"Part sculpture and part building, the

"Part sculpture and part building, the immersive installation invites visitors to walk up winding inner stairwells and traipse around the tiers."

Portugal Artist Joana Vasconcelos Confects 12-Meter High 'Wedding Cake' on Grounds of England Manor

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Photo: Chris Lacey

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, August 2023.

Two years ago, Takasu Unne () contributed this amazing Dragon Armonite figure.

Thank you for this day.

Endlessly instagrammable fiberglass and wood tortoise shell pavilion at Lincoln Park Zoo.

Painting the bottom part of can't believe I thought this would take me, like, 3 days for everything. Armature, sculpting, the lot. 5 months later...

It feels like the Internet is full of bright young things who can finish masterpieces in 2 hours. shout out if you work always seems to take forever! Tell me about your

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, August 2023

The remnants of their former existence persistently plague their thoughts.


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Something wacky-zany for a giant cat outside an art gallery in Davis, California.

Have you ever wondered about the appeal of brutalist architecture

On Aug 30, join Brutalist Toronto - The Walking Tour organized by The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. As part of this free tour you'll also get to see the concrete sculptures by artist Jen Aitken currently on display in their exhibition 'The Same Thing Looks Different'.

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Le baiser - Marie-Paule Daubry

Here's a wee throwback to an Eraserhead model I made a couple of years ago.

I've been so busy with polymer paintings, I've realised I really need to make models a little more often before I lose my knack

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Un exemple de diffrence de rendu de l'actate de fer suivant le bois

Le grand chat, a devient marron, les petits, a noircit

in Holland Park,

Alita Battle Angel - wip
IG: reb3ru

Are the lamps on Kelvin Way Bridge the most ornate street lights in Glasgow I think they might just be!

Sculpted by Paul Raphael Montford between 1914 and 1924, these lamps consist of four allegorial groups of larger than life figures representing eight aspects of Glasgow civil society: Peace and War, Navigation and Shipbuilding, Commerce and Industry and Philosophy and Inspiration (the pair shown here).

Here's a better shot of the lovely grain on this cherry stick

Un petit / trois queues

Sculptor: John Ravera
At the Barbican, City of London

Thoughtful Blues or is it Roger

statue of Thalia, muse of comedy, Roman, 2nd century AD

from the Chihuly exhibit at LongHouse in Southampton, 2011ish From the Chihuly exhibit at LongHouse in Southampton, 2011ish

There once was a cat by the name of Tombili who lived in the Kadiky district of Istanbul, Turkey. She was famous for leaning against steps and people watching. She was also known for her friendly demeanor. When she died in early August of 2016, a petition received 17,000 signatures to commemorate her life.

A local sculptor by the name of Seval Sahin created a sculpture that recreated her reclining pose.


Another, smaller cherry wood spirit done over the last 2 nights.

A photo of my wife sitting in front of "Man Controlling Commerce", an unusual equestrian statue in front of the Federal Trade Commission building in Washington, DC.


A bunch of things I do on my free time...

At one time I was really into sculpting.
The pasta tiffany lampshade was such a fun project, but because it was put together with hot glue, it didnt hold up through the next sweltering humid Maine summer. It fell apart in slow motion. bummer...

Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / ...
Artist: / in - City: Park Complex Indonesia 2023 - Title : "KAWS:HOLIDAY" - ( by AKG Entertainment ) -

Ours en peluche en chocolat

Now there's a man who looks like he's got the weight of the world on his shoulders!

The sculpture of Atlas by James Young on the top of the Standard Buildings on Hope Street in Glasgow. They were design by James Thomson in 1889, with the top storeys added by J.B. and W.A. Thomson in 1909.

And before anyone points it out, I know in the original mythology that Atlas was condemmed to hold up the sky with his shoulders and not the Earth.


Ces deux beaux ppres sont dispo sur ma boutique:

Owl Sculpture.

From EVNI, a collection of giant furniture by Italian designer Umberto Dattola. EVNI is the acronym of Evento Vivificante Non Identificato (an unidentified life-giving event).

"Je n'ai jamais eu de chagrin qu'une heure de lecture n'ait dissip." Montesquieu
La quitude de leur visage, autant que la srnit qui sen dgage, montre toute lattention porte des lectures figes dans la pierre :

Growing out Zoroastrianiam, Mithraism was, for a time, a major religion in the western Roman Empire and some believe it came close to becoming the dominant one (rather than Christianity). Others dispute this possibility.

Either way, it's unusual to find Mithras represented amongst the much more common Greek gods and Christian imagery on a Glasgow Building.

There are many beautiful sculptures on Glasgow's buildings, but some of them are of quite unexpected subjects. It this case it's the Romano-Persian God Mithras on the former Sun Life Building on West George Street.


Atelierhaus Anscharpark, Kiel,
"good to see you", Daniela Dreisigacker & Joseph Ruben Heicks