Post Chapel 6 study in Mist

Post Chapel 6 study in Mist Blue 24 x 24 x 2.

My finished alien creature sculpture in ZBrush, based on a great piece of 2D concept artwork by Tooth Wu.

Now I'll move on to my eternal dilemma: should I render this using Cycles or Octane in Blender

Bristol. Yellow foam sculpture in a tree. Photo: 05.11.2019.

"Stippled Votive Stupa"
Medium: Clay, unfired
Classification: Sculpture
Culture: Central Asian
Division: Asian and Mediterranean Art
Creditline: Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, First Fogg Expedition to China (1923-1924)

Museum Ludwig, Kln

"Totem Pole"

Hier, il faisait beau, alors j'ai march un peu plus loin dans le quartier.
Je prenais une photo de temps autre quand j'ai dcouvert un genre de petit Moa de l'Ile de Pques devant un duplex, emprisonn derrire une clture de fer forg peint couleur sable. Depuis, cette image me hante!

Ten metres high and 10 tonnes: Louise Bourgeois giant spider crawls into Sydney

Mythical Beasts: Wondeful Mixed-Media Sculptures by Polina Nol

If you want to know more about this exciting new initiative or are an or scientist-doing-art that is interested in signing up, please visit our website at:


It is rarely as simple as good or evil.
Statues from Sevilla.

This Friday's art appreciation moment is a piece by Ed Christie (yes, former Muppet guy and well-known puppet designer) as shown at Alden Gallery in Provincetown. Would you ever guess that this is constructed from resin and dryer lint

Just trying some different geometry.

Das Werk II

Sculptor Radcliffe Bailey dies of brain at 55.


"Ce qui a vraiment un sens dans l'art, c'est la joie. Vous n'avez pas besoin de comprendre. Ce que vous voyez vous rend heureux Tout est l."
Il a marqu l'histoire de l'art avec ses sculptures originales et fascinantes : le Centre Pompidou ddie une exposition l'artiste Constantin Brancusi, du 27 mars au 1er juillet 2024.

Autumn Leaves

The Land art of Jon Foreman, an artist in Pembrokeshire, Wales. These works were created between 2016 and 2023.

and slideshow of

NYT Architecture : His Architect Said the Site Was No Good, So He Built the Project Himself (Residential) :PersonalProfile (Arts)

All, aujourd'hui direction la galerie marchande de Carrefour Francheville ! On va faire les courses dans la belle boutique Herbace fleuriste

MechaBug a'la MeddeDesign.

Visited the Viisas Hiiri (Wise Mouse) yesterday. It was sculpted by Finnish artist and punk rocker Jyrki Siukonen and installed in 2000.

Die Open-Air-Mrchenbhne in .

En attendant Godot - Warten auf Godot

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Museum Ludwig, Kln

More Bombay Beach art.
I found this one particularly enchanting.

I've still got to loctite some fasteners and cut the chain to length, but I've got the electronics all mounted and tucked away neatly. Tides is more or less done.

Showcasing sculpture from around the world.

More Bombay Beach art.

Art. Bombay Beach, CA. Shore of Salton Sea.

There are bunch of fantastic sculptures here, probably built during one of the Bombay Beach Bieniales.

This month on the we've been talking all things -- , , and this week .

Do you have a favorite appearance of Andromeda in the media, arts, or pop culture sphere!


My family has, as many do, spread across the globemy newest member having just been born in Canadato share with them some of our Australian ways, my mother has lovingly crafted this iconic critterthank you Ted Prior for your contribution to my and my siblings literary beginningswe will now share with the next generation.

(For those not in the know, this is an Australian childrens book legend called Grug and they grew from the top of a Burrawong tree and had many adventures).

MechaBug a'la MeddeDesign.


Two Angels

Kinetic forged (2021).

Forged kinetic sculpture suspended from the ceiling of the rotunda of the family cellar.

Material: forged .
Diameter: 2 m.

In 2011, I built this ambient light of steampunk inspiration from reused materials.

"Madame Moullire" et "Delft Snowball".
uvres d'Ann Carrington, Londres, collection Ann Carrington.

Expo "Flower Power", muse de Giverny.
Jusqu'au 07 janvier 2024.

At the Royal Ontario Museum, my favorite section I think is a whole circle of male busts looking very important, and this bust, the only one of a woman looking at them all.

Pendentif noisette

Garden of Remembrance, Dublin.

And here's one with the wonky angle constraints.

Everything to know about International Fabric and Textiles