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The truth is that there is only one terminal dignity love. And the story of a love is not important. What is important is that one is capable of love. It is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity. Helen Hayes

Je confonds trop souvent Robert Roussil et Raymond Roussel

I've never noticed these two at Woodbridge before.

Sculpture Showcase

I Need A Hug, by Lenard Sezhento. 2018

Prometheus. (small sculpture)

More photos of the Ace! sculptures installed. Percent for Art public art project!

Exclusive lists are here! Very excited to at last be able to follow some people for topics that aren't my main interest, without having to worry about my home timeline becoming a mess.

On that note, who are some amazing to follow here I could use some recommendations, hit me with your best!

It's far too long since I was in .
This is , 14 year ago today.

I went to an art exhibit in Iwate-Machi for artist Misawa Atsuhiko. His sculptures of fantastical animals are pretty amazing. I recommend visiting an exhibit if you can. This one was at Ishigami no Oka ()

Mini chat

"Triumph of a Sea Goddess"
Medium: Soapstone with gilt bronze band
Classification: Sculpture
Date: c. 1530
Culture: German
Division: European and American Art
Creditline: Harvard Art Museums/Busch-Reisinger Museum, Association Fund
Peter Fltner (c. 1485 - 1546)

Pulses in Blue, mixed media installation, 2023

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Getting ever closer to the release of my sculpting website.

Took this photo yesterday, featuring my favourite rescued-from-rust hammer (with a rubber sole for less noise and a smoother attack) and some of our chisels and gouges...

Checked out two Biennial Kick-off Programs yesterday: The preview of Gelitins Democratic 7 (a giant pizza guests stick their heads through to make the toppings) at the Center before it goes on exhibition at the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society Sept. 23-Jan. 12 + The in-progress of ITECHs HygroShell at the Thompson Center (second slide at ). CAB 5 opens this November!

Tangent point gradients on a mesh. I found a really nice gradient formulation for the tangent point kernel.

Mixed media sculptures by German artist Georg Hartmann, 1920s, who made several "Mechanical Head" works while studying at the Bauhaus.

Midwestern flora and fauna are the foundation for Carol Longs lavishly adorned sculptures, which elegantly meld Art Nouveau embellishments with natural motifs.

This project looks great! One of the artists involved is Aaron McPeake, whose work I enjoyed interacting with at an exhibition back in December Beyond the Visual: Blindness and Expanded Sculpture: This three year project will feature a research season and public engagement events.
It will culminate with a landmark 2025 exhibition at the Henry Moore Institute, foregrounding work by blind and partially blind artists.
Working with Shape Arts, the project will generate the first international database of blind and partially blind sculptural artists.

Here's another photo from my Flickr archives that I wanted to share. This was taken in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2015. This group of bronze sculptures by Yue Minjun is called "A-maze-ing Laughter."

Anatomical details emerge from found coral and shells in Gregory Halilis intricate sculptures.

But seriously, you can now find our sculpture at Albany Airport! Our first public art piece. Please snap a pic if youre coming through ALB

Un tout petit

The Vital Spark by George Wyllie in the grounds of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow. A reminder of the days of Clyde Puffers and Neil Munro's Para Handy books.

 Phylogeny , une exposition de lartiste dorigine sri-lankaise Rajni Perera Montral, qui prsente un corpus duvres abordant les thmes du changement climatique et de la destruction, de la mutation et de lextinction inter-espces :

 Lintention est galement de transposer mes recherches dans un espace qui critique et analyse la faon dont nous duquons la socit travers les muses et lexposition musale, larchivage, et les pratiques lies ce type particulier denseignement et son acceptation inhrente, son ton, ses prjugs, ses suppositions et ses limitations. 

Plus dinfos sur le site de la Galerie :

#art #installation #artsplastiques #sculpture #climat #rchauffement #biosphre #RajniPerera #Montral #Canada

Ci dessous : Rajni Perera,  A Starry-eyed Subspecies  (dtail), 2022-2023. Mousse de polyurthane, bois, poils de vache, argile polymre, argile poxy, tissage synthtique, polyester, coton, herbe sche, herbe synthtique, peinture acrylique.

Another of the rather wonderful decorative carvings on the support of a tenement oriel window on Saracen Street in Glasgow. This is from the same tenement as the one I featured a few days ago.

In his bursting bonsai sculptures, Patrick Bergsma taps into nature and the deep-rooted history of porcelain.

'Jason with the Golden Fleece' by Bertel Thorvaldsen (1828)

guillotine (2023)
38cm x 89cm

nel 1913 muore lo scultore

Shakespeare in meditazione

DesignBoom : ronald van der meijs drop-shaped installation in dutch forest returns tap water to nature

I just got the coolest sculpture of Medusa in the mail!

It's from an Etsy seller (greekartshop1), and it is cast marble. The figure is based on the famous one by Luciano Garbati.

A glorious addition to my home office. :D

This is one of three pieces created for Furvestr charity auction, created using one of the three mascots of the convention. Here this fella seemes to be unaware of a little alen stalking him :O
It was nice being the  GOH there

Un bb

'Echoes A Voice from Unchartered Waters' by Mathias Gmachl is a 55-foot-long interactive sound & light installation that urges passersby to pay attention to nature & the environment surrounding us

Les chevaux de Bartholdi.

Cannot Let Go.
by Hsieh Tong-Liangkk


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