Pendentif "rat de bibliothque"

Pendentif "rat de bibliothque"

Emile Bourdelle
Herakles the Archer (1909)

at the Muse dOrsay

Emile Bourdelle (1905)

at the Muse dOrsay

nel 1973 muore lo scultore italiano

La danzatrice col cerchio, anni 20

Vulcan by Eduardo Paolozzi at Edinburgh Park

Vulcan by Eduardo Paolozzi at Edinburgh Park

Lokapala Vaisravana and Vajrapani, Longmen Grottoes (672 to 676)

Well, don't say these early sites in SE won't offer a surprise anymore.

From comes now, with yet another new , some variation of familiar .

Via (in Turkish):

Waking Matter / 2023
by Amy Stephens (b.1981, London)

Sculpture Showcase

Carin Grudda - Zebra Allein auf weiter Flur ,

, No. 9, ,

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I love this bird tucked away round the back of the Renfield Saint Stephen's Church on Bath Street. I wonder how many people pass it every day as they walk along Holland Street and don't even realise it's there.

Sculptor Thomas Dambo has completed his project of installing ten trolls made from upcycled material in 100 days across the US with these final two in Seattle and Vashon Island.

A mom and child, both set in stone:
His gaze is turned away, alone.
Do you see a heart to heart
or two lives that start to grow apart

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The Stone Chariot is a shrine in the form of a chariot in Hampi, India

Aguste Rodin

The Imperia statue is located at the harbor entrance of Konstanz, Germany. It commemorates the Council of Constance, which took place in the city between 1414 and 1418.

Another view of our Legionary friend.

outside the Museum of today.

Out with dad, paying another visit to our Legionary friend, still guarding the northern border of the Roman Empire on the Antonine Wall

I love this column capital on the old Glasgow Parish Council Office on George Street, especially the way the central element looks almost, but not quite, like an owl!

Bodhisattva, Longmen Grottoes (500 to 523)

Monumento Cervantes in Madrid, Spain

Garden of Un-Earthly Delights / 2023
Frieze Sculpture exhibition, Regent's Park

John Behan, Across the Bitter Sea, New Sculpture // Late night finishing touches before the official opening tomorrow (Saturday) at Kenny Gallery in Galway. Fair dues John More info:


I love the sculpted panels on either side of the entrance to the Pavillion Theatre in Glasgow, particularly this one with a central green man type mask from which emerges foliage that eventually grows into two cherubs.

Geisha/geiko/geigi everyday in October 2022 (GEDIO) Day 8: An abstract Japanese geisha/geiko/geigi woman, and with her eyes closed sculpture in Sculpt+

Just messing around with a PCA of the tangent point energy gradients... If you modify the direction of the gradient you can get pretty funny results.

Stainless steel has never looked so beautiful as it does in Georgie Seccull's sinuous sculptures of animals that look as if they're on the verge of taking off somewhere.

La sculpture expressionniste

Ernst BARLACH, sculpteur (1870-1938)

Photo : sculpture en bronze d'un personnage riant.

D'autres uvres sur

I was conversing with an illustrator a few months ago, and I mentioned there was a metalwork sculptor they should check out, but I couldn't for the life of me remember their name. Now they have just popped up in my feed, and I can't remember the name of the illustrator I was talking to.

David Sheldon is the sculptor for anyone interested and as a note for my future self.

This is the last of the series of Simone Leigh works for Friday's art appreciation moment. Last Garment, 2022 was the last work of the ICA exhibit, taking up one whole room.

Maitreya Buddha, Mogao Caves (Northern Liang period, 397-439)

Zebulon. Nosztalgikus Steampunk figura

nel 1833 lo scultore francese

La Jeunesse
Bronzo patinato

Crdit : Kuronushi

In honor of our episode about the & of the Nereids (and to continue our love of Neptune's Triton), here is a Rodin sculpture titled "Triton and Nereid"!


Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

I fixed an issue with my nbody code... sometimes a push front won't do and you need a min heap... Anyway, vortex sim looks better.

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