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billiepate NY | LA | PARIS Everyone uses golf carts on Harbour Island. Cars are not allowed. I painted Charlene's white golf cart with polka dots last night and named it Damien Hirst. Now she wants the boat and plane to match. 😙 ILLUMINIST | ARTIST | VISIONAIRE 🇺🇸 and 🇨🇭
AdonisMYLi Hong Kong Damien Hirst, artist who famously uses dead animals in his pieces. Either him or former Leeds and England midfielder David Batty. 📚 HKU History PhD, York graduate | 🚂Railway history | ⚽@lufc & Tai Po FC | 🏈@vikings | Wish there was a Yorkshire flag emoji | he/him | RTs ≠ endorsements
leeazzarello 37.8152928,-122.4284492 Someone taped a banana to a wall at Art Basil and someone else bought it and now I'm seeing startup CEO Twitter reference this event with meme charts. Is this brilliant or just Damien Hirst cluelessness? I work in a rocket factory - currently devops in aerospace. Sometimes @noisebridge
irishwol Ireland @AllyFogg 'Great art' is often decided by the market. Depressing but there it is. I rather like how Banksy subverts that.Some of their work has achieved iconic status and will outlive them. Not sure the banana on the wall will. Even Damien Hirst is dropping out of the cultural lexicon. 'I must look that up!' is the mantra I hardly ever have time to live up to. Am also Mrs @MylesC and mother of the myleslings. Pronouns she/her.
beingevil trash planet in space @manic_intent @nescienx I like Damien Hirst 😌😌😌 and other kinds of modern art too. Not all of them speak to me, but often I find I enjoy insight into the artist’s thought process, even if I don’t agree or dislike the work itself art by @fentastically 💙 can u shoot me? U can't, can u. That's the kind of man u r.
JonathanMetzl “Comedian,” like Damien Hirst’s dead shark, Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings and thousands of other works of conceptual art, is about the idea — which in this case, ironically, is that the art market is insane — not the fruit per se. Director, Center for Medicine, Health, and Society, Vanderbilt University; Author of,
gunnar_the_rat Rum Tum Tugger × Mistoffelees Banana Tape Wall art "Comedian" is incredible. Reminds me of Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain" in terms of stupidity and Damien Hirst's "The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living" in terms of the argument of decomposition & replacement That's just my thoughts 🐀🐀 20, he/him, dumbo rat, sfw 🐀🐀 Add me on discord!!!! Gunnar the rat#3667 (icon by @InuHein and header by @karpetshark )
bridiejackson1 Newcastle Upon Tyne, England Thankyou Yorkshire, you've been swell. Finally got to see @TheNational play live @leeds_arena last night and spent today at the amazing @YSPsculpture. Here is Nick, pointing at something Damien Hirst made earlier. Creative Producer @bait_timeto, Musician, coffee drinker, shark enthusiast, prolific doodler. Views my own but probably influenced by Caitlin Moran...
EOIBadalona Badalona OFF THE WALL: Get ready for a fresh look at contemporary and street art from two of Britain’s most famous modern artists, Banksy and Damien Hirst. A talk by Helen Lindsay (OUP). Tuesday 10th december, 18:45h Llença't i aprèn idiomes! Alemany - Anglès - Francès
julie17usc Richard Prince: [takes a photo and adds a smiley face to the banana] Jeff Koons: [puts a condom on the banana] Damien Hirst: [stuffs empty banana peel and re-mounts it] Jenny Holzer: ART ROTS Creative Future: All of those infringe
spergasaurus Norway @less_tx @PollySpin There is no real art community left. Art is valued at auctions, so artist, with huge backers, stock up on their own art and inflate it by buying it off themselves, at insane prices, in order to grow the value of the aforementioned stockpile. Damien Hirst was busted doing this Reject the modern world
alonzi_anthony @helenmcpherson To be fair when I went around Damien Hirst’s Pharmacy I didn’t realise the kick stools with rotting food on them were part of the exhibit and was about to move them and sit down before I was told not to by a number of people. Hard to tell what is art and what is rubbish.... Teacher. I like Star Wars far too much for a man of my age.
ArtVerbis Great art - or good art - is when you look at it, experience it and it stays in your mind. I don't think conceptual art and… - Damien Hirst #ArtWords Discovering some of the finest words in art.
jackcharlt London, England @Artem_Mashkov @joerogan @ABC Don’t amplify this famous Russian art forger! I lost 4m on a Damien Hirst & it turned out to be a mashkov reproduction. Here he is transporting the “shark” he eventually put in a glass case and passed off to my client collector. old account confirming blinds | Producer pga. | pocket dialer | acc ount limited can't follow back
ademonkiss Ireland, West. Fields & cows. As an excercise in exposing how a mediocre male artist can be even more crap than Damien Hirst and be applauded, yeah... works a treat. But it's about as artistic as a delayed train. Generally nice. Occasional wagon. Infrequent artist. Swears a crap-load at politics. Plagued by cats. Carer. #aPOXonBrexit #AutismAwareness #TheNorthIsNOW
C_Trombley1 Warsaw, Mazovia @crispycrise @osutein Yeah, what a lot of these guys do is make these things and buy them back under a different name. Gets your name out there as a hot artist and you’re only out labor costs. Damien Hirst did this. Texas born mathematician/physicist currently living in Warsaw, Poland.
ChristianWeikop Edinburgh, Scotland I was a regular at Bass Clef in the v.early 90s for @NormanJayMBE et al. A great club amongst dilapidated workshops and warehouses that existed long before the gentrification of Hoxton. Nostalgia for a lost London. Art Historian. Senior Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary German Art. Founder of the Research Forum for German Visual Culture tumblr:
saintsansas Perth, Western Australia Would personally allow Damien Hirst to chop me in half and suspend me in formaldehyde just saying. eat the rude and the rich!
paulland100 Oregon, USA, etc @PdxDbo The whole thing smells like a gallery publicity stunt, if you look at the press releases. Pretty clever. Like the time Damien Hirst said someone bought his diamond covered skull for $100 mil and it turned out to be himself. an okay boomer.
SaddestRobots Virginia and nothing you do as a cheap "what is art?" troll is gonna ever be as bad as the work of professional Blingee artist Damien Hirst Twitter is a trash box where I post about my politics and a lot of boring-ass hobbies. I love you all. (he/him)
ManDaveJobGood @JRHDZV @ComfortablySmug Reminds me of when Damien Hirst just went and replaced the shark in this one and said it was no big deal Miscer and cheeky kent. We're all gonna make it #misc #ruaware #gjdm #Im18doIhavepotential #internetmusclesquad
DanFriedman81 New York @jbarro In defense of the wall-banana, as conceptual installations go, the maintenance is pretty easy compared to replacing Damien Hirst’s rotting shark: Author of DON'T EVER GET OLD, nominated for the Edgar, Anthony and Thriller awards. Winner of the Macavity award.
johnarmstrong5 @IntellectualSh7 Two soldiers in a tank. One turns to the other and says: “Bloody Damien Hirst” Maths Lecturer at King's College London
VictorNturaho Amsterdam, Nairobi & Jo'burg. Please check out Damien Hirst’s ‘Mother and Child.’ Modern art is.... Investment Associate @FMO_development | Ex- Structured Finance Analyst @CentumPLC @citi @PharmAccessOrg | CFA Level III Candidate | Blessings from Kitagata.
nottsbomber @esparticuz @joerogan The full response to "My (insert child here) could have done that." went something like "But they didn't. Maybe now would be a good time to encourage their artistic skills and who knows, maybe they will be the next Damien Hirst..." It was the best I could come up with at the time Freelance eyebomber and sleep enthusiast
VaeVix London, England @freakonometrics - Ho you're into Damien Hirst, so nice, I'm beyond that, I buy Cattelan (and I use 100 dollars bills as toilet paper) Un communiste, c'est un nazi en plus con. Les nazis n'ont eu besoin que d'un génocide pour comprendre, les communistes continuent d'essayer.
slaaaaaat Hong Kong my phone 100% on some crap. I see Damien Hirst’s vans for less than 10 seconds on someone’s Snapchat story. I go to Instagram and the first ad I get is Damien Hirst x Vans at the Palms. when did I become a ghost
nachdermas Hell going to become the next Jeff Koons or Damien Hirst & trick a bunch of philistines into thinking my failed suicide notes are Profound Art and sell them for like $859,000 Class seductionist.
K_Mellifera Toronto @ambernoelle Same energy as when Damien Hirst was asked about his stupid diamond skull and said “artists have always used whatever was around them as a medium and what I had around me was money” Cranky Bisexual+ Florist Witch she/her they/them
myarse10 arseville @DebbieTaylorOs1 @KarlPhelan Damien Hirst is also very, very wank. He could crap on a tortoise and Saatchi would buy it. bloke, world champion breakdancer, farmer, NYT bestselling author, was attacked by a shark and saved by a dolphin whilst sailing the world. 116 123 @Samaritans
PunishedMarfan kali yuga @Carydal @JacobiteJolly What disgusts me more than the fact that all modern art is a laundering scheme, are the legions of curators and critics and fart-sniffing Manhattanite charmers that unironically think there is any cultural value or artistic merit behind a Damien Hirst. Useless eaters IRONY POISONED • DIRECT DESCENDANT OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT • "IL DUCE" OF JERUSACUM, THE KINGDOM OF ONAN, THE PROMISED LAND FOR GOD'S CHOSEN SEED R/CUMTOWN
EchidnaKneecap Mobius @Nyk74599844 @LewdMox @DarienSpringer @GutianGang Yeah like there isn't a ton of debate around Damien Hirst already. I described how i wanted my burger to be made and payed someone to do it. Now I'm a chef. This is the "i made this" meme. Unlike Knuckles I like to chuckle and have no muscle :( Tumblr:
arte_bot I Like America and America Likes Me, de Damien Hirst. Performance, Museum of Modern Art . gerando arte aleatória, de meia em meia hora
jclwilson Peckham, London "food and furniture by Terence Conran, buildings by Richard Rogers, art by Damien Hirst, music by Oasis" Writing about Art 🖼️ 🖥️ Editorial Assistant @paperjournalmag • Also in @anothermagazine, @huckmagazine •
beautelegal No boundaries for creative people 🌟The Vault x Damien Hirst Vault by Vans introduces a special #footwear #collection in partnership with world-renowned #artist Damien #Hirst and Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Resort #art #commodity #ArtBaselMiamiBeach du droit de l’art/ art law
Palms Las Vegas, NV The Vault by Vans x Damien Hirst collection will be available TOMORROW exclusively at PALMS and the Vault by Vans store in NYC. What design is your favorite? Welcome to the new Vegas. What happens here, resonates everywhere. #UnstatusQuo #PalmsLV
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MaximMag "I’ve always loved Vans and the artwork works brilliantly on these shoes. I can’t wait for people to see them." Men’s Luxury Lifestyle--Aspirational and Inspirational
bethdun65608634 United Kingdom George Michael’s private Art Collection is going up for sale. Anyone can Own one of the works for just £400. Works by Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin will be published. They areset to auction off more than 200, with estimates ranging from £400 - £1.5million.
cgartadvisory Dubái, Emiratos Árabes Unidos Damien Hirst Returns to Painting, Hong Kong’s 1.2 Million-Square-Foot Art Mall, and More: Morning Links from December 2, 2019 vía @artnews
Miguel_Conesa Ponce, PR Damien Hirst Returns to Painting—and More Art News – Artist-Painter, Multi-Media, Assemblage and Installation Artist. Serious inquiries welcome.
HenriNiotou Montmartre, PARIS (France) @VDuponchelle @Figaro_Culture @Le_Figaro @hirst_official @Fond_Cartier @Tate @NPSGallery Cité par @artnews : Damien Hirst Returns to Painting—and More Art News 😉 The world's highest priced sculpture • #ContemporaryArt • Open up ! Online Artist Book by Henri Niotou • #Art Consultant • #ArtNews
glitterdaiquiri WishaAfrican-American Woods @lelowhatsgood like if you had to have gone to private school and own a yacht to have an emotional reaction to a damien hirst then lmaoo he failed at his task there are no straight lines. party girl, nasty girl, writer girl.
UncoverLA Los Angeles, CA .@JustOneEye's Bigger Shop Houses Celeb Hairstylist Jorge Serrano's Salon and Art by Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst Uncovering LA's most stylish places, people, and things. Follow for the latest news on LA's retail scene, sales, hidden gems, emerging designers, and more.
TheSnobette New York City Vans x Damien Hirst x Palms Casino, how to get your hands on this cute, artsy and limited capsule: Snobette is an independent, women's-owned platform dedicated to daily coverage of street-inspired fashion, music & culture. Email:
c0mmiescum Scotland, United Kingdom might fork around and peg damien hirst the revolutionaries are back and better than ever
LiamVarrick Maipú, Chile Damien Hirst Returns to Painting, Hong Kong’s 1.2 Million-Square-Foot Art Mall, and More: Morning Links from December 2, 2019 Chilean Artist. Crazy Buda. Ebru admirer.
EltioEsse_Art Granada, España Damien Hirst Returns to Painting, Hong Kong’s 1.2 Million-Square-Foot Art Mall, and More: Morning Links from December 2, 2019 Acercar la multimedia a la plástica en una poética donde conviven fotografía, vídeo y pintura
ignacioalperin All over the place... Damien Hirst Returns to Painting, Hong Kong’s 1.2 Million-Square-Foot Art Mall, and More: Morning Links from December 2, 2019 Oficial Account: International Artist/Designer/All-round Creative. In parallel universes: University Professor/Consultant/Speaker. Human Swiss Army Knife.