Castle Park, Bristol. Beside the Still

Castle Park, Bristol. Beside the Still Waters. 1993 by Peter Randall-Page. Photo: 05.11.2019.


I went to Regents Park to see the that is currently on display for the

Giant Opens Its Chest To Reveal a Fern-Covered Tunnel People Can Walk Through

Buddha, Cave 20 at Yungang, Datong (c. 460 C.E.)

Castle Park, Bristol. Sculpture. 1993 by Peter Randall-Page. Photo: 05.11.2019.

Hello and welcome to my I am a mid-thirties, late diagnosed , with an partner. I work PT in a library.

A snippet of my waxing and waning interests:

The answer remains elusive. Qlikman's vision transcends conventional science, aiming to unlock the dormant potential within each individual's desires.


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Here is a man of the woods, who I encountered a few weeks ago in a sculpture garden on the edge of .
We seemed to get on well...

Relief sculpture on the old Anderson College of Medicine on Dumbarton Road in the west end of Glasgow. Created in 1888 by James Pittendrigh MacGillivray, it's thought to depict Peter Lowe, founder of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow in 1599, teaching a group of 16th century medical students.

On the drive back to Denver I stopped off at this natural bridge park. Pretty an peaceful- a little break from Wyoming's lovely 80mph non crowded highways. There were "watch for Rattlesnakes" signs- but I only saw a little garder snake.

Gonna miss those wide open speedy highways and big skies- they aren't found in NYC. Time to get back to the land of trains and buildings and people.

This is one of three pieces created for Furvestr charity auction, created using one of the three mascots of the convention. 
He should have held on to the helmet better. You need that in space!
It was nice being the GOH there

Town: Warsaw, Poland
Sight: Memoria Wolnego Sowa

What's your favorite mode of transportation for sightseeing

Get the most out of your travel to Warsaw:


Credits: Wikimedia / Adrian Grycuk / CC BY-SA 3.0 pl

"It is to be that all is in - - and by I intended to very " -

Opened a couple boxes and found my old Year 7 (11/12 year olds) secondary art class teaching exemplars! Based on Sonia Delaunay paintings!

Unfortunately they had been in a cardboard box in a garage and mice turned them into a nest

Which, honestly, makes me want to make a whole new sculpture.

(I used to be a secondary school art teacher, for those who missed that lol)

Thank you for this day.

Eternal Silence, Lorado Taft (1909)

Check the link for more info abt historic Chicagoans & architects:

MegaMario sculpture imported in Blender for the next phase: materials, textures, lighting and rendering.

Sculpting Work In Progress: MegaMario.

This naughty one is like 'welcome to Heidelberg university, I guess'

Some photos of the Soul Selling Timer on view at the opening of Neon in the High Desert. I was delighted to see viewers pressing it's button and even using it as a fortune teller as they asked it questions and pressed it's red button to pause the animation.
What a show! It was neat meeting so many people that came from so far! Many new friends, some familiar faces and some online acquaintances that I finally got to meet in person

Showcasing sculpture from around the world.

In Hot Springs Park there is a viewing road to see part of herd. I appreciated the info plaque on "Being a Bison" . They brush their horns against the sage to smell nice, repel biting bugs and grow their horns longer. The herds roll around and dig up the ground with their hoofs and horns to create wallows that can become little ponds in the spring. The Wallows can remain for 125+ years and there are an estimated 100 billion wallows in existence.

Adventure, Prudence and Pigeons in Saint Enoch Square in Glasgow.

The truth is that there is only one terminal dignity love. And the story of a love is not important. What is important is that one is capable of love. It is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity. Helen Hayes

Je confonds trop souvent Robert Roussil et Raymond Roussel

I've never noticed these two at Woodbridge before.

I Need A Hug, by Lenard Sezhento. 2018

Prometheus. (small sculpture)

More photos of the Ace! sculptures installed. Percent for Art public art project!

Exclusive lists are here! Very excited to at last be able to follow some people for topics that aren't my main interest, without having to worry about my home timeline becoming a mess.

On that note, who are some amazing to follow here I could use some recommendations, hit me with your best!

It's far too long since I was in .
This is , 14 year ago today.

I went to an art exhibit in Iwate-Machi for artist Misawa Atsuhiko. His sculptures of fantastical animals are pretty amazing. I recommend visiting an exhibit if you can. This one was at Ishigami no Oka ()

Mini chat

"Triumph of a Sea Goddess"
Medium: Soapstone with gilt bronze band
Classification: Sculpture
Date: c. 1530
Culture: German
Division: European and American Art
Creditline: Harvard Art Museums/Busch-Reisinger Museum, Association Fund
Peter Fltner (c. 1485 - 1546)

Pulses in Blue, mixed media installation, 2023

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Getting ever closer to the release of my sculpting website.

Took this photo yesterday, featuring my favourite rescued-from-rust hammer (with a rubber sole for less noise and a smoother attack) and some of our chisels and gouges...

Checked out two Biennial Kick-off Programs yesterday: The preview of Gelitins Democratic 7 (a giant pizza guests stick their heads through to make the toppings) at the Center before it goes on exhibition at the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society Sept. 23-Jan. 12 + The in-progress of ITECHs HygroShell at the Thompson Center (second slide at ). CAB 5 opens this November!

Tangent point gradients on a mesh. I found a really nice gradient formulation for the tangent point kernel.

Mixed media sculptures by German artist Georg Hartmann, 1920s, who made several "Mechanical Head" works while studying at the Bauhaus.

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