If a tree falls in the

If a tree falls in the forest, sometimes it makes a beautiful sculpture.

Tire treads twist into braids and knots in Kim Dacres celebratory busts of Black women

Another one, this with tight angle constraints on the curve.

I'm going to just keep dumping tests, here.

Before he did "La Libert clairant le monde" (you-know-who in New York Harbour), Auguste Bertholdi originally thought to put a giant statue at the north end of the Suez canal. The Khedive turned him down due to cost, and had the Port Said Lighthouse built there instead.

One of the suggested names of the putative monument was "Progress Carrying the Light to Asia", which is pretty much the most 19th-century European name for anything.

Art by Bertholdi himself.

Design Milk : 2 Exciting Outdoor Artworks in New York This Summer

Come In and Enjoy Modern Art at the ArtisAnn Gallery in Belfast

ArtisAnn Gallery, 70 Bloomfield Avenue, Belfast, BT5 5AE

Tue - Fri: 11am to 6pm
Sat: Noon to 5pm

You can even spread the cost over 10 months and take the home today

In the the middle of the 20th Century it became associated with Musollini's National Fascist Party in Italy, and indeed the term Fascism is derived from the term Fasces. Despite this, fasces are still used as a symbols today, including by the French Army, the Guardia Civil in Spain and on the Seal of the United States Senate.

Originating with the Etruscans about 3,000 years ago, it's now most commonly associated with the Romans where it was a symbol of a magistrate's power. In the 19th Century is was commonly used to indicate civil power and the collective rule of law, explaining this example on a former police office in Laurieston.


If you look carefully, you'll see this symbol carved on a variety of older Glasgow buildings. It's called a Fasces and it represents a bundle of wooden rods wrapped round an axe and a blade.


20 x 28 x 1 in Indigo paper - available, email for info

 August, the summers last messenger of misery, is a hollow actor. 

Henry Rollins

(sculpture  Lt  /  De zomer  by Jean Canneel)

Artur Bordalo

Artur Bordalo ralise des sculptures avec des objets et matriaux de rcupration.
Transformer les paves et les ordures en art.

Photo : Le renard et la carcasse de bagnole.

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Seagull Cinderella was too sexy for New Bedford, .

"The was retired from Route 18 that October and was welcomed back to its home in Maynard, Massachusetts, by a 100-person parade."

Petite de

Decided to give Clay a go and while I'm making a homemade version for a board game, I had enough left to try sculpting something '"complex".

Here is my little Psyduck, made from . Little janky but haven't touched in a looooong while (20+ years back then as kid). No special tools, just hand.

Now to wait for it to dry and paint it, hopefully it will turn out okay! Gonna report back tomorrow!

Design Milk : Vibrant Geometric Vases That Speak the Language of Painting


Vater Staat in der Werkstatt, gesehen in Dsseldorf

Sculpture by self-taught Jamaican-Canadian artist Tau Lewis, 2010s-20s, whose found object and textile work explores collective and personal traumas, ancestral histories, and the Black diaspora.

Wilson later when on to form the architectural sculpture firm Mortimer, Wilson and Graham. In the 1950s, they were asked to complete the work on 200 Saint Vincent Street, and added the lower pair of figures. These figures were modelled on Dawson and his wife, as a memorial to Wilson's former mentor who had died in 1938.

Showcasing sculpture from around the world.

I am not smart enough to understand this sculpture. Halp plz.

Wicked-cool art in Trois Rivieres.

Check out this photograph / digital artwork that would look great framed and hanging on your wall in your home or office or produced on a variety of products.

Sculpture Babies by David Cerny in the Kampa park in Praha (Prague).

Check out this photograph / digital artwork that would look great framed and hanging on your wall in your home or office or produced on a variety of products.

Sculpture Babies by David Cerny in the Kampa park in Praha (Prague).

Today's Flickr photo with the most hits: this sculpture in the Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest.

Sculpture hiding amongst some plants in the botanical gardens.

I found this bear carved in wood while I did a hike, but I didn't know if it was like a warning or a welcome figure, but anyway it was good to take this picture...


Hey there, Mastodon!
Starting to be more serious about my art practice lately, so I'm looking for a space to share and connect to fellow artists.

I consider myself a little bit of a jax of all trades: , , , , etc.

Oh and I also do some (both in English and my native German ), so also excited to meet other authors!

"Part sculpture and part building, the immersive installation invites visitors to walk up winding inner stairwells and traipse around the tiers."

Portugal Artist Joana Vasconcelos Confects 12-Meter High 'Wedding Cake' on Grounds of England Manor

via Colossal
Photo: Chris Lacey

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, August 2023.

Two years ago, Takasu Unne () contributed this amazing Dragon Armonite figure.

Thank you for this day.

Endlessly instagrammable fiberglass and wood tortoise shell pavilion at Lincoln Park Zoo.

Painting the bottom part of can't believe I thought this would take me, like, 3 days for everything. Armature, sculpting, the lot. 5 months later...

It feels like the Internet is full of bright young things who can finish masterpieces in 2 hours. shout out if you work always seems to take forever! Tell me about your

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, August 2023

The remnants of their former existence persistently plague their thoughts.


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Something wacky-zany for a giant cat outside an art gallery in Davis, California.

Have you ever wondered about the appeal of brutalist architecture

On Aug 30, join Brutalist Toronto - The Walking Tour organized by The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. As part of this free tour you'll also get to see the concrete sculptures by artist Jen Aitken currently on display in their exhibition 'The Same Thing Looks Different'.

Details here:

Le baiser - Marie-Paule Daubry

fabric wanted