In 2009, I made this assemblage

In 2009, I made this assemblage sculpture of inspiration from paper mache and objects of all kinds: hubcaps, dive goggles, hooks, hose, lamp pieces, etc. The glass of the goggles were tinted using stained-glass paint.


Untitled, 1960 by Zdzisaw Beksiski

Today's Flickr photo with the most hits: the Naked Boy, Prague Castle (Toy Museum), Czechia.

'A shimmer trhrough the quantum foam'
Deze lichtgevende microben zijn fascinerend in vorm en kleur These luminous microbes are fascinating in shape and colour.
Anicka Yi in

DesignBoom : bobby baker sculpts an edible family from cake, biscuits & meringues at tate britain

'Thetis dipping Achilles in the River Styx' by Thomas Banks (b.1735-d.1805)

Saying nothing about the *problematic* nature of the , I do like this sculpture of by

(P.S., our most recent is on the of Andromeda : )


Taken this day, 2013, statue of Sir Walter Scott at night, with the illuminated face of the Balmoral Clock behind him

CW: last image has eye contact.

Please please please vote for me (Teague Leigh) in the People's Choice Award in the Merri-bek Summer Show, Counihan Gallery, Bulleke-bek. Unfortunately I didn't win the major prize of $3,000 so need this $1,000 prize to put towards my gala exhibition in January!


Getting curves to coil into helices is marginally difficult. Projecting the curve locally into a cylinder and tweaking the axis/radius a little gets some nice coiling/buckling. It all descends into scribbles anyway.

Thanks David Ebberly!!!

In 2007, I made this assemblage sculpture from upcycled materials. A lot of hubcaps were used and a few other stuff.

Design Milk : DDW23: Raw Color Celebrates Award Win With Vibrant Show -friendly

Winkie the Pigeon Honoured with Broughty Ferry Sculpture

Last batch no more posts for awhile was really excited with how pleased I was with some of these older pieces


In 2006, I made this assemblage sculpture from upcycled materials. The teeth are made up of shoe soles and as for the rest it's pretty much just hubcaps and a few other stuff.

Thank you for this day.

Black and white Bean.

The next in our panel 'From Order to Disorder and Back' is Martin Eder, a contemporary figurative artist who uses , , and as a means of distorting reality in a blend of realism and surrealism.

What to expect: rapid presentations, lively panel discussion, exhibition, and performing art.
Doors: 18:00
The event is free and in English

More here:

The Age of Maturity by Camille Claudel

Andromeda (the galaxy) vs Andromeda (the chained maiden)

Whether you prefer the or the -- our has you covered! Listen here:

: Robert Gendler via & Domenico Guidi via

'Ecce Domina' by Gerald Laing (1977)

One more of Aiwendil
I dont think I've uploaded this one before
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Flamingo Reflections Chicago, Illinois USA
Canon EOS Rebel 2004

Design Milk : DDW23: The Perpetual Motion that Drives Kiki Van Eijk and Joost Van Bleiswijk &Joost

Waiting for the taxi to heaven Paris, France
Canon EOS Rebel 2004

Perfecting the details. Auguste Rodin mastery of hands and feet.

8 November 1885 A Pole, Marcin Roek was born in Kosieczyn. Sculptor and painter. He participated in Greater Poland uprising.

In Auschwitz from July 1943 (no. 131047).
He was deported probably for refusing to create a sculpture of Adolf Hitler.
He perished in the camp on 19 May 1944.

Learn more about his life:

See our online lesson "Poles at KL Auschwitz:

Showcasing sculpture from around the world.

In 2006, I made this assemblage sculpture from upcycled materials. The teeth are made up of computer mouses, the eyelashes from a typewriter piece and for the rest a few wheel hubcaps and a few other stuff.

City: Stockholm, Sweden
POI: La Mano

What's your favorite mode of transportation for sightseeing

Don't wait to see the sights of Stockholm:


Credits: Wikimedia / Jssfrk / CC0

The Knife Angel sculpture, also known as The National Monument Against Violence and Aggression, created by artist Alfie Bradley from over 100.000 knives obtained from knife amnesties and weapons seized by British police forces, is seen on display as part of a national tour in Bolton, Britain. REUTERS/Phil Noble

The Gatekeeper, Kidston Terrace

Suspended sculpture on Gorbals flats. An image more appropriate for last week perhaps

Aprs un dbut de semaine intense, ce matin je serais bien volontiers reste encore un peu dans les bras de Morphe, le fils d'Hypnos

Bon courage pour cette journe !

Tte d'Hypnos, attribue au sculpteur grec Scopas, British Museum.

Expo "Fernand Khnopff, le matre de l'nigme", Petit Palais, 2018.

'The Falling Titan' by Thomas Banks (1786)

Dawn bust statue by Fewture

Very cool exhibit up at City College right now - "Terrain of Discourse" by Mary Anne Kluth.

Trying to trust in the process

In 2006, I made this assemblage sculpture from upcycled materials. This eye is principally build from a round snow sled and a plastic cake container base.

Design Milk : DDW23: Kazerne Is Intertwining Hope and Design +Fashion -friendly

In 2004, I made this assemblage sculpture from upcycled materials. As you could see many hubcaps were use in the conception of this art piece...

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