Geisha/geiko/geigi everyday in October 2022 (GEDIO)

Geisha/geiko/geigi everyday in October 2022 (GEDIO) Day 8: An abstract Japanese geisha/geiko/geigi woman, and with her eyes closed sculpture in Sculpt+

Just messing around with a PCA of the tangent point energy gradients... If you modify the direction of the gradient you can get pretty funny results.

Stainless steel has never looked so beautiful as it does in Georgie Seccull's sinuous sculptures of animals that look as if they're on the verge of taking off somewhere.

La sculpture expressionniste

Ernst BARLACH, sculpteur (1870-1938)

Photo : sculpture en bronze d'un personnage riant.

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I was conversing with an illustrator a few months ago, and I mentioned there was a metalwork sculptor they should check out, but I couldn't for the life of me remember their name. Now they have just popped up in my feed, and I can't remember the name of the illustrator I was talking to.

David Sheldon is the sculptor for anyone interested and as a note for my future self.

This is the last of the series of Simone Leigh works for Friday's art appreciation moment. Last Garment, 2022 was the last work of the ICA exhibit, taking up one whole room.

Maitreya Buddha, Mogao Caves (Northern Liang period, 397-439)

Zebulon. Nosztalgikus Steampunk figura

nel 1833 lo scultore francese

La Jeunesse
Bronzo patinato

Crdit : Kuronushi

In honor of our episode about the & of the Nereids (and to continue our love of Neptune's Triton), here is a Rodin sculpture titled "Triton and Nereid"!


Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Sophie Favre

I fixed an issue with my nbody code... sometimes a push front won't do and you need a min heap... Anyway, vortex sim looks better.

This sculpture has been in the works for about a month. I finally had to say thats it, its done. There are a *lot* of mistakes in the sculpture but the upturned toe is not one of them.

J'ai refait l'oiseau de mon pendentif noisette. L'ancien wazo est quelque part entre Rennes et paris :shibaohshit:

My Throwback Thursday photo from July 7 2010. On this day Chicago-based artist Tony Tasset unveiled his sculpture "EYE" in Pritzker Park in Chicago's Loop. The sculpture has moved several times since then and currently resides in Dallas Texas.

Two bronze sculptures by Glenn Kaino will pay tribute to the LA Fingers gesture popularized by Estevan Oriols iconic 1995 photo.

Buddha reclines to await death, Mogao Caves (Middle Tang period, 781-847)

Mehr... Lieblingsfotos
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and Art by Artist: in Loc.: Peysazhna Alley, Ukraine 2011 - Title: "Rain" (Detail) -

More Tangent Point Gradient stuff. Fixed lots of bugs, etc.

It's "Outrageous Pumpkins series 4" season yall!!!

VLADIMIR: What do they say
ESTRAGON: They talk about their lives.
VLADIMIR: To have lived is not enough for them.
ESTRAGON: They have to talk about it.
Samuel Beckett, 'Waiting for Godot'

Igor Mitoraj

Jeune femme au chapeau fleuri by Rodin. She is behind glass, pardon the reflection.

DesignBoom : porcelain helmet inspired by iron man and the mandalorian details chinese pottery patterns

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Barbed wire, chains, and shears cleave through Glen Taylors porcelain sculptures.

Leshan Giant Buddha (803 C.E.)

Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas died in 1917.

Although Degas was a founding member of the Impressionist group, his work was so varied in theme and practice that he did not join them in their best-known traits. His exceptional status did not escape the critics of the time, who were often unsettled by his avant-gardism, which is still the subject of much debate among art historians today. via

Books about Degas at PG:

"Baptism of Christ"
Medium: Plaster
Technique: Cast
Classification: Sculpture
Date: Copy of 9th century original.
Culture: German
Division: Modern and Contemporary Art
Creditline: Harvard Art Museums/Busch-Reisinger Museum, Museum Purchase
Unidentified Maker

Swann Memorial Fountain in the Rain

Perhaps one of the most famous of the 50 Nereids -- here is Thetis dipping her son Achilles in the River Styx (she missed a spot!)


Deuxime rencontre du spoon club de Wallonie

The cross-legged Bodhisattva Maitreya, Cave 9, Yungang, Datong (c. 650 C.E.)

nel 1838 muore lo scultore neoclassico

Allegoria dellEternit
dalla tomba Caprara, 1817-19
Cimitero della Certosa, Bologna

Etienne Pirot - La Lecture, 1988.

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