Using thousands of beads an

Using thousands of beads an Anishinaabe artist has woven a massive sculpture to represent the strength and resiliency of children who seek care at a Toronto hospital

CBCIndigenous Using thousands of beads, an Anishinaabe artist has woven a massive sculpture to represent the strength and resiliency of children who seek care at a Toronto hospital. The latest news and current affairs from Indigenous communities across Canada
ncwhm 1700 NE 63rd Street | OKC This is a Frederic Remington sculpture called “Mountain Man” from 1903. When Remington started this sculpture it seemed like everything was going down hill. But it turned out okay. Lol! #HashtagTheCowboy Thanks, Tim From fine art, pop culture & Halls of Fame to Native American objects, historical cowboy gear, shopping & dining, The Cowboy tells America's Western story.
XHNews Headquartered in Beijing, PRC Panda-mania materialized! This gigantic "Selfie Panda" sculpture by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman may well become the new Mecca for selfie and panda lovers alike. More on We are public media for the public good. We don't pursue corporate interests, nor will we yield to the pressure of ideological stigmatization and political bias
CulturesAnd Genuine Lapis Lazuli Downhill Tiger Statue Hand Carved Gemstone Mini Sculpture eBay Cultures and Ethnicities, Ethnic and Cultural Collectibles. Selected Items. Deals. Product Information. Daily Updated. (eBay Links)
ham_sculpture Cambridge, MA Lion Head, c. 750-656 BCE #harvardartmuseums #museumarchive Sharing Sculptures from Harvard Art Museums - Fogg, Busch-Reisinger, and Arthur M. Sackler museums. Not associated with @harvartmuseums, #artbot by @andreitr
QueenKika Motherlode CA @miniver The "smoothed" version looks like a video game, especially the attack of the bat people. And I love the metallic creakiness of bronze sculpture come to life. You would not expect a bronze colossus to move like flesh. if i had to rely on self-discipline, id never get anything done
anjin3515 Growing.. one pixel at a time @TalithaKingArt ZBrush is one of the most important app developments in decades It has reshaped what can be done. & allowed sculpture on an unprecedented level. It is part of the workflow of thousands & thousands of artists& studios AND IT STILL HAS ONE OF THE MOST WONKY INTERFACES EVER!! 😳 Long time digital artist ...newly minted CryptoArtist #nft
ham_sculpture Cambridge, MA Standing Siva with Trident, 9th-10th century #harvardartmuseums #museumarchive Sharing Sculptures from Harvard Art Museums - Fogg, Busch-Reisinger, and Arthur M. Sackler museums. Not associated with @harvartmuseums, #artbot by @andreitr
_LisaWithAnS MGM Studios Backlot .@MTWSoton looks at the star as an incarnation of classical deity/sculpture on pedestal, noting that these past & present bodies shape each other. #BAFTSS2021 Not Liza with a Z | Doctor of Hollywood Musicals | Disnerd | Media Historian | (she/her) | @memoryofallthat for musical goodies
franfinney Santa Barbara, CA Thank you, @MarcusConnorNH! Grad. from Caltech in '76. Married 35 amazing years to Hal Finney, who lived with ALS from 2009 - 2014. I vow to spend the rest of my life making him proud.
JentheFairyPunk Springfield, OR @ArtifactsHub I will never get over how good the details are on this sculpture. Mother, hairstylist, pagan, lesbian, geek, anime lover, pro-choice, liberal libertarian, Oregonian. $JennB1210
kateinnes2 Shropshire @rozgoddard I didn't realise you were there then, Roz! I was too, working part time in education. Loved the Blue exhibition and I remember Peter having to explain to the Queen what Blu Tac was because of that large sculpture made out of it. A wonderful launch of a lovely place. Writer - trained in Archaeology & Museology. Poet. Author of #Arrowsmith medieval novels & new children's WW2 fantasy - Greencoats. Happily lost in the woods.
booksingeraz 25 • 🇫🇷 • she/her • 🔞 dni He’s crying over a sculpture of a man and a woman he made, on the 2 years anniversary of their mom’s death. There is definitely something. But without the terror, surely it had not half the savor. — full time Azriel stan 🦇 • You’re my king now, cariad. (19/40) 📚 CR: I’ll Give You The Sun ☀️
jumblejeee 19 || any || 🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈 @ricetoeat same,, i care them,, my group also had to do packaging for the game and we did a literal sculpture of these two!! you could open up the dome and get the cd from there ;v; honestly best project of my life lol jumble! | i draw lots of speedy block game things!! 📺✨| @jumblings is the alt || lovely pfp by @oversaltedcat :D
Sculpture_Art Guernsey 'Girl with Long Hair (Nude Female/Woman/Seated Garden statue)' by Sukey Erland is available from #artist #sculptor Website and sculpture park with a rich and varied selection of classic and modern contemporary high quality sculpture for sale. #fineart #statues
tinykyrios Rainbow House gardening brain: okay! let’s chip these backyard sticks into mulch! 🍂 sculpture brain, awakening: 👁 Ghost/Gillie, they/them! stitches @imStitchling, arts @furyWren
my_degree_show for my art degree show I made an old suitcase as sculpture from a toilet My art degree show was so cool. Bot made with Cheap Bots, Done Quick! Content stolen from @thewhitepube's degree show bingo.
weefiddler Edinburgh, Scotland Some more #earlymedieval sculpture from Abercorn, including a new figural carved stone (found since I was last at the site in 2017). Insular medievalist working on high crosses @ArcDurham. West Highland fiddler. Calls @UofGlasgow & @Stanford home. Tweets for @AS_Corpus.
romanticismbot italy, probably Like natural sculpture in cathedral cavern; I AM GOD, AND KING AND LAW!
edsonpavoni São Paulo - SP - Brasil @nftartistss Invisible Blue by artist Edson Pavoni and pioneer network scientist Albert-Laszlo Barabási. A 24-meter tall sculpture at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, and an NFT collection. Collector receives the physical node framed and signed. Artist proposing new imaginaries for the idea of ​​connection. Currently exhibiting at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest.
DrKels50 Cincinnati, OH Primary Connection is a sculpture by a @MountStJosephU 3D Design student advocating for Art Education. She believes art education is essential to help children develop motor skills, decision-making, risk-taking, learn about cultures around the world, and more. #theheARTofalion Assistant Professor A&D Mt. St. Joseph U ‘85 & ‘92 - U of Houston ‘12 - 28 years in Public Ed - Critical Friend - Mentor, Author, Educator