This is the bound bunny with

This is the bound bunny with tangent-point repulsion on the curves. It got to 200k vertices which ground the solver to a halt.

Sounds II , by Anthony Gormley. In the crypt of Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire, England. August 2023.

:cg: Les quatre derniers jours d'exposition et de vie de cette galerie ont commenc. Dimanche, elle fermera dfinitivement ses portes. Peut-tre passerez-vous par l


Antennae spring from the crown of a grasshopper, and an alert expression characterizes a cacomixtles beady eyes in George Rodriguezs ongoing Mexican Zodiac series.

It's Thursday, so here's a throwback to my Sleaford Mods sculpts, together with some process pics (tho please excuse the horrible Insta filters!)

It's a pretty fragile piece (too many elements) so I couldn't sell it, so they're still keeping me company in the studio

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Love these relief sculptures on the 1890s Savoy Centre on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow. Carved on the spandrels between Roman arch windows by William Birnie Rhind, they're remarkably expressive and fluid.

This sculpture reminds me of the title credits of a James Bond film. But instead of a man with a gun at the centre of the optical vortex, we have the much nicer prospect of verdant nature.
Don't look at it for too long though, or you might get sucked in...

Chun Li Street Fighter statue by Max Factory

Statues grecques

The is perfect for this book cover of course but now Ive seen it in real life its even more perfect

Had some fun today with some other at Rasheed Araeen's 'Zero to Infinity' interactive at the . I'll write something at some point, but here are a few pics...

Faces on the Doorway, Pedara, Sicily, Italy

Prints and more are available at

Doorway, Pedara, Sicily, Italy
Prints and more are available at

Made this sculpture as a practice for creature design, inspired in some Kaiju concepts but taking it to level to re imagine how can a baby little creature could looks

I worked this project some months ago during many lives on but could finally finished it this month

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and Art by Artist: in Loc.: 2020 - Title: "Nouvel Amour" -

Devin The Cyclop-to-ca-paca-bat - Papier-mch & Felt Sculpture

Thank you for this day.

Every angle reveals a different sculpture. Picassos Chicago at Daley Plaza.

A new build video of a weird papier-mch sculpture.


Our Paolozzi

The main pediment of the 1880s Clyde Navigation Trust building on Roberston Street in Glasgow.

Carved by John Mossman, it features Father Clyde sitting on a throne flanked by figures representing the eastern and western hemispheres bringing their merchandise to him.

Above is the figure of Poseidon standing on a boat being pulled by two sea horses. Emerging from between these sea horse is the merman Trition, Poseidon's son.

made of scrap medal - : Brian Mock

King Vittorio Emanuelle II

Photo of the Day
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The encounter leaves Zak with a mix of curiosity and trepidation.


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Today's animals from Glasgow's architecture are this pair of cute little eagles peeking out of the foliage of a Corinthian capital on the Liverpool and London and Global Insurance Building on Saint Vincent Street in the city centre.

Artist: in City: LX Factory, Portugal - Title: "Bee" - made from plastic


A few items from Flickr Commons' GLAM collections from North America and Europe.

- the Gallery at Mitchelstown Castle (Ireland)
- Deseronto Public Library sign (Canada)
- Blind children interacting with a stuffed walrus (UK)
- Emil Wikstrm in his Paris studio (Finland)

I made a gear!

Revisiting tangent point gradient code. I think its working now!

La petite du soir est un

"Lady In Blue"

If a tree falls in the forest, sometimes it makes a beautiful sculpture.

Tire treads twist into braids and knots in Kim Dacres celebratory busts of Black women

Another one, this with tight angle constraints on the curve.

I'm going to just keep dumping tests, here.

Before he did "La Libert clairant le monde" (you-know-who in New York Harbour), Auguste Bertholdi originally thought to put a giant statue at the north end of the Suez canal. The Khedive turned him down due to cost, and had the Port Said Lighthouse built there instead.

One of the suggested names of the putative monument was "Progress Carrying the Light to Asia", which is pretty much the most 19th-century European name for anything.

Art by Bertholdi himself.

Design Milk : 2 Exciting Outdoor Artworks in New York This Summer

Come In and Enjoy Modern Art at the ArtisAnn Gallery in Belfast

ArtisAnn Gallery, 70 Bloomfield Avenue, Belfast, BT5 5AE

Tue - Fri: 11am to 6pm
Sat: Noon to 5pm

You can even spread the cost over 10 months and take the home today

In the the middle of the 20th Century it became associated with Musollini's National Fascist Party in Italy, and indeed the term Fascism is derived from the term Fasces. Despite this, fasces are still used as a symbols today, including by the French Army, the Guardia Civil in Spain and on the Seal of the United States Senate.

Originating with the Etruscans about 3,000 years ago, it's now most commonly associated with the Romans where it was a symbol of a magistrate's power. In the 19th Century is was commonly used to indicate civil power and the collective rule of law, explaining this example on a former police office in Laurieston.


Religion is fabulous