"Infinite realities are simulated, each branching

Go big or go foam

"Infinite realities are simulated, each branching off from the others based on the decisions made by their inhabitants."
The words echo around Zak, forming a strange tapestry of disconnected thoughts.


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I love these Green Men carvings which are all over James Miller's 1904 Underground Station in Saint Enoch Square in Glasgow. They're one of those things which always makes me smile when I pass them.

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Honored to be added to the Women United Artist Directory Included in the directory are the biographies, artist staments, and select photos of many super talented artists that I am super excited to be associated with.


sculpture from Borneo of amythological figure, date unknown

Art in the glade.

Le vous a plu il a maintenant un petit frre

An (almost) Kulchural run. But definitely artistic.

12k from Stonehaven, a pub(!) lunch and a slightly slower amble back (we were not driving). The steel sculptures along the waterside are great. This is a small selection.


"street sculpture"

Some photos of the neon I made while in Southern California in the dreamy Laguna Beach morning haze. The "Double Rainbow Zizzle Zazzle Tangle" will be the first of that new bend and wrap sequence if it survives pumping. Leaving the "Triple California-bow Mini Doodle" behind to fill at MONA- one day they will get around to it. They are both all Italian glass- the Triple California-bow is made of colors only found in
Excited to see em lit!

"Napolon Bonaparte as First Consul"
Napoleon in left profile.

description: Napoleon in left profile.

Medium: White glass paste
Classification: Sculpture
Date: 18th century
Culture: British
Division: European and American Art
Creditline: Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Bequest of Grenville L. Winthrop
James Tassie (1735 - 1799), William Tassie (1777 - 1860)

J'ai refais un o/

Got to bend this at Museum Of Neon Art (MONA). Trying out new bending sequences that push me out of my comfort zone and keep things fresh and interesting. If it survives bombarding- this will be the first one with this sequence to do so. Love the Double California Rainbow Zizzle Zazzle!

Getting them bombarded here is another matter. Maybe I will just bring it back to Tacoma to fill- much easier!

Sculpture by Nicholas Roerich. Vasilyevsky Island. Saint-Petersburg.

Sculpture by Iranian artist Pooya Aryanpour, 2010s-20s.

Threading the Needle

images of Nibelungen Fountain in Tulln an der Donau, Austria

Coderch & Malavia
Joan Coderch ve Javier Malavia

The foxes round here are getting enormous! And, to be fair, accomplished.

Cambridge Folk Festival sculpture. Several of these are dotted around the site each year.

A follow-up to last week's abstract shot of shadows on the ground. Here is their source

And wait for applause

Thrilled to visit Michael Flechtner's studio! Been a huge fan for years of his work and always wanted to see his studio. A pioneer- no one bends tight and designs like he does. His work is , , , and and so is he! Linda Sue Price shares a with Michael and she was lovely. Leticia was the next door over. I need more stuff on the walls at home.

I also need clear prison electronics.

I just finished one of the three remaining theater masks that we'll be working on while we're still in Texas.

Into a box it goes, for future enjoyment!

Twisted: Mind-Boggling Artworks by Alex Chinneck

Tear of rain coming from a stone

We need to talk.

Christ Church & Upton Chapel

the hashtag needs some love

"L'artiste a le pouvoir de rveiller la force d'agir qui sommeille dans d'autres mes" Friedrich Nietzsche.
Sculpture, "L'Homme qui marche", 1961, Alberto Giacometti

Bring some serenity to your home with this concrete incense burner. When burning an incense cone under its roof fragrant smoke will emerge from under the eaves. This incense temple is finished in a robust terrazzo.

Dimensions of this structure are:
Length: 8 7/8" / 22,6 cm
Width: 2 5/8 / 6,6 cm
Height: 4 1/4 / 10,8 cm
Weight: 2.2 lb / 1 kg

Fountain of the Pantheon with grotesque face and dolphins sculpture at Piazza della Rotonda in Rome, Italy.

Another beardy wood spirit out of the small pile of cherry that I found on the railway path. I got this one done while the earlier one is drying out enough to sand and detail.

Pretty Woman - Kay Singla

La suite avant la fin ...

I just finished a wonderful sculpture workshop with Janis Mars Wunderlich at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. She is an incredible artist (look her up). I learned so much-about sculpture AND life. It'll take awhile to process everything I learned, but here's a peek at a recent piece i made in class. and energized from my time here.

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