Bonsoir, il fait chaud, trop pour


Bonsoir, il fait chaud, trop pour un breton

J'ai pas la motivation pour faire des sculptures trs travailles, alors voici un petit oiseau

Design Milk : Jessica Sellingers Sculptural Wave Collection Feels Alive

Fancy a Famous Grouse Only if you make it a big one!

I love this statue on the Edrington site in the Drumchapel area of Glasgow. It's just a pity it's not really publicly accessable.

Thank you for this day.

Crossing symbolizes the delicate balance of the commercial and cultural districts that converge along the LaSalle Street corridor.

Sculpture termine ! (c'est mon homme qui l'a faite !)

- Discovering a rock cairn on a beach is something I always find both interesting and comforting.

I am interested in the design and time it must have taken someone intrepid explorer to erect.

I find comfort in them...they have been used for centuries as trail markers.. and are known by various names around the world. By following them, hopefully all explorers will find their way home.

For , digging through my old photos. These are from a class trip I took to Safed (Tzafat) Israel while I participated in a program in Summer 2007. Safed is an interesting place with two characters. On one hand, it is one of the four holiest cities in because of its importance to Jewish and the development of . Today it has a very large Haredi community. On the other hand, Safed is a city of and has a kind of funky, artsy vibe. Unlike many of the places we went to that summer, Safed was quite cool due to its elevation. I don't quite know why but the place has always stuck in my memory - it reminded me a lot of where I grew up in the Adirondacks in upstate New York.
Photos taken on 25 July 2007.
P.S. - Trying out a multi-photo post to see how I like it. If I don't, I might repost them as individual posts.

The class I helped teach was about making beer signs- I never had made the metal frames before and I liked the idea of a "murdered out" . is for real! The hand pulled black tubing is fun and funky- would love to rebend it with 8mm effetre perfection!
The Dis Mis Mal Information Arrow... it's also kind of an with animating flames when placed upright.

Penelope's Grace: A Sculptural Masterpiece at the de Young Museum:
The Penelope sculpture by Franklin Simmons is a renowned artwork depicting the Greek mythological character Penelope, known for her unwavering loyalty to her husband, Odysseus.

More reaction diffusion fun.

Tech-Inspired Sculptures by Michal Sycz


Some photos of this Jacob Willcox and I created for the neon symposium show.
I had been wanting to make a Michael Flechtner style handbag for a bit and Jacob happened to have an LV bag for his neon kit that provided the rough dimensions. I thought it would be funny to bend a thank you convenience store bag for the other side so its "Come Again" in that font because we want symposium guests to return.

Nouveau locataire pour la maison noisette. Il paye son loyer en mignonitude

Combining translucent polymer clay with saturated pigments or carving delicate ridges from tulipwood, Levi van Veluw constructs enigmatic, immersive narratives.

"J'ai vu un ange dans le marbre et j'ai seulement cisel jusqu' l'en librer." Michel-Ange
"David" (dtail) de Michel-Ange, vers 1501-1504

Today's animal from Glasgow's architecture is this fantastic griffin handle to cast iron greek urn. The urn itself is the finial on a newel post outside a townhouse on Woodlands Terrace in the west end of the city.

My copy of Women United Art Magazine Issue IV made it to Guam today! Exciting to see my work in such a wonderful magazine! This magazine is available in print & digital format from Women United & in print from Amazon.

El herrero cartagenero Weico Navarro, residente en los Urrutias, ha sido uno de los representantes espaoles en el "11 Campionato del Mondo di Forgiatura" celebrado en Stia, Italia en la XXV Biennale Europead'Arte Fabbrile.

Michelangelo's Moses at the Tomb of Pope Julius II
in San Pietro in Vincoli

Photo of the Day
(from my daily blog)

"Grinling Gibbons" 1690
Artist: Sir Godfrey Kneller
Dept: Drawings and Prints
Classification: Prints
Credit: Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1925
Medium: Mezzotint

This sculpture along the Loop bike path in Tucson is appropriately near some stables. It's fairly new, installed in 2021. It's by sculptor Al Glann, titled "Over There." I enjoy seeing the art along the Loop while out riding.

Reaction diffusion + normal flow. No smoothing.


A little clip of a collaborative bubble tube between Jeremy Bert, Jacob Willcox and I with some cane tubing from Jen Elek. This one was filled with a based cocktail of gases to give it that little wave. It's a nice wavey thread of light on that neon pro transformer. About 60-80 torr of gas in there (about 755 torr is atmospheric pressure).
The bubbles are fun and Jeremy is certainly good at blowing them up!

Perfectly Balanced: Calder's Eighteen Numbered Black:
"Eighteen Numbered Black" by Alexander Calder is a captivating sculpture known for its minimalist elegance and dynamic balance, a piece of precision and form.
I tried to frame both the sculpture and its shadow against the background walls from a particular angle. I am pleased with the resulting composition.

I've visited and photographed Pollokshaws Burgh Hall several times, but today was the first time I noticed this fearsome little fellow tucked under the sill of one of the rear windows.


Much like you can calculate the gradient of a scalar field, U, you can calculate the circulation as well.

Love this pair of mermaids at the entrance to the former Scottish Cooperative Wholesale Society building at 95 Morrison Street in Glasgow.

A bunny protecting his carrot.

Short tourist break from to Prague see David erns Musoleum. Many but not all of the (in)famous works including the Brexit-anticipating Entropa. Others around the city.

As they look out over the Welcome Habitat, for a short time a sense of peace washes over them.


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Found a wee reminder of when I used to take on personal commissions.

I enjoyed making this one but I'm in absolutely no rush to make any more


Another still from the film clip I did for Adam Rudegeair.


sculpture by Kim James, 1965. Formerly at Nottingham Trent University.

Michelangelo's Moses at the Tomb of Pope Julius II
in San Pietro in Vincoli

Photo of the Day
(from my daily blog)

'Latona and Her Children, Apollo and Diana' by William Henry Rinehart (1874)

Enchanting Miniature Worlds by Felix Hernandez


Maman by in (Dec. 2014)

I remember seeing another one of this spider sculptures somewhere but can't figure out where...