In fantastical laser-cut plywood reliefs, Gabriel

In fantastical laser-cut plywood reliefs, Gabriel Schama revels in elaborate details.

Interesting post about some of Adrian Arleo's scultures.

These are pretty neat, especially the dog and the figure in the fetal position. I think the artist deserves a big

Never mind. The number of times that joke has already been made is probably up to five digits by now.

Here is my friend Eriko Kobayashi and some of here sweets. I bought a glass from her- but it looked so real that someone threw it away while it sat in the studio thinking it was stale- darn! She travels with them in this cooler. Yes, that pop tart is all glass. The glass sprinkles are her fine frit mix for strawberry pop tart icing toppings. I met her a few years ago when she came from Japan- it's been neat seeing her work progress!

Critics, initially confused by "Nothing Art," are now reevaluating their critical faculties. They grapple with the notion that perhaps absurdity is the true essence of art, and meaning is merely an elaborate cosmic prank.


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Pair o'pals

Fishes, rings and bell. I love this carving on the front of Shettleston Hall on Wellshot Road in Glasgow. It's part of a set of three which make up a deconstructed version of the city's Coat of Arms.

Ariel the Little Mermaid sculpture at Dismaland in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England

Turkana Woman:
by William Morris at de Young Museum, San Francisco.

images of the African Renaissance Monument in Dakar, Senegal, designed by Pierre Goudiaby, completed in 2010

Seduction at the Sideboard: A Feast of Desire
A porcelain sculpture titled 'Sideboard,' created by contemporary artist Chris Antemann (), features an intimate couple perched sensuously on a sideboard, surrounded by tempting desserts and fruits. The female figure, gazes provocatively at another woman on the opposite side, exuding an air of intrigue and desire.

While at I was able to play with a 12 pound "color pot" of for pulling tubes. Usually we put a thin veneer of color in 2 layers of clear but gosh the density of straight is nice! It's also nice to be able to just charge the bits of the tube pull that didn't go so well right back into the Here we are melting a copper ruby to emulate Corning oxblood ruby- the holy grail of reds.

Enjoyable outing to Winchester where I could visit an exhibition at Winchester School of Art featuring this fine construction by my super-talented son-in-law, David Birks, among other fascinating artworks.
And there's also a wonderful display for MA in fashion design/textile design nearby - just for a couple more days!
Sad thing is that with a construction like this, unless someone wants to offer it a home, it will be disassembled after the exhibition!

Rebao de ovejas del monumento a La Trashumancia.

Monumento a La Trashumancia.

Fabien Mrelle Is a French artist known for his detailed ink and watercolor drawings and the sculpture that he sees as a natural progression from those images

His work often includes himself (in his signature striped pants) and/or members of his family juxtaposed with fantastical imagery from nature.

Fabien Mrelle Is a French artist known for his detailed ink and watercolor drawings and the sculpture that he sees as a natural progression from those images

His work often includes himself (in his signature striped pants) and/or members of his family juxtaposed with fantastical imagery from nature.

In Adrian Arleos poetic ceramic sculptures, humans intertwine and bond with animals and nature.

timepiece, neubrg, jan 2022
sculpture "Zeitmesser" by Uwe Mdger

The Matter of Time. Richard Serra, 1994-2005.
Guggenheim Bilbao.
I first saw this installation a dozen years ago but still think about it once a week. It's become integral to my psyche. The pieces are impossibly huge and heavy, confrontational, scary, inhuman, disorienting in vertigo and as labyrinths, and yet seamless, safe, and immutable. You cannot hurt them. Nothing short of a meteorite or atomic bomb could alter them. So who am I next to that They approach eternity.

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Ce que je vois le matin.

Infinite Cycles: Bicycle Sculptures by Koichiro Azuma

Another one... I just kind of fire stuff off in the background and do the day job, rather than systematically exploring the space...

Suspended Artifact: Jackal Mask with Baleen and Gourd:
Photograph of the intriguing artwork by William Morris, exhibited at the de Young Museum.
'Man Observing' by Viola Frey at de Young Museum:
I tried to capture this image from a child's perspective, looking at his angry father.

trois petits chats, trois petits chats, chapeau de paille

Tonight's shot of is the other sculpture - the horse that is rearing its head.

This one is the more difficult of the two to shoot on its own. Especially if - like me - you arrive as the light is fading, and can't wander around that side of the park in the dark to safely find a flattering angle!

You can find the previous photo in this series here:

The Lams are comin' out your mirror.  This morning I got to preview the upcoming Picasso exhibit at the Elmhurst Museum, and I brought my parents along. It was our 1st time at the , which is attached to Mies van der Rohe's McCormick House, and sitting outside betwixt the two is this : "Skycube" by David Wallace Haskins.


Bonsoir, il fait chaud, trop pour un breton

J'ai pas la motivation pour faire des sculptures trs travailles, alors voici un petit oiseau

Design Milk : Jessica Sellingers Sculptural Wave Collection Feels Alive

Fancy a Famous Grouse Only if you make it a big one!

I love this statue on the Edrington site in the Drumchapel area of Glasgow. It's just a pity it's not really publicly accessable.

Thank you for this day.

Crossing symbolizes the delicate balance of the commercial and cultural districts that converge along the LaSalle Street corridor.

Sculpture termine ! (c'est mon homme qui l'a faite !)

- Discovering a rock cairn on a beach is something I always find both interesting and comforting.

I am interested in the design and time it must have taken someone intrepid explorer to erect.

I find comfort in them...they have been used for centuries as trail markers.. and are known by various names around the world. By following them, hopefully all explorers will find their way home.

For , digging through my old photos. These are from a class trip I took to Safed (Tzafat) Israel while I participated in a program in Summer 2007. Safed is an interesting place with two characters. On one hand, it is one of the four holiest cities in because of its importance to Jewish and the development of . Today it has a very large Haredi community. On the other hand, Safed is a city of and has a kind of funky, artsy vibe. Unlike many of the places we went to that summer, Safed was quite cool due to its elevation. I don't quite know why but the place has always stuck in my memory - it reminded me a lot of where I grew up in the Adirondacks in upstate New York.
Photos taken on 25 July 2007.
P.S. - Trying out a multi-photo post to see how I like it. If I don't, I might repost them as individual posts.

The class I helped teach was about making beer signs- I never had made the metal frames before and I liked the idea of a "murdered out" . is for real! The hand pulled black tubing is fun and funky- would love to rebend it with 8mm effetre perfection!
The Dis Mis Mal Information Arrow... it's also kind of an with animating flames when placed upright.

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