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DutchessKpop Nahnia So Jiyong has put the Anish Kapoor on the wall and put in this new Sottsass lamp. I like he's still dabbling in Memphis. Fandom supervillain. Allergic to stupid; controversial. Principles over people. Don't follow if you're faint-hearted.
Daiz42 Finland Eagerly awaiting the first game studio / publisher to step up and add an Anish Kapoor clause for this guy in their streaming policies. Only fair to make him practice what he preaches 🔞anime/manga/books/games/translation Works in digital distribution & web development for @fakku and more. Own opinions. they/them. Avatar:
Adz_FM Bronx, NY @arhourigan Anish Kapoor and Vantablack. A curious, disturbing, disturbingly curious, & curiously disturbing bundle of improbabilities | They/Them🏳️‍🌈🌈
Ani_ki__ 'Straya Okay fine, I'll try to sleep. I hope everyone except WineWytch and Anish Kapoor have an awesome Thursday and/or Friday depending on where you are. I make things for video games. Occasionally I whinge about programming and Auspol. They/Them or He/Him, please and thank you. Mostly SFW. PFP by @tuhis_ff14
laheggessey London, England Calling all art lovers and Ealing residents. Please help keep @Pitzhanger open by buying a £25 raffle ticket. You could win valuable limited edition donated by Sir Anish Kapoor with 100% of the proceeds supporting Pitzhanger Chair Grierson Trust-Advisor C4 Growth Fund- Speaker - Love skiing, swimming, yoga, film & theatre
dorotheum Vienna, Austria Time is ticking - #AnishKapoor's exhibition at #HoughtonHall only runs until 1 November. Book your ticket now! #exhibition #skymirror Defining the art of the auction since 1707.
KlERANCULKIN she/he/they • 15 @InkstainsC also can we talk about how after anish kapoor got his hands on pinkest pink and posted a pic of his middle finger covered in it stuart semple went and made arguably the best glitter in the world out of forking GLASS??? try sticking your finger in that old man see where it gets ya #CORPSE: i do it for the girls and the gays that's it ⚢
InkstainsC @KlERANCULKIN i just love the fact that he just went "fucj anish kapoor and anish kapoor only" over vanta black paint Beetle || will sometimes yell about my fandoms || always tired || sadly, Yeehaw is not my legal name || any pronouns || profile pic by me ||
RebeccafromEU 20 (she/they) @stuartsemple On the website you didn't specify, is the artistic licence available to Anish Kapoor? You only mention Tory MP's and their associates, and I'm not fully certain if Kapoor qualifies in that. ★Trans, girl-ish, sapphic, 🇨🇿 OT for @CurrentOW and forking tired please brain let me sleeeeeeep
smckeestudio St. Petersburg, FL Just learned about the petty art world argument between Anish Kapoor and Stuart Semple over the blackest black! 😱 Visual Art Teacher, PCCA at Gibbs High School. Writes about art and art education.
Outside_Paul London, England Anish Kapoor. And rain. @ Houghton, Norfolk, United Kingdom Newbie marathon kayaker. Poor enduro rider. Better sailor.
cc_art_handmade Norfolk, Great Britain Don't forget to drop into see @cc_art_handmade in the stables @HoughtonHall2 when viewing the Anish Kapoor - ending November 1. See website for opening times and fees. See virtual film of the installation if you can't visit in person Pop-ups showcasing art and design in unusual relaxed, non-gallery settings across the east of England. Contact
cooktanner88 Barbarians. Nevertheless, with Standing Beast, Abakanowicz's Agora; and, Anish Kapoor's Cloud
Bincedmeef The Naughty Step, NE England @LarraineWright1 Judith Kerr Mo Farah TS Eliot Kylie Minogue Freddie Mercury Raheem Sterling Malala Yousafzai Rita Ora M.I.A. Lucien Freud Karl Marx Omid Djalili George Frederic Handel Anish Kapoor Zoe Wannamaker Magid Magid Audrey Hepburn There's more but I ran out of characters and patience. Jonathan Aneurysm was the luckiest boy in Fulchester for he had a magical pocket full of the very dankest lefty memes. That/It.
magnapannocchia Puglia, Italy I thank God everyday for all the things man discovered and invented before patents @magnagallina's thoughts account. Whitest girl alive. Here I talk about my interests in art, history, vidya etc. / icon by @McLinskeyArt
Pitzhanger Ealing, London Have you seen our raffle to win this beautiful limited edition etching donated by Sir Anish Kapoor in aid of Pitzhanger? Find out more and buy your £25 ticket here until 4 November: *now open* Architect Sir John Soane's newly restored country home and contemporary art gallery. Hogarth: London Voices, London Lives 10 Sep - 31 Dec
LindaFStewart Belfast @ppdoddy I haven't! Where is it? I did once get to see an Anish Kapoor piece in Washington- just could not stop walking round and round it. Award-winning journalist. Features journalist at @beltel: former Environment Correspondent. Content, PR and Comms🐝
luxury_venice Blood and Earth: Anish Kapoor creates a limited edition of prints to support the Peggy Guggenheim Collection’s fundraising campaign. #AnishKapoor #BloodandEarth #PeggyGuggenheimCollection
TodayILearnedOf #TIL Anish Kapoor owns the exclusive rights to Vantablack, the world's blackest paint. Another artist, Stuart Semple, took exception to that and decided to create a duplicate paint (Black 3.0), which is currently available to anyone BUT Anish Kapoor Interesting facts that are often forgotten or not well known. Main source: r/todayilearned/.
ClickySound United Kingdom submitted by /u/turquoisepurplepink [link] [comments] Photography at its Best!
namoonika Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick, Anish Kapoor, and blood 'No one is born ugly, we're just born in a judgemental society' - Kim Namjoon
heather_mariah_ Brooklyn, NY @hiangelali @dribbble I once dressed in all black with a tag that said, “exclusively licensed to Anish Kapoor,” (vantablack was pretty recent) and only like one person got it 😢 Designer. Comfortable with puns. Great with cats.
moonjoon07 One of my absolute favourite things from the MOTS7 cb was Anish Kapoor’s ‘Svayambh’ reference in interlude shadow,, I was so fascinated by its meaning.. I told army and non army about it locked out of previous acc @ataw07 | Fan account✨| #1 on Hot 100 🔝 BTS = ARMY
happy_stomach Very Chicago Another big influence was seeing Anish Kapoor’s Marsyas on my first visit to @Tate’s Turbine Hall in 2003. I was a grad student and couldn’t afford to buy catalogues regularly, but I’m glad I splurged then. I’ve lost my own photos. Human being (she/her). Leading community yoga on Zoom Wednesdays 6:30-7:30am and Fridays 7:00-8:00am CDT. No charge. DM me for link to join.
JaneSRolfe UK Today I went to Houghton Hall in #Norfolk ~ it was beautiful and quiet, even though it was a dull drizzly day - dreek, as the Scots' might say - there were sculptures, by Anish Kapoor, and Richard Long #pandemic day out🌈 Home is where my ❤ is - but my head is EVERYWHERE 🙂My hat🎩 collapses flat and goes in a box - don't we all! We dance...d @LetsBopUK🌈 & I sing 🎤
AlicePurk Oxford, England Up and out early this morning to see the magnificent Anish Kapoor show at @HoughtonHall2. Catch it if you can before 1st November @NationalTrust Partnership Lead at @UniofOxford | @OxfordPresTrust Awards Judge | #CloreEL | Formerly @CharlestonTrust @Tate & @BritishLibrary
bo_novak Wiltshire @ivorytowerjourn @MsHelenWatts His stuff is so instantly enrapturing. Have fond memories of visiting @mimauseful and seeing the Anish Kapoor retrospective, quite a few years back now The Emperor has no clothes
aangdefender she/they people on the internet are like “i love to dunk on anish kapoor” despite having no actual knowledge of the history of vantablack and its uses capital G brave. 25, priv @dvamanning.
honnojis Netherlands the sheer pettiness coming from stuart semple towards anish kapoor never gets old. it's so funny and i hope he never stops being petty Famke/Zumi 22 | She/Her | 🇳🇱 Local buffoon & illustrator Lead artist for Pokemon Rejuvenation & working on my own game! 🌱 Personal/art account. RT heavy!
luisella_romeo Venice licensed tourist guide To help the #guggenheim museum in #Venice that lost 2million euro for the #lockdown Anish Kapoor has given 100 copies of his etching “Blood and Earth” for free to sell at the cost of minimum 5,000 euro each. @GuggenheimPGC #getaguideforthedetails I’m a tour guide passionate about my city, tailoring tours to experience Venice. CoFounder of the Best Venice Guides' Project. My motto: #getaguideforthedetails
Jason_Dow @EldritchGirl I forgot how much I hated Anish Kapoor & his bs elitism, thank you for that reminder (and the beautiful cow!) Setbuilder & freelance photographer. available for all your carpentry & photo needs! People: pro trans, always Cars: pro manual trans only
adigoesswimming @misstomrstomom Omg Anish Kapoor and blackest black and pinkest pink is one of my favorite things ever. Art world beef!! Did you read the whole story?! Social Justice Lobster 🦐Humorless feminist raising a rainbow baby 🌈 Supporter of the Oxford comma⭐ Fat & happy! 🐋 I believe in Black Santa 🎅🏿 She/her 🦄
swipp_it @AlexTKeane @technolich @EldritchGirl The other artist is Stuart Semple - he also made the "world's pinkest pink" and other colors with the same condition barring Anish Kapoor from using it. Here's a rundown of this amazing saga: Will likely have opinions about scholarly communication, copyright, open access, privacy policies, and @beprexit she/her
Anna_K_Lockwood New York @EldritchGirl my god this very precisely targets two of my most beloved interests- Stuart Semple's vendetta against Anish Kapoor, and, very appealing cows a prodigiously enthusiastic nerd except for when in a bottomless pit of rage
Holahappy1 @RVAwonk That could be challenged in court. Color trademarks are unconventional trademarks and are not legally enforceable unless it’s on the same category industry. Copyright trademark are different if you create a color that’s never been identified like sculptor Anish Kapoor. Human lover, animal hugger,I breathe art. Irreparable liberal with hope for a redeeming humanity! I work while I play! Some call me Judith. #Biden2020
sunfIowerhyuck 18, they/them anish kapoor on his way with a cease and desist #RENJUN: okay “haechan from nct” you’re still a bitch
twoscooters SEA ✈️ CPH ✈️ LDN This cow looks like it’s about to get a cease and desist from Anish Kapoor Creative Director for mobile games. Behind the camera at My tweets are mine & do not reflect the views of my employer. Black lives matter.
meredactyl a non-trendy part of baltimore share this cow only if you promise not to tweet it at anish kapoor, describe it to anish kapoor, tell anish kapoor about it, or give anish kapoor permission to depict it in any work of art. affiliates, colleagues, and friends of anish kapoor may not interact and will be blocked. 33. she/her. soon: historian. dogs, saints, medieval 🇬🇧. pic: @MagentaGirl_’s picrew cover 📷: shenandoah nat'l park, oct 2017
clairezagorski Comanche Land (Round Rock, TX) To the best of your knowledge, information and belief this cow will not make its way into the hands of Anish Kapoor. @PhARMProgram | @LonghornStB | @AustinHRC. Studying @LSHTM. Former: @UTChemistry. Harm Reduction + Drugs + Chemistry. Aliis Vivere. She/Her.
HTLGIFestival Delhi, London, New York Just added to @IAI_TV from #HTLGIGlobal 2020: Director of the Tate Modern Frances Morris, conceptual artist and sculptor Anish Kapoor and legendary poet Eileen Myles consider the importance of politics in art. The world's leading festival of ideas and music hosted by @IAI_TV. Check out our new series of events, IAI LIVE:
HooiWanV By retweeting this you confirm that you are not Anish Kapoor, you are in no way affiliated with Anish Kapoor, you are not retweeting on behalf of Anish Kapoor or an associate of Anish Kapoor. To the best of your knowledge, information and belief, this tweet will not make its way- ✨ malaysian-chinese, fat, bisexual, agender ✨ i retweet every blep ✨ she/they ✨ Black Lives Matter ✨ Trans Rights ✨
Swuump ChIllinoy Scientists have released a new sort of cow, but anish kapoor has swooped in and gotten the sole right to use these cows in art. Smdh. 🤠he/they
AmazingTapes Brighton, England this cow just got a cease and desist from anish kapoor Listen to old, weird and unstreamable tapes with us! No Nazis or terfs, ta xx #blm #acab Amazing Logo by @sludgeworkmeg
JokesExplainer @nintendoesnt This joke is funny because Sir Anish Kapoor is an award-winning sculptor and the cow looks crisp enough to be a sculpture. Tag me whenever you need a joke explained.
theangelremiel L-Space @SzMarsupial Stuart Semple just released a new cow at 5% of the cost and banned Anish Kapoor from owning it. Writer of fiction, organiser of facts. Labour, Left, tired of unconsidered opinions from all sides. insta: theangelremiel Private (if I know you) @theangelduma
MidAgedSadBoiii anish kapoor mad af and ready to sue this cow stan George Louis Costanza a.k.a. Art Vandelay // #GOforkYOURSELFDUTERTE // @lorrainetnjc
mightybattlecat Asheville, NC I did not go to sleep. I did stop window shopping gel pens. Instead, I have the boy the quick and dirty rundown on Stuart Semple vs Anish Kapoor and then browsed Stuart Semple’s line of pigments. Writer of science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, and horror. Also, occasionally I blog. She/Her. Coxswain to the Resistance.
IdeasHubChelms Chelmsford, Essex Anish Kapoor Indian-born British sculptor and winner of the 1991 Turner Prize. He makes large scale abstract sculptures and instillations. One of his works, Orbit, is the tallest sculpture in the UK and was selected as the winning artwork for the 2012 Olympics. @essex_cdp The Ideas Hub is a charity run by volunteers to help foster a stronger community by bringing people together.
reiberpr London, England For the seventh and final edition of the @Secret7s charity auction, artists including Jake & Dinos Chapman, Tacita Dean and Anish Kapoor have designed one-of-a-kind record sleeves for iconic tracks International public relations and communications consultancy | Follow us for news from the Reiber team and recommendations on #art and #design
HydraheadHunter Illinois, USA @Gdjica @rosesscythes As an example: Stuart Semple should be allowed compensation for the pinkest pink he produces and sells and he should be allowed to prevent other from stealling or reselling the dye; But Anish Kapoor should not be allowed to own sole usage rights to vantablack. Exploring running for congress. My congressional exploratory committee is me and my rubber duck. I have opinions and tweet things. he/him (except when not).

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