is Sarah Szes Seamless a

is Sarah Szes Seamless a fantastical sculpture made from functional objects The sculpture sweeps across the room expanding into corners amp doorways in a way that appears seamless On free display at Tate Modern

Tate London, Liverpool and St Ives #WorkoftheWeek is Sarah Sze's 'Seamless', a fantastical sculpture made from functional objects. The sculpture sweeps across the room, expanding into corners & doorways, in a way that appears seamless. 🧬 On free display at Tate Modern: Tate galleries are now open! See our programme here: We look forward to welcoming you back 💛

RajkishorLive New Delhi, Delhi Not a drawing, not a sculpture..but a natural waterfall created by nature!! Discovered in Peru .. named "Waterfall of the bride" is really beautiful as its name.. how amazing 😉 Journalist @ABPNews. Views expressed here are personal.

AlArabiya_Eng Dubai #Britain will hand back a 4,000-year-old sculpture to #Iraq after an investigation found that it had been looted, says the British Museum. The Arab world’s leading source of global news and opinion.

momknowsbest15 Albuquerque, NM USA With thousands of verses of history, poetry, and more, the Bible can sometimes be hard to understand. But Scripture itself tells us how to unlock its meaning. Treat it like an anamorphic sculpture: view it from different angles and meditate on it deeply.
reviewjournal Las Vegas, NV The Tree of Light was envisioned as a 60-foot-tall steel tree sculpture with weeping willow-like branches stretching out into a 30-foot-wide canopy of fiber optic lights, but the project has never left the concept phase. Nevada's largest newspaper and the most reliable source for news in Las Vegas. Send news tips to #RJnow

findsfromyester Denton, TX Check out this item in my Etsy shop Good stuff ready for upcycling, recycling, and its next use.
postliticalbli2 art college really making me do kinetic sculpture a field I suck dick at and find boring as fuck I don’t know what I’m even doing with this account. commissions are closed for now. a follow isn’t an endorsement. pronouns: anything leave me alone about it

dennisjansen Dallas, TX The Dallas Playboy Sculpture Dallas-based tax lawyer for @esgloballaw. 🇩🇪 Formerly @DallasNews and @ThomsonReuters. Dog dad @GunterFeels.

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