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lordsarcastico And then Damien Hirst came along with a photocopier I live on an invisible submersible structure. Come to my meth kitchen party. Take me dancing naked in the rain, see how that works for your social media profile
KennethJWaste2 October Challenge Day 11: "The Cell" (2000) Imagine a prosaic "Inception" by way of a trashy, Thomas Harris-esque thriller, and an aesthetic that fuses Damien Hirst with Alejandro Jodorowsky. Obviously, I approve. I've slept criminally long on Singh, and now I gotta see more. the world’s horniest film critic, and award-nominated editor
ducklingsmith Liverpool, UK @acgodliman Was thinking of other punchlines, and then realised that a Damien Hirst pair with half the shark in each platform sole would actually be pretty baller Fat nerd, unprofessional game dev. sadly not actually made of Lego. He/Him
flblblbl Nancy, France @AliceAvizandum save all the photo-answers combo, print them, fill a wall with them and sell it to damien hirst for 10k sleep paralysis demon | 妖怪 in training | any/all | 🇫🇷
AboutMcr Manchester Work by world famous names including Andy Warhol, Banksy and Damien Hirst will be available alongside pieces by the very best Northern talent, at the 12th edition of Aviva Investors Manchester Art Fair, on this weekend at Manchester Central.Everything About Greater Manchester and further afield. News, Sport, Lifestyle, Science, Business, Theatre, Nostalgia,Reviews,Arts,Music,Travel and much more
Shay_Culligan Boston, MA @hirst_official @nytimes LOL 😂 Damien Hirst has zero visual Art talent, he cannot draw or paint, his only talent is in bullcrapting, and only idiots are impressed by this over-hyped mediocrity! Outsider visual artist. Blacklisted/marginalized for my opinions. I reject the mediocrity that is championed by the visual art establishment. Wake up, SUCKERS!
KenningtonRUN Kennington, London Damien Hirst is having a problem in Vauxhall so we popped over to get to the bottom of it... Se11 ing. Also incorporating the areas formerly known as Vauxhall, Lambeth, Elephant & Castle, Walworth and Oval
Bodhihodi Rockway Gardens, Ontario 🇨🇦 In Focus: The William S. Burroughs shotgun art which was collected by Damien Hirst Bodhi, ponies and shifty typewriters
Countrylifemag UK In Focus: The William S. Burroughs shotgun art which was collected by Damien Hirst The voice of the Countryside, every week.
chrstndmc SW-1304-0736-1811 damien hirst ig story is always fire and stupid funny oh no
della_morte_ Chicago, IL @lapsedreporter @nivenus @arthur_affect @LizardOrman @BootlegGirl @maddsurgeon @salstrange Yeah I think this was widely the feeling of most people in the UK at the time. Huge feeling of possibility, there had been a cultural renaissance with Britpop and the Spice Girls and Alexander McQueen and Damien Hirst and Blair was seen as so much cooler than Major and Thatcher. |social work, politics, pop culture| she/her/baddie
ArtTactic London/New York The art world and sneaker world are colliding ArtTactic is excited to announce our new membership levels. Sign up at
TownJnrSchool Ebrook Road, Sutton Coldfield Thank you to Years 3, 4 and 5 who visited Y6 this afternoon so they could showcase their Damien Hirst inspired projects and their ‘Gallery Rebels’ work in their Wider Curriculum books.
lovenorthdevon North Devon #Ilfracombe, North Devon. Home to stunning coastal surroundings and an ever-growing art scene, comprised of local galleries, the Landmark Theatre, and Damien Hirst's Verity 📷 kylolush & combebird on IG and Steve Swain Expect the latest information on where to stay, events and things to do in #NorthDevon & #Exmoor. Share us with your adventures using #EnglandsAdventureCoast
ThePeninsulist Greenwich Peninsula @WilliamEdHarvey @JettyPeninsula Nice photo 👌We are biased, so the one on the right. But we can also see how the darkness of the left is very powerful. In this article #DamienHirst explains the inspiration behind the design and his feelings on its new home: Musings from Greenwich Peninsula, a new London island community fuelled by creativity.
Nadia_eleanor I actually love Damien Hirst's work and I think its pretty sad how misunderstood it is by so many people, once you start to understand the concepts and themes behind it the pieces become so fascinating 21/illustration student/pasta queen
StBartholomews West Smithfield, London A glorious evening as St Bart’s was filled to the brim with people crowding-in to hear @holland_tom talk about #Dominion. A church which hosted Ben Franklin and the Virgin Mary, Norman arches and Damien Hirst, was the perfect place to hear about the enormous reach of Christianity Founded in 1123, we are the oldest church in London; a vibrant Anglo-Catholic community with a world-class choir.
RohanGreyFA london George Stubbs: 'all done from Nature' review, MK gallery - a revelatory tribute to the missing link between the Renaissance and Damien Hirst via @TelegraphArt Head of British and European Art, London @lyonandturnbull . Art Collector. Old Master, Early British and Portrait paintings lover
Nanaejp Damien Hirst and William N. Copley. FONDAZIONE PRADA Enjoy art.
Zakinus POBox 47548 abu dhabi uae George Stubbs: 'all done from Nature' review, MK gallery - a revelatory tribute to the missing link between the Renaissance and Damien Hirst via @TelegraphArt زكي أنور نسيبة - وزير دولة Zaki Nusseibeh- Minister of State
CaptainMeowvel South West, England I was an extra in the Harry Potter films (Slytherin student 🐍), I once had breakfast with Stan Lee and I used to work as a photographer/retoucher in London for a company whose clients included Damien Hirst, the Tate, the National Portrait Gallery etc. 👀 27 year old researcher mostly tweeting about cats, comics and D&D
joji599 New York City Can sneakers be art? Kaws and Takashi Murakami think so Live fast, love with passion, die happy. Enjoy the journey 'cause all is just a memory!
ILoveMCR Manchester, England Work by Andy Warhol, Banksy and Damien Hirst will be available alongside pieces by the very best Northern talent @McrArtFair The city brand and trusted symbol of civic pride adopted by Manchester people, championing community, culture, diversity and unity #ILoveMCR
erricbelle + Can sneakers be art? Kaws and Takashi Murakami think so via @scmpnews
weijgenberger Can sneakers be art? Kaws and Takashi Murakami think so via @scmpnews
McrArtFair Manchester, England Find work by the world’s top artists at Manchester Art Fair – and win a Banksy worth £1950. Work by Andy Warhol, Banksy and Damien Hirst will be available alongside pieces by the very best Northern talent. via @ILoveMCR @lrtpublicity One of the UK's most ambitious art fairs. 11-13 October 2019 at Manchester Central, alongside @mcrcontemporary #McrArtFair19
dalchodha London Fantastically bored and unmoved by Damien Hirst’s ‘Mandalas’ Editor of non-seasonal fashion journal Archivist
hcneysuckle_ robin, nb, he/him 🇬🇧/🇳🇱 ok been watching damien hirst anf some lil art minions it his drag around the severed corpse of a cow for an hour now and i want to go home i am no longer baby i want power
sharpquillets London, England @MsCBristow I think they are more likely to pickle the shark, a la Damien Hirst and then parade it through the streets of an increasingly bemused and irritable London. Data lawyer primarily in search of interesting facts and charming cat pics. Retweets either an endorsement or sign of incredulity.
MuseumBookstore London, England If you weren't lucky enough to see Damien Hirst’s Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable when it was in Venice, you’re in luck as there’s a selection at Claridges and we have the exquisite exhibition catalogue in stock. #culturewhisper Find beautiful exhibition catalogues, art books and coffee table books from museums across the globe.Tweets by @carolinekeppelp
lyta_gold Queens @Delduwath oh god damien hirst welp, this is proof that different people do have totally different (and valid) responses to the same work fiction writer, non-practicing librarian, amusements & managing editor @curaffairs 🌹
scatacomb Does Damien Hirst have imposter syndrome or does he actually think he deserves all the fame and glory GG Allin's penis
theipaper Selfridges results boosted by indoor skate park and Damien Hirst installation Your essential daily briefing. Follow us on Facebook: and Instagram:
lauriehavelock London An indoor skate park, Damien Hirst installations and a mirror-walled restaurant have helped @Selfridges to a record sales haul of £1.85bn Acting business editor at @theipaper. Bother me on Also found in @IRMagazine, @podshambles @idlefantasypod and others. #COYS
JulsJulsblues UK Piss on Pity: Disabled artists versus Charity AND I PISS ON DAMIEN HIRST But even the president of the United States Sometimes must have to stand naked
disabilityarts Brighton, UK We're still having to piss on pity...A look back at @viciws' career, an exhibition organised in defiance of Damien Hirst, Crippen offers mentoring & a Madlove takeover by @vacuumcleaner. Plus the latest blogs, jobs and events- Sharing Disability Arts and Culture with the world. Tweets by Joe (assistant editor) Colin (editor), Trish (director) and LD (Audience Development)
j_vilares Paredes de Coura e Braga "In an artwork you're always looking for artistic decisions, so an ashtray is perfect. An ashtray has got life and death." Damien Hirst . . . . . . #igersportugal #photooftheday #15aoburro #p3top… Ciências da Comunicação - Audiovisual e Multimédia. Mestre em Informação e Jornalismo (UM/ICS)
artnet New York, N.Y. Bid on works by Ai Weiwei, Damien Hirst, and Alberto Giacometti, live now in our Contemporary Premier Sale: The art world online.
yestomichigxn newry, ireland If I wasn't so tired and depersonalised I would use this assignment rip Damien Hirst to shreds • i will try to try hard to make you proud of your boy • he/him
jojoviolent @ExplainJojo re: formaldehyde death, I'd guess araki was inspired by damien hirst, who started doing similar art in ~1991 and then this exact piece in 1996 (which inspired nbc hannibal iirc) ⚠️b-side bad guys ONLY⚠️ // mxtx, nezha, promare, jojo, etc. 🔞
VendettaBella Cleveland, Ohio A dude was out cold in his seat at the fancy Damien Hirst bar to the point where his friends couldn't get him awake, and security had to bring a wheelchair. He suddenly woke up, stood up, and made a break for it. I missed you, Las Vegas. 🍸 Visual Artist + Author + Record label chick + I have a bionic leg. Digging art, shoegaze, vaporwave, aging goths, and medical humanities.
indik WTFlorida Damien Hirst keeps getting more and more gimmicky. Snow White of the swamp. Mefite. Õpin Eesti keelt. Tired of everything. 🦎🇪🇪⚡
tonchar London, England @GR_Morgan Do u know the Damien Hirst in St Barts Church in London which I'm guessing is based on this. I saw it recently and thought it was pretty good (even though not a fan of DH). Photo did not do it justice. Co - Director @wearesweetart. Work @sciencemuseum. Interested in art, culture and London. All own views.
philjbrett Today’s #FontSunday is #medicine and #medicinecabinet related so this is cheating. An exhibit from Damien Hirst’s medicine cabinets exhibition. @DesignMuseum Primary school teacher, socialist and author of the Pete Kalder series of books (Comrades Come Rally and Gone Underground).
d_conran London & NYC 'Steak and Kidney' and 'Cornish Pasty' from 'The Last Supper' (1999) – a series of thirteen screen prints by Damien Hirst. #FontSunday @DesignMuseum #Art #Design Designer /ɪkˌstroːdɪˈnɛː/ Art Historian & Creative Director at the HGSP Museum.
theothercowan im 😢😢😢 my best friend is going to london and hell see a damien hirst exhibition and prolly a bansky popup and im just 😣😣😣 Alpro, its different
SmirnoffJoe The Closet. Sometimes I leave to get the milk, though. @nxthompson @Campster In response, there need to be righteous men who hunt, gut and reshape the aforementioned soulless brutes into grim totems. I reckon the soulless brutes of the industry would be a lot fewer, and those few be a lot more well-behaved, if they feared becoming Damien Hirst artpieces. I'm a story-loving skeleton who enjoys good video games. And good spooks. ALL. YEAR. ROUND. 💀
PissCastle Texas, USA @kinematografi Yeah, I mean, objectively, an expensive metal skull covered in diamonds is tight. The price tag on it isn't. I failed twice to crowdfund making a sculpture of a nude and dissected Damien Hirst submerged inside a glass case. People are afraid of art with a vision I guess. I draw comics, and sometimes I take commissions but only if I think they're cool. I am FULL OF BLOOD. 🦡
nyceverywhere Damien Hirst via satellite phone from a pool in Malibu: whatever just have the assistants paint it and send it over to Sotheby’s, I’ll release a statement saying banksy hates when his paintings sell the varnishing point
BrieSpangler T = (800 x MJT) / 4 @GregAndree71 Maybe he ran out of artists to “borrow” visual themes from, such as Damien Hirst and Odd Nerdum Author/Illustrator/Parking Lot Seagull rep'd by @MackenzieCBrady

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