DesignBoom : toshiya masuda turns sneakers,

Virgen de Las Nieves ante la sierra de Guadarrama.

DesignBoom : toshiya masuda turns sneakers, boombox & everyday items into pixelated ceramic sculptures

Design Milk : LDF23: Mother Goddess of the Three Realms Celebrates British + Vietnamese Heritage

Clay sculpture by German artist Beate Kuhn, 1980s-2010s.

Design Milk : Unleash Your Inner Bear With the Born to be Wild Public Artwork

God Is Dead
It might not be the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, but convincing metal fans to embrace doo-wop was no mean achievement. Despite sounding like some dust-covered relic from the late ཮s, TWIN TEMPLE made light work of qualifying for metalheads' affections with their first album "Twin Temple (...

Tung Ming-Chin - The Birth of a New Hero (2008)

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Susanna, een prachtig beeld van Reinhold Begas, het gezicht van de neobarokke Berlijnse beeldhouwersschool Susanna, a beautiful sculpture by Reinhold Begas, the face of Berlin's neo-baroque sculptor school.
Alte Nationalgalerie

Okay so things did not go quite as I expected them to but Im still very pleased with how my Pagoda Tentacle water feature came out of the glaze firing.

Proud na ibinahagi ng welder na si Bayan Patroller Kelvi Galap ang kaniyang sculptures na may ibat ibang disenyo tulad ng dragon, agila, at iba pa.

Para sa mga kaugnay na ulat ng :

Oozing with Wonder: An Interview with Dan Lam

Apparently its again so here is an older of mine. Life in the Seas Part 1: The Cambrian, 2004. Wood, urethane foam, polymer clay, found objects, acrylic, 70 x 62 x 18 inches.

"Our past is so dark, the present is precarious, but our future is free."

In thinking about what to make tomorrow during the Urban Gala, I bent this little doodle.

Never made a quite like this one with the inner wraps like that. I like keeping myself on my toes by trying new things with these and keeping them fresh and interesting. I feel like I have so many directions to go with these!

This is perhaps more exciting to watch than a tiny little BOO. It took over an hour an they are easy to break mess up midway.

Sculpture Showcase

Ah oui

Bon, moi je fais des trucs petits en bois, et je dessine des chats

From my vault... (2014)

Apex Predator by Fantich and Young

Oxford Shoes or Sculpture

Theres a Jimmi Choo version too, for women

"Tout artiste est prcieux car il apaise le monde humain et enrichit le cur des vivants" Nastume Soseki
Ce soir, j'essaie d'y croire encore un peu
Sculpture "La nuit", Aristide Maillol, 1909

Je n'ai jamais jamais t intress ou fascin par la sculpture. Sauf les draps, les voiles et les plis!

Donner des matires parfois extrmement dures, autant d'impressions de lgret, de souplesse et mme de transparence! a me bute.

Autant de talent me dpasse:)

Fo Guang Big Buddha in Kaohsiung

It's once more! :ablobcheer:

I'm Lizzie, a clay artist and illustrator based in the UK, with a passion for all things pop culture!

See more of my work at:



Encore un pendentif noisette

A sculpture made from scrap.
It aims to scare off humans with flame.

Last night's cherry wood spirit in the morning light.

Kapoor and Me, Now and Then: Intersections with the works of Anish Kapoor

"...I saw clear references to the vivid spice markets & the bright pigments used in cloth dying and Holi festivals."

My latest article for Signifier looks back over 40 years with (the of) Anish Kapoor

Hung Yi - Dragon Fortune

Looks like Bella is helping to tidy up Bellahouston Park after the weekend's wild weather in Glasgow!

This sculpture, called Elephant for Glasgow, was created by Kenny Hunter and was erected in 2015. The tree trunk is a more recent, and presumably temporary, addition by someone else.

"Portrait of a young man , standing" (1953) by Leonard McComb, at the art gallery. Polished . October 2023. "Filter" 2002, by Antony Gormley, at the art gallery. October 2023.

Allegorical figures of Speed and Science flanking the entrance to the North British Locomotive Company building in Springburn, Glasgow. They were sculpted by Albert Hemstock Hodge in 1909.

12 Dec 1988 / Memorial
Clapham Junction rail disaster

Work in progress. Corn stalk in the oven.

Giant Spider at Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain

Schlafende Kunst und ... ein
Sleeping art and ... a favorite
by Artist: / in Loc.: UK - Title: "The Life and Death of a Relationship" ("Das Leben und Sterben einer Beziehung") -

Pendentif noisette renard ptisserie

Just put some linseed oil on this face. Cherry branch with a swirly endgrain nose. I'll put up more pictures in the daylight tomorrow.

Work-In-Progress of a ghoul sculpture, in preparation for Halloween.

Im in bloom.

A photo of one of the Six Ladies if Texas, "Mexico", on the esplanade of Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. Blue and purple light patterns projected on it. Sculpted by Raoul Josset for the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition.

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