You don't know how far it is until you jump.You don't know how far it is until you jump.

TheUltiMATTe (at on Wed Feb 18 06:07:02 2015) You don't know how far it is until you jump.

susycmoreno (at ig - susycmoreno on Wed Feb 18 06:06:10 2015) How is it that a chiweenie that weighs less than 8 lbs can push/kick me to the far corner of my own bed
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jessarmstronggg (at on Wed Feb 18 06:06:07 2015) You don't know how far it is until you jump

SokainaTanirt (at on Wed Feb 18 06:02:49 2015) Success is not how far the rock skimmed. But how many times it rose above troubled waters. - Yellow Jacket

F6GraphicDesign (at on Wed Feb 18 06:02:04 2015) Success is not how far the rock skimmed. But how many times it rose above troubled waters. - Yellow Jacket
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BabySymmetry (at US, Portland, Oregon on Wed Feb 18 06:01:39 2015) @darkshines71 and here is me telling you it too. Look at where you've become and how far you've become. You have more to go & you can do it❀
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Lashesandbands (at on Wed Feb 18 05:59:28 2015) It doesn't matter how far away your friends are, if that bond is real they will always be there for you πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
nickfosterrr (at on Wed Feb 18 05:59:02 2015) @princessniickii Not sure how far it went but dominance is what some people like. It's not sick(to a certain extent). It's just not yo thang
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ahmedaljamaan99 (at Washington DC , United States on Wed Feb 18 05:58:13 2015) Nobody sees , nobody knows We're a secret , cant be expose That's how it is , that's how it goes Far from the others , close to eachother

Liams_TLhere (at Main acct @xHemmlinsonx on Wed Feb 18 05:58:06 2015) How was your day guys? Or how is it going so far?
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_GeeezLouise (at 2-6 ANNNTT on Wed Feb 18 05:56:25 2015) It'll get you far knowing how to handle the situation when your gf is mad at you though.
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thequote (at Where inspiration meets action on Wed Feb 18 05:55:12 2015) Success is not how far the rock skimmed. But how many times it rose above troubled waters. - Yellow Jacket @YellowJKT #ff
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Giintokiis (at α••( ᐛ )α•— on Wed Feb 18 05:54:20 2015) @kuliritton how far is everyone do u kno, if i watch it i wanna spoil as much as i want without drowning in friend tears
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TweetLotto81077 (at on Wed Feb 18 05:52:57 2015) It's not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life; it is how you handle what happens to you.
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Djthahitta (at on Wed Feb 18 05:49:53 2015) @_Ihateanthonyy ima try bro how far is it ?
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JohnniePlusMe (at California on Wed Feb 18 05:48:21 2015) @LNRand7MIH I'm almost 9 months, but I know the struggle is still real no matter how far along you are into it!
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OceanFinesse (at phs football #22 on Wed Feb 18 05:46:50 2015) @abbysucks I would have gone sledding with you btw/: And this movie is so good. How do you like it so far?
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Captshiro (at on Wed Feb 18 05:46:49 2015) @ravagetalon How is it so far?
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milkylahms (at PA: @mertesacks/rps listed on Wed Feb 18 05:46:13 2015) so far this is the only thing i can draw but i still want to make a neumer HS AU comic ;;any ideas how to continue it
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adriannamariee1 (at VA ✈️ TX/UNT ❀️ on Wed Feb 18 05:45:47 2015) @bcfindley11 how is it made that far ahead already?dafaq. Can you try and switch?
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ZimDaFox (at on Wed Feb 18 05:41:28 2015) How far is it to Mars? via @DavePaliwoda
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jtdockter (at on Wed Feb 18 05:41:20 2015) How far away from your birthday is it acceptable to have a party?
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TheDDDDDD (at on Wed Feb 18 05:34:40 2015) "@taaaabss_: @TheDDDDDD gmfu you know how far red lobster is !?"lol you got it yourπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘€πŸ‘ƒπŸ˜«πŸ˜­
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FurryArkit (at Home on Wed Feb 18 05:33:32 2015) @Furry_Elan how far is it
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HeISMy_Crutch (at in the wind - John 3:8 on Wed Feb 18 05:32:58 2015) I have no idea how i've made it this far and that my friends is why God is real.. so not knowing what is gonna happen next is ok
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Punky5SOS (at #fuck 5sos on Wed Feb 18 05:25:18 2015) It's so weird how hannah is a huge part of my life like damn shes so fucking far away but i swear sometimes it feels like shes right here
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SALTYSIDER (at california on Wed Feb 18 05:23:47 2015) it's crazy how close yet so far someone is
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Hannannanna (at caves and seas on Wed Feb 18 05:23:42 2015) Ni semua dugaan. God wants to see how far we can take it and how important is sports to u guys then chasing the afterlife.
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n_hernandezl (at on Wed Feb 18 05:22:44 2015) My greatest accomplishment so far is that I have had my iPod touch for over 2 years and it still has not cracked no matter how much it falls

LetsGoIndia (at India on Wed Feb 18 05:22:07 2015) How you see the world and understand it is really important to us, and definitely understanding is far different...
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chrskndrd (at on Wed Feb 18 05:21:16 2015) @Froregade How is it overall? I've heard p good stuff about it so far
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Lexx_SoLovelyy (at on Wed Feb 18 05:20:38 2015) Thursday will make it a week. Let's see how far this is going to go πŸ˜’πŸ‘Ώ

omgvicky619 (at on Wed Feb 18 05:19:13 2015) @WorlddChanger so far I'm actually liking it out here! I love how peaceful it is! Besides the navy jets. Lol. And it would be awesome to go
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Travieso_559 (at on Wed Feb 18 05:19:05 2015) @Cheyenniiee @Slush3yy yea I know how far it is I drive to see my family 4 hours the opposite way lol

MrBisonopolis (at Long Island on Wed Feb 18 05:18:25 2015) @Mahouko i respect this. Also, how much worse is it on older 3DS? Might get it on old 3ds just so im not too far behind
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