We sculpted Frankie Scarlatti from Lady

We sculpted Frankie Scarlatti from Lady In White in this week's video.

A tree full of . I walked past this far too many times before I realized what it said. I've been waiting for the pigeons to gather in it.

Marc-Anthony Polizzis installations are regional portraits commenting on consumer cultures emphasis on the disposable.

This took a collective 22,000 hours of work to design, research & test. They made 100 figures - the Carnival of Venice.
Each costs 243,000
I understand why, but wow!
Lladr is an incredible business & perfect example of Marca Espaa.


Through spliced stone and crystalline patches, Massimiliano Pelletti brings a contemporary touch to antiquity.

Japanese sculptures

A netsuke (, netske) is a miniature sculpture, originating in 17th century Japan. Initially a simply-carved button fastener on the cords of an inr box, netsuke later developed into ornately sculpted objects of craftsmanship.

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A sculpture in a birch tree. A mirror in a marble disc. A reflection in a garden.

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Louise Bourgeois, sculpteur.

Entre 1967 et 1968 Louise Bourgeois met en scne des organes sexuels fminins et masculins dans son uvre : des pnis dans sa sculpture de 1968 intitule Fillette et immortalise dans une photographie de lartiste
Les matires utilises sont le marbre et le bronze puis le pltre quelle recouvre de latex ou de plastique, la cire, la rsine.

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Antique Music Performer

Region: Hanover, Germany
POI: Friedensmahnmal

What is your favorite city for sightseeing tours

Experience attractive sights in Hanover:


Credits: Wikimedia / Gerd Fahrenhorst / CC BY 4.0

Big thanks to the people in Norsk Husflid who set up the exhibition of my woodturning - the six bowls on pedestals - at this year's Dyrsku'n in Seljord. I was overwhelmed when I got there today. Especially pleased because they also exhibited my sculptures "Dead Master Laughing" and "Svardtalsgubben 2023", not at all Husflid in the traditional sense. They made an exquisite installation, put them in glass and frame with built-in lighting.

These are so awesomely surreal. I want to figure out how to make this work in my garden. Im imagining theyre moss ballsa metal spherical cage with moss packed inside and the hydrangea-or maybe several small onesplanted in the midst so the stems come out. And then Im supposing its trained with bonsai wire to keep it symmetrical. Watering would need to be daily Id imagine. Or else run a drip line down the suspension wire.

Le week-end des 23 et 24 septembre, je serai prsente l'vnement "Au fil de l'art" Saint-Andr de Seignanx dans les Landes. Nous serons plusieurs artistes exposer-vendre dissmins dans le village

In the mid-90s to early 2000s, the internet was a much smaller place and I had a well-travelled website with a lot of fans/friends. Some of them were artists who would make artwork based on me. Here are some of the pieces they made.

Reborn: Futuristic Geometric Sculptures by Kumkum Fernando


I am an artist and professor of Creative Technologies at Virginia Tech. In my work, I focus on the ways technologies of visualization and control intersect with and threaten lives.

I work in , , , , and more. Lately I have been doing a lot of for my projects and in my teaching.

Earlier this year, I combined my / / teaching resources into a single (free and open) site that I am really proud of:

I am also interested in , , , , , , , , , and .

Gorgeous afternoon at Avebury Manor, visiting the gardens and sculpture exhibition while making the most of the sunshine. It was incredibly hot though, and probably not my best decision while Im anaemic, but hey ho!

In fantastical laser-cut plywood reliefs, Gabriel Schama revels in elaborate details.

Interesting post about some of Adrian Arleo's scultures.

These are pretty neat, especially the dog and the figure in the fetal position. I think the artist deserves a big

Never mind. The number of times that joke has already been made is probably up to five digits by now.

Here is my friend Eriko Kobayashi and some of here sweets. I bought a glass from her- but it looked so real that someone threw it away while it sat in the studio thinking it was stale- darn! She travels with them in this cooler. Yes, that pop tart is all glass. The glass sprinkles are her fine frit mix for strawberry pop tart icing toppings. I met her a few years ago when she came from Japan- it's been neat seeing her work progress!

Critics, initially confused by "Nothing Art," are now reevaluating their critical faculties. They grapple with the notion that perhaps absurdity is the true essence of art, and meaning is merely an elaborate cosmic prank.


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Pair o'pals

Fishes, rings and bell. I love this carving on the front of Shettleston Hall on Wellshot Road in Glasgow. It's part of a set of three which make up a deconstructed version of the city's Coat of Arms.

Ariel the Little Mermaid sculpture at Dismaland in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England

Turkana Woman:
by William Morris at de Young Museum, San Francisco.

images of the African Renaissance Monument in Dakar, Senegal, designed by Pierre Goudiaby, completed in 2010

Seduction at the Sideboard: A Feast of Desire
A porcelain sculpture titled 'Sideboard,' created by contemporary artist Chris Antemann (), features an intimate couple perched sensuously on a sideboard, surrounded by tempting desserts and fruits. The female figure, gazes provocatively at another woman on the opposite side, exuding an air of intrigue and desire.

While at I was able to play with a 12 pound "color pot" of for pulling tubes. Usually we put a thin veneer of color in 2 layers of clear but gosh the density of straight is nice! It's also nice to be able to just charge the bits of the tube pull that didn't go so well right back into the Here we are melting a copper ruby to emulate Corning oxblood ruby- the holy grail of reds.

Enjoyable outing to Winchester where I could visit an exhibition at Winchester School of Art featuring this fine construction by my super-talented son-in-law, David Birks, among other fascinating artworks.
And there's also a wonderful display for MA in fashion design/textile design nearby - just for a couple more days!
Sad thing is that with a construction like this, unless someone wants to offer it a home, it will be disassembled after the exhibition!

Rebao de ovejas del monumento a La Trashumancia.

Monumento a La Trashumancia.

Fabien Mrelle Is a French artist known for his detailed ink and watercolor drawings and the sculpture that he sees as a natural progression from those images

His work often includes himself (in his signature striped pants) and/or members of his family juxtaposed with fantastical imagery from nature.

Fabien Mrelle Is a French artist known for his detailed ink and watercolor drawings and the sculpture that he sees as a natural progression from those images

His work often includes himself (in his signature striped pants) and/or members of his family juxtaposed with fantastical imagery from nature.

In Adrian Arleos poetic ceramic sculptures, humans intertwine and bond with animals and nature.

timepiece, neubrg, jan 2022
sculpture "Zeitmesser" by Uwe Mdger

The Matter of Time. Richard Serra, 1994-2005.
Guggenheim Bilbao.
I first saw this installation a dozen years ago but still think about it once a week. It's become integral to my psyche. The pieces are impossibly huge and heavy, confrontational, scary, inhuman, disorienting in vertigo and as labyrinths, and yet seamless, safe, and immutable. You cannot hurt them. Nothing short of a meteorite or atomic bomb could alter them. So who am I next to that They approach eternity.

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