Avant d'hiberner, un dernier plaisir sucr

Avant d'hiberner, un dernier plaisir sucr

In 2013, I built this ambient light from reused materials : an hanging lamp globe, garden hoses, a candy dispenser, Christmas balls, lids and a plastic container.

A white and red bunny made of polymer clay and designed after the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. Originally posted to Instagram on 20th April 2016. Watermarks have been added where previously there were none.

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"8 Great Women Sculptors You Need to Know."

Women sculptors often had to fight much harder than their male colleagues to get public approval. Here are 8 women artists whose names you should definitely know.

Today's Flickr photo with the most hits: the west pediment of the Nashville Parthenon, TN

Het uitvergroten van neteldieren en hun pulserende beweging, door het licht gevangen, is prachtig The magnification of nettles and their pulsating movement, captured by the light, is beautiful.
Anicka Yi in

Then the zoo after hours: the GloWild exhibit.

Chat et renard

metal scrap knight of Davis Trading

La par


Parmi la cinquantaine duvres de lartiste canadien Brian JUNGEN exposes au Muse dart contemporain de Montral lt 2006, trois sculptures suspendues, toutes de dimension monumentale, demeurent le point nvralgique de la production : Shapeshifter, Cetology et Vienna.

En pice jointe : Shapeshifter (transmutation) 2000

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If you're ever in Ottawa, be sure to check out "A State of Rest" bronze figures by Brandon Vickerd along Strandherd Drive.

A sleepy fox, doe, squirrel, and raccoon can be found taking naps on benches. You'll have to look extra hard for the raccoon, that prankster seems to have slipped away from the pack.

Visit Brandon Vickerd's website with further details here:

Pictures: Mine

A monstrous thing.
Based on 2D concept artwork by Tooth Wu.

Albertine prend son rle de champigardienne au srieux

Work-in-progress impressions of my alien creature sculpture.

More WIP images and info can be found in my Ko-fi:

A monstrous thing.

Based on 2D concept artwork by Tooth Wu.

Ceramic sculpture by Spanish artist Carlos Cabo, 2020s.

Its been a while! Three luminaries luminaire what a great word! from a series where parts of a broken down high pressure washer are reused, upcycled etc. For one the aluminium pump housing is repurposed. For the other two the main washer housing and housing for the electric motor.

The're in ThuhShop:

I love the expressiveness of this face on one of the early 1900s Garden Pavilions at Pollok House in Glasgow.


Got the out yesterday to bring our in-game helper and talking louse, Hugo, to life.

Love this sculpted corbel around a door of a tenement building on Kelvingrove Street in the west end of Glasgow, especially the weathered face at the bottom.

"Door without a door" by Kan Yasuda



Art Piece in a Garden, North Center, Chicago, Illinois. Experimenting with a filter on Pixelfed.
Photo taken on 18 November 2023.
For more photos from Chicago in 2023, please check out this collection:

Love is everywhere

Post Chapel 6 study in Mist Blue 24 x 24 x 2.

My finished alien creature sculpture in ZBrush, based on a great piece of 2D concept artwork by Tooth Wu.

Now I'll move on to my eternal dilemma: should I render this using Cycles or Octane in Blender

Bristol. Yellow foam sculpture in a tree. Photo: 05.11.2019.

"Stippled Votive Stupa"
Medium: Clay, unfired
Classification: Sculpture
Culture: Central Asian
Division: Asian and Mediterranean Art
Creditline: Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, First Fogg Expedition to China (1923-1924)

Museum Ludwig, Kln

"Totem Pole"

Hier, il faisait beau, alors j'ai march un peu plus loin dans le quartier.
Je prenais une photo de temps autre quand j'ai dcouvert un genre de petit Moa de l'Ile de Pques devant un duplex, emprisonn derrire une clture de fer forg peint couleur sable. Depuis, cette image me hante!

Ten metres high and 10 tonnes: Louise Bourgeois giant spider crawls into Sydney

Mythical Beasts: Wondeful Mixed-Media Sculptures by Polina Nol

If you want to know more about this exciting new initiative or are an or scientist-doing-art that is interested in signing up, please visit our website at:


It is rarely as simple as good or evil.
Statues from Sevilla.

This Friday's art appreciation moment is a piece by Ed Christie (yes, former Muppet guy and well-known puppet designer) as shown at Alden Gallery in Provincetown. Would you ever guess that this is constructed from resin and dryer lint

Just trying some different geometry.

Das Werk II

Hidden Lives