La Pieta (Ossip Zadkine, 1955-57). Painted

La Pieta (Ossip Zadkine, 1955-57). Painted . In the golden limestone crypt of Saint-Laurens, Les Arques, .

Another of my welded steel sculptures. Overture.

For the better part of a decade, Chicago-based artists Edwige Massart and Xavier Wynn have been creating sliced sculptural skulls full of everything from yarn and river rocks to crayon tips and sleeping pills.

Design Milk : Rashid Johnsons Broken Pavilion Mosaic Sculpture Wall

Sculpted plant capital on a column by the door of Queen's Park Govanhill Parish Church in Glasgow. I love how, in places, you can see through the surface discolouration to the natural redness of sandstone underneath.

In 5 days I'll have my final exam of my master's degree
Goal is just to pass seeing as I already have a job and everything but that just amps up the pressure
I already see when I close my eyes

We visited the giant troll! Its wonderful. Stop by, lovers

Amazing Shadow Art by Anni Laukka

** 30 annes, ce n'est pas rien ! **
CRANE *lab*
June 30 to July 9, 2023
Jrme Durand, Serge-Olivier Fokoua, Gilles Gally, Jocelyne Santos, SP38

Showcasing sculpture from around the world.

Angel carving underway

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I'm so excited I can't tell you!!!!


My first try at sculpting a large apple. Next time it will be better.

It's clearly been wet. But I think it's a little otter.

Artist Daniel Lind-Ramos transforms found objects from his hometown into totemic pillars of perseverance in his captivating exhibition at MoMA PS1.

Today's animal from Glasgow's architecture is this magnificent wild boar on the former Kelvinside Artistic Stationery Works on Herbert Street. The quality of pointing's not quite so good!

DesignBoom : eva jospin weaves enchanting cardboard landscape into palais de papes gothic architecture

Bust of Selah Cimcoz. Istanbul, 1932.
Courtesy of Mr. Dogan Paksoy archive.

Salah Cimcoz ( Hseyin Selh Cimcoz Cimcoz 1877, Istanbul - 1947 Istanbul ) was a publisher, politician, deputy and profound connoisseur of antiques and art in Trkiye.
Special thanks to Ms. Ahu Antmen.

As the last words leave the life form's lips, it starts to fade, its form dissolving back into fragmented echoes.


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Sculpture by Piet Parra. Flevopark, A'dam.

Adit 42- a Sculpture by Chris Millar

Mini poussin

** 30 annes, ce n'est pas rien ! **
CRANE *lab*
du 30 juin au 9 juillet 2023

Jrme Durand, Serge-Olivier Fokoua, Gilles Gally, Jocelyne Santos, SP38

More Andy Goldsworthy

His work is just so beautiful. Magical.
I'd love to happen upon one of his works.

His work at the North Pole!

View & detail of Ridin the Rails to Rockland sculpture by Jay Sawyer (JBONE). Sandy Beach, Rockland, Maine


Horse head sculpture

Allgorie de la mditation, at the cathdrale Saint-Louis in . Created in 1660 by the famous 17th century sculptor Louis Lerambert.

Street art installation, McKinley Ave, Sunnyvale, California.

Even the ancient cultures had their own version of winnie the pooh...

Taken this day, 2022, all roads lead to Rome!

Svetlana Kondakova's Roman Legionary sculpture on the Antonine Wall, still guarding the northern frontier of the Empire

Chinese sculptor Johnson Tsang seems to bend reality with his work. Its quite mesmerizing.

More than captivating, though, his art captures his interpretations of anxiety and coping mechanisms. Its mental health playing with physics.


Une de , en htre chauff comme le crapaud

Great place the Sussex Prairie Gardens but this sculpture bears a curious resemblance to Vladimr Putin.

Countless astonished faces emerge from driftwood in expressive sculptures by Marc Bourlier.

C'est tout vert

Lhomme des Adrets
by Nicola Rosini di Santi

This life-size artwork adorns a roundabout in the Var, between Lake Saint-Cassien and the highway entrance.

When driving by theres no spot to stop and look at it. Yesterday I bicycled and could stop and look at it.

I find the ensemble so harmonious.
I personally would have removed the three wavy lines at the bottom left.

Id wear a small version as a pendant.

Persistent Resistance. Brick Lane.

Australian Wills Online