
StockScout1 Kansas City Art Industry News: Curators Assess the Damage to Art in the US Capitol After This Week’s Pro-Trump Mob + Other Stories Plus, Damien Hirst puts his art on ice in Switzerland and technology is revolutionizing art authentication. Due Diligence Connoisseur #NavyVet #TheResistance #VetsAgainstTrump #TrumpRussia #Russiagate #DefendDACA #ImpeachTrump #CBD for #PTSD #ResistanceFollowBack
MetallicNuance Main display in the menagerie I think taxidermy is pretty weird tbh and Damien Hirst made a whole career based off of it. Visual + Performance Artist