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wvEsquiress In the Dark and Dusty I found out about this when I saw this Facebook ad and went a’googling. Here’s the crazy story. Unapologetic Mountaineer, murderino, litigation refugee. Pseudonymous writer/senior editor at #lawtwitter #SSDGM
GeekyFries_Mo Portland, OR @bishopduxk @AMan4AllSaisons ANISH KAPOOR IS AN ASSHOLE Also I have Stuart Semple's Black 3.0 acrylic paint and that crap is so nice, legitimately the darkest paint I've ever used. 24. Disabled activist, lesbian, cat lover. Very passionate about food, art, and video games. Forever a D&D player/DM. she/her they/them
AMan4AllSaisons he/they NYer, Birmingham🇬🇧UK @bishopduxk He's an artist/sculptor who obtained worldwide exclusive rights to use Vantablack, the blackest paint on earth, in art. Which is a dick move imho. maker|artist|datageek|humanist|🇺🇸 expat Interests:🛠️🎨🌱🎭🎥📚📷|🍳🍴🍻🍷🎶|📰📈📊📉| 🍞'Baking Centrist'🍞
amazon_ww Canada Unexpected Anish Kapoor joke on my fb today and I am so very pleased. Professor Amazon, PhB #RESIST
GentlemanRascal Indiana @TheRogue_Elf That would be Schrodinger. Rascal.
devyyyt @heyminz , they’ll reach out to Semple, and he’ll come up with a new pigment.... each time with the same contract before purchasing. Now Semple has made a name for himself and still sells high quality pigments for affordable pricing.. as long as you aren’t Anish Kapoor. in this house we love danny devito, string cheese, and each other. amen.
devyyyt @heyminz Semple creates pigments for super cheap, just to help art thrive. He heard about Anish hoarding the Vanta, so he creates a new pigment named “pinkest pink” and let me tell ya.. it lives up to its name. Just one catch: anyone can purchase it EXCEPT Anish Kapoor. in this house we love danny devito, string cheese, and each other. amen.
devyyyt @heyminz Then someone else goes “of course because the artist is Anish Kapoor.. yeah, THAT Anish Kapoor.” And everyone in the comments collectively groans. So, being an art newb, I dig deeper into why everyone hates this poor artist and turns out they have a great reason: hes a big turd. in this house we love danny devito, string cheese, and each other. amen.
AngieMcMonigal Chicago, IL Two takes on Chicago’s most well known and photographed piece of public art, The Bean or Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor. Inspired by liquid mercury it reflects the surrounding city and those visiting the park. @Millennium_Park #chicagoarchitecture #architecturephotography Architecture Photography - Fine Art + Commissions + Commercial
NNorfolkLiving Beautiful North Norfolk Head over to our new website for @FCumberpatch's report on the Anish Kapoor exhibition @HoughtonHall2 and @cc_art_handmade's show, 'A Fine Balance', in the hall's stables North Norfolk lifestyle magazine editor loving living in North Norfolk. Read our regular features online, from gardening to nature spotting at home 🌿🌷🦋
TheNeonFox Philadelphia, PA not your intention, then keep in mind it can come across that way. If it IS your intention to preach that your artistic voice is more correct than someone elses, that sucks and you should maybe not hold Anish Kapoor-like false virtues of artistic elitism. 💖 ALL THIS LOVE || Erotica Artist + Senior Animator || Trans || He/She/They || I love ❤@spookyfleas❤ || ENFP || NSFW art so 18+ ONLY! 💖 comms: open!
NiamhKerins flamingo hotel How have I only just heard about this drama with artists Stuart semple and anish kapoor. OBSESSED lol. Love the amount of pettiness involved 😂 In a world of my own. People are strange.
DefendersCore By following Defenders-core you confirm that you are not Anish Kapoor and you are in no way affiliated to Anish Kapoor. To the best of your knowledge, information and belief, Defenders-core will not make its way into the eyes of Anish Kapoor. A real page for the non-team that got shafted by a Heroes for Hire reskin
aceglobetrotter Sussex, UK My review of Anish Kapoor's sublime sculptures at Houghton Hall, art nouveau treasures and sublime iPad drawings of Yosemite by Hockney @SainsburyCentre Travel, food and architecture writer and photographer, wine writer and blogger
qveeraskvlt Welcome to the art world, it costs $20 to walk through the MFA-Boston, Anish Kapoor can buy exclusive rights to a colour, paintings by men sell for more than paintings by women, and Tracey Emin votes conservative and is oppressed by Labour because they can't afford her art. 1988-reek_of_putrefaction-carcass.flac
murderwhorenet United Kingdom The highlight of my day was reading about Anish Kapoor and Simon Semple art drama Anti capitalist - pro sex worker - 1312 - Black lives matter ☄️ she/her
BXLeleration Brussel, België A nice idea for our stone deserts in the city center. The pedestrian zone was presented with public art work (Anish Kapoor). Now we have Chinese stones (and luckily less cars ;-) check the youtube link. It’s nice and fits the idea of having trees where you can’t plant them Life in Brussels, things that go well or just suck. Brussels for Brusseleirs and everybody else. Love the city, breath the love, stay critical, bike
BOREDTOAST Somewhere I could find peace Just finished reading abt Stuart Semple pissing off Anish Kapoor and now he's my new role model my reality is mine alone
crawfsrudeth multi • she/her i try to stay away from drama but,, art world drama is gold hELP I JUST READ ABOUT ANISH KAPOOR AND STUART SEMPLE'S FEUD #jj : do you want a hit of this? / 📚 cr: a whole new world
tsieben Edmonton @smoonie @creativeboom It’s not illegal but Anish Kapoor copyrighted it. Sample thought it was bullcrap and made his own. Legality and twitter war ensued! #sharetheblack he/him whose views are from another planet and do not reflect those of my employer, my cat, or anyone else for that matter.
oOTsukiOo 3rd Rock from the Sun Tripped over „the bean“ in Chicago and the story about Anish Kapoor and Stuart Semple. It’s way more funny then excepted 😂 And good bless Stuart Semple 🙏 he/him • allergic to life • cosplayer • gamer • book addicted • earns money to not starve • WCS Germany 2017 •
stinkyskz 19THEY fork anish kapoor me and my homies hate anish kapoor #HAN: wanna play fortnite
CelesteReads California I was scrolling through Facebook and found a funny and really popular post about the Chicago Bean/Anish Kapoor/Stuart Semple and saw something I recognized from like 3 years ago by @bananamoritz 😂 FIlipina. Freelance Writer/Editor/Typesetter. Ace. Associate Production Editor. Salt Expert. Constant Complainer. Cereal-Enthusiast. #binders✌
msrmichaelson Currently in London Egyptian activist and filmmaker Sanaa Seif was abducted by security forces in June and jailed for "spreading false news about COVID-19." Over 200 cultural figures including Judi Dench, Anish Kapoor & Danny Glover have signed a letter demanding her freedom. Journalist formerly in Cairo. Bylines @guardian, sometimes others. @columbiajourn Stabile Fellow, 2014. PGP:0x000C3381
ORHamilton 200+ actors, authors & artists are calling for the release of Sanaa Seif and all the unjustly imprisoned in Egypt Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Naomie Harris, Anish Kapoor, Arundhati Roy are just the start of a huge - and growing - list at the end of language
Jigglywood she/her @LizasArtistry Do iiiit you’ll have the best quality for a affordable price point and you’ll get to say fork you to Anish Kapoor 1/20/17💕 • 22 • artist • !!commissions available 5/5!! • 3/15 of my Patreon Special spots taken
HauntedFungus @stuartsemple Hey stuart, quick backstory, just moved into a new place and I'm painting a mural on every wall in the house of different things I like. One is H.P lovecraft style monsters. I'm wondering if you can make the most evil green for the tentacles. I am NOT Anish Kapoor. habitual writer and part time nervous gibbering twit. I spend a lot of time tweeting Donald Trump the word chump. it's cathartic. Instagram: HauntedFungus
casquithart Melbourne, Victoria #CorporateCollections For the month of August we will be highlighting the significance of corporate art collections. Read our first journal article here: Image: Deutsche Bank London’s reception features art by Anish Kapoor and Damien Hirst. Art Advisor & Consultant / AVAA Certified Practising Valuer
bibianca_d she/they, 16 Evey time I see this post I KNOW it contains all of the anish kapoor lore and it truly never fails to bring me so much glee ...but at least I'm not @iamlasagnacat (so amazing, beautiful, and funny?? I'd combust how do they do it?) Pie Or Die 😤🥧 B L M
zerayhawk St. Louis, MO So in the last three years I have learned so much more about this--please take time out of your busy quarantine schedule to look up the art world's cartoonish villain, Anish Kapoor, and the 1000 level righteous pettiness of Stuart Semple.
clownmelia they/them - 21 @abbagaytozier @REECHlE anytime someone visits Richie in Chicago and they go to the bean Richie just talks about the anish kapoor Stuart Semple beef the whole time another richie kin for the circus | 18+ my dudes | @yamiphilla reply guy | author of @SuperLosersAU | pfp @ham_tamaegg and bg by @haruspecks
etherealeds Hell, MI @REECHlE Richie would hate Anish Kapoor and that is something that can be so personal ♡Clowntowns Resident Emo ♡Co-Creator of @mintconditionau ♡Runners Stan ♡18+ Header - @Kaspbrakpolos 💓
NottinghamRocks Nottingham, England @NottmPlayhouse’s imposing Sky Mirror was 2001, measuring 6m in diameter and weighing 10 tonnes. It was designed by designed by Turner Prize winning Anish Kapoor who went on to design The ArcelorMittal Orbit for the 2012 London Olympics Park #NottsFact Championing Nottingham #NottsFacts
dranishkapoor @SonuSood hello sir my self Dr Anish Kapoor (M.D.S) prostho I just want to have my contribution to u and ur team. I am been honerd to work with u. I want to do all free dental treatments for the whole patient which is recommended by ur team. 🙏🏼🙏🏼
MrsMizonArt East, England Awesome Art teacher trip to @HoughtonHall2 today to see the Anish Kapoor exhibition. Definitely worth a day out and our kids got in free! 😊👍🏻☀️ @VictoryAcad @MissChurchOVA Director of Creative Studies and Art teacher at Ormiston Victory Academy. CALSA for Festival Bridge and OAT Art network lead.
TandemProUK South East, England 2/ 🎨 Anish Kapoor’s huge outdoor sculpture-creations at @HoughtonHall2 in Norfolk, on display until 1st November Music, audio, video, digital, design, cycling (this part helps with the first five) -
sharbanning GTA @BoyYeetsWorld Everytime I see "the bean" all I can think of is how much of a dink Anish Kapoor is for bogarting vantablack from the art community and how hillarious his fued with Stuart Semple was/is (I'm sure it's probably ongoing). I was a medium sized deal on Google+. She/her/that bitch
atheistic_1 Chicago, IL Yeah, fork the Bean and fork Anish Kapoor! I'm a lot of things, #atheist is just one.
intruth Deepest Norfolk The Anish Kapoor exhibit at Houghton Hall is well worth a visit. The parabolic Sky Mirror is stunning, and woe betide any ants that get in the way of that focal point. Committed inactivist.
WereChickenAU NC, USA @Smokyislestudio Anish Kapoor is an artist that trademarked Vantablack so no one cod afford it but wealthy artists. He also made Chicago a giant bean. Another artist, Semple, made the pinkest pink and glitteriest glitter in retaliation and banned Kapoor from buying either. A silly Horror/Vore Blog Age 36 Trans She/Her 💘 Farscape, Monsters, Fantasy, and Changeling: The Lost Loves to cook and eat. 🔞 18+ NSFW
ivan007 Brighton, UK @WIRED Anish Kapoor will sue those fish! Boring old #art. Attention Deficit: The First Days of the Internet
MayDoesTheDraw TIL of Anish Kapoor and his exclusive licence to Vantablack. Dude. What. Self-taught artist and a webcomic creator, hoping to be a professional art teacher one day! c: | He/Him | 25 | Profile pic by the amazing @moosemead!
chantholics he/him just a reminder that joe hates anish kapoor and so should you i only do drugs and heartbreak • BLM

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