Breonna Taylor sculpture smashed by

Breonna Taylor sculpture smashed by vandals in California

nypost New York, NY Breonna Taylor sculpture smashed by vandals in California Breaking news & features from The New York Post. Follow your favorite sections: @pagesix, @nypmetro, @nypostbiz, @nypostsports, @nypfashion, @nypostopinion
AUThackeray I had the honour to unveiling a sculpture that honours to the achievements of @Leander ji and more so, that will inspire many more attain the heights he has in the world of sportsperson. I thank @Asif_Zakaria ji and @RpgFoundation for this wonderful initiative (1/2) Voicing the Youth, Poems and Photography: Passion. President, Yuva Sena. President- Mumbai District Football Association Instagram: adityathackeray
TheRoot New York, NY Martin Henry Freeman, First Black College President in the US, Honored With Sculpture in Vermont The Root is a digital magazine that provides thought-provoking commentary and news from a variety of black perspectives.
HardReport A Saudi Candy to America: A Saudi Sculpture and Flag Erected at the World Trade Center, Where 3,000 Americans Were Killed by Saudi Terrorists #Islamicterrorism Conservative reporting on hard issues from a Christian perspective
shailesh23660 Citizen of the Earth HuffPost: Sculpture Honoring Breonna Taylor Smashed In Oakland. via @GoogleNews A plain & simple person who is against all divide & rule policies. NO DM PLS.
manzcera washington DC Vibrate to the rhythm of your favorite music, with love, freedom and respect. #ArtManzcera #sculpture #DanceToLifeNow #steel #aluminum #LoveFreedomRespect #ligth #blue #clouds #rainbow #angels #artmajeur #artmajeurartist #artmajeurgallery #artmajeurseller #life #hope CARLOS MANZCERA Photographer, sculptor, painter and publicist.
ruthstarkman san francisco Oakland: Sculpture honoring Breonna Taylor smashed to pieces downtown via @mercnews mother, teacher, ethics monger, coder. I write about AI, bio & computer ethics, FLI code, firstgens, HigherEd, teach@Stanford. This excellent vocation is deep.
sanpiecharthair she/her•17☀︎ @whrlyjas @Strawberiechan a girl in my sculpture class was spelled jazmin lmao stan ateez and nct you fools •fan account•
Magic_Mosnjak "Why is this huge sculpture just what Zagreb needs?" Not even if it would magically prevent earthquakes 𝕄 𝕀 𝕃 𝔼 ℝ 𝔸 𝕄 supremacist

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