Love this pair of mermaids at

Love this pair of mermaids at the entrance to the former Scottish Cooperative Wholesale Society building at 95 Morrison Street in Glasgow.

A bunny protecting his carrot.

Short tourist break from to Prague see David erns Musoleum. Many but not all of the (in)famous works including the Brexit-anticipating Entropa. Others around the city.

As they look out over the Welcome Habitat, for a short time a sense of peace washes over them.


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Found a wee reminder of when I used to take on personal commissions.

I enjoyed making this one but I'm in absolutely no rush to make any more


Another still from the film clip I did for Adam Rudegeair.


sculpture by Kim James, 1965. Formerly at Nottingham Trent University.

Michelangelo's Moses at the Tomb of Pope Julius II
in San Pietro in Vincoli

Photo of the Day
(from my daily blog)

'Latona and Her Children, Apollo and Diana' by William Henry Rinehart (1874)

Enchanting Miniature Worlds by Felix Hernandez

Maman by in (Dec. 2014)

I remember seeing another one of this spider sculptures somewhere but can't figure out where...

Praise the superstar

Les sculptures dites "classiques" qu'on trouve facilement sur les places publiques franaises sont assez rares dans le paysage islandais. Et dans le cas prsent, son auteur (je n'ai pas russi retrouver son nom ni la date d'excution de luvre) s'est amus glisser un dtail anachronique. Photos prises prs du cimetire de Garakirkja, non loin d'Hafnarfjrur, le 10 avril dernier en milieu d'aprs-midi.

Medusa, Minneapolis Institute of the Arts

Monumento a La Trashumancia de Tremedal.

Puoi essere salvato nel momento del tuo crollo da qualcuno pi debole di te ma pi saggio.

Scultura: Frederick Radum,1973

Sculpture by American artist Rachel Harrison, 2010s-20s, whose multimedia works often combine found objects and references to art history and pop culture along with brightly-colored abstract elements.

DesignBoom : monumental glass grid installation by emmanuel barrois illuminates paris design week 2023

Sculpture Decorator's workshop

F L E S H. A N D. B L O O D. A N D. B O N E S

Die Skulpturen von John McKenna sind eine Hommage an die Arbeit der Schiffbauer in Port Glasgow.

John McKenna's sculptures pay homage to the work of shipbuilders in Port Glasgow.

New catalog for Ropac Seoul show.

For the interest of artists.

artist Lorenzo Quinn created a gigantic pair of hands reaching out of s Grand Canal (2017)

Abandoned stone hands sculpture, .

i never knew cupid's span was by claes oldenburg!

Fascin par la danse des pierres de cette mobile que l'on peut voir place Franklin Roosevelt / (BE)
Voir sur la carte :
Sur le site internet de la commune (ndls) :

Yesterday I visited the Glenstone Museum in Maryland. () I particularly like the Richard Serra Four Rounds: Equal Weight, Unequal Measure. It is an installation of 4 cylinders, each of 82 tons, but with different dimensions. It is housed in a concrete building. The cylinders were installed, then the building built around them.

Raymonde Dien 1950

This is a young Corulin (my minstrel) that I sculpted several years ago. My very first time sculpting in real clay. I didn't have a screenshot of him so I had to make him out of memory so it doesn't look like him at all, though it does look a bit better IRL XD

Portrait of the Artist.

Je remercie chaleureusement le papillon pour sa coopration

Michelangelo David Cats!

Sculpted in marble.

Founded in fur.

These Kittehs have defined the ideal of beauty for centuries!

Barbara Hepworth sculptures, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, August 2023.

Barbara Hepworth sculptures, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, August 2023.

la religion
happy birthday
Volodymyr Tsisaryk

Solar Powered Flower Chases The Light

Solar Powered Flower Chases The Light

Et du coup, trouvant que la patine s'tait dlave... Je viens de la reprendre, et j'ai bien fait