Lart comme thrapie. Sculpter, peindre, dessiner,

Lart comme thrapie. Sculpter, peindre, dessiner, pour se librer et pour se soigner aussi. Depuis mi-octobre au Fort Barraux, des artistes blesss psychiquement par la guerre, exposent leurs uvres.

I made a couple of bowl / sculptures from resin and some interesting fabrics and alcohol inks. What do you think

Showcasing sculpture from around the world.

ok, so I didn't add the photos in my original post... newbie error!

Bird, Fish, Bell, Tree: the symbols from the Glasgow coat of arms on the gate posts of Bellahouston Park.

On commence par une patoune

Eve in the the Garden of Eden. Sculptured by Scipione Tadolini around 1880, this statue looks very much at home amongst the tropical plants of the Kibble Palace glass house in Glasgow's Botanic Gardens. However, it was only moved here from the nearby Kelvingrove Art Gallery in the 1930s.

Incised window decoration on number two La Belle Place in the Kelvingrove area of Glasgow. The Winged Bell and the intertwined letters D and B are most likely a reference to the merchant David Bell of Blackhall for whom this building was constructed.

Rodin sculpture, extreme close-up, at the Burrell Collection, Glasgow.

Bonjour les mastonautes !
Je relaie une question Discord pour les expert.e.s du bois et de la peinture. Qu'utilisez-vous pour protger vos uvres
Je me permets de vous dranger sur la question
Merci et que votre journe soit remplie de jolis copeaux !
(Le RT peut faire du bien et sauver une girafe en bois)

Here is a little video of that crackle tube so you can see the lightning.

After 10 years of neon, this is my first crackle tube. Made exclusively with the crossfire and bombarded. Cheap O side tubulation.

I think I might make another. I wanna make a ruby red one.... I also want different gases. Other colors of glass might be nice.

What should be written in neon lightning

After hours of "bombarding" off an on with the aging transformer, holding it over a big puffy flame an a few flushes of gas, the crackle tube fill finally cleaned up!

The lightning arcs tighten up and get more active as the gas pressure increases. Too much pressure and it will run hot with resistance. This one is 24 torr (755 is atmosphere)

Ok I have crackle tube fever now. If I just wasn't so busy with other work now.

Thanks Bill Concannon!

My small participation in an article published in Live Science about the snake head discovery recently announced by INAH.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall Zhenguo Si, Pingyao, China. May 2016, iPhone 5s.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall Zhenguo Si, Pingyao, China. May 2016, iPhone 5s.

Moi, en discutant avec des amies : j'ai pas le temps de faire du crochet

Moi, en soire : si je sculpais d'autres crochets

Ma laine : ....

sculpture, Olmec, 1000 AD- 600 AD

::arnold voice::
Its not a tumah

the point of an antler

some sound art for

A nail scraped on antler with a gradual shift in focus from the whole antler to the points.

World's largest gnome is made of chrome. It's now found a new home, where roos and wombats roam

wooden carved statue of Muchaku by Unkei, Japanese, 1208 AD

Inflatable sculpture by American artist Ann Slavit, 1970s-80s, whose use of women's legs in her earliest work was a commentary on objectification of women's bodies in media.

Photography by me
Nice, France
"Yes, There Are Windows"

These were controversial. It's supposed to be a soccer team, but the figures' arms "were eliminated due to logistics". They are not humanoid bowling pins. Still, if you don't overthink it, they look pretty cool.

'Hammer Head'
Niets ontziend zijn de zintuigen verminkt Niets ontziend zijn de zintuigen verminkt.
Paul McCarthy in

This one is pretty neat!

Tweaked with the quadric estimation.

Also at opening Tuesday 6-8pm, Latent Prism illuminated (). These works have traveled oceans to be seen in person!

Something working on. Thoughts

Algo que estoy haciendo, que piensan

The colors of autumn been seen in the rain.


Iranian artist Arghavan Khosravi creates work that moves beyond clich to create a new visual language about existing freely in the world.

DesignBoom : three thousand steel sheets stacked nine meters high shape gregory orekhovs land art

The Big Elk, also known as (meaning "big elk" in Norwegian), is the world's second-tallest sculpture of an elk/moose (Alces alces). It is near the village of Atna in Stor-Elvdal, Hedmark, Norway. It held the title of the tallest moose sculpture for 4 years, from its completion in October 2015 until October 2019 - on our way back to Larvik we finally made it to this great sculpture close to National Road 3.

A tiny capybara and his friend for

This looks pretty OK. The tweening could be a wee bit cleaner, but I like it!

"Un roman, mme une pope, il faudrait bien Homre pour la raconter. Je vis dans un monde si curieux, si trange..."
19 octobre 1943 disparat la sculptrice Camille Claudel

The figures in Calvin Mas otherworldly sculptures soar through the night sky, encounter swarms of insects, and stand among tropical flowers in 'Blend In: Standstill' on view now at Modern Eden.

Come In and Enjoy Art at the ArtisAnn Gallery in Belfast

You can even spread the cost over 10 months and take the art home today

ArtisAnn Gallery, 70 Bloomfield Avenue, Belfast, BT5 5AE

Tue - Fri: 11am to 6pm
Sat: Noon to 5pm

One part of 'Thinking of Bella' by Shona Kinloch in the courtyard of the Italian Centre in central Glasgow.

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