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saraiqz_ Storybrooke Does anyone remember the drama between Stuart Semple and Anish Kapoor lmao
HighLevelPhoto Surrey The Slide is the world's tallest and longest tunnel slide at 178m long and 76m high. It was designed by Belgian artist Carsten Höller at the invitation of Sir Anish Kapoor. Riders of The Slide make their journey on a specially designed mat and hit speeds of up to 15 mph An innovative, respected and leading provider of commercial photography services in the UK. Tel | 020 3355 0274
BreeziTV Wherever There's Food @ScottyR1986 @BRlFFGRAFF @anthonyjeselnik Humor so dark you think Stuart Semple made it. (Read the whole Anish Kapoor and Stuart Semple story lol) I make chubby look good. I may have a gut like Doboy but I think I’m funny like KevOnStage.
nottsarthistory Nottingham Modern and contemporary beginnings for this week's Art & Architecture in Nottingham field trip, with Peter Moro's Playhouse and Anish Kapoor's Sky Mirror. News from the History of Art Department at the University of Nottingham.
larapucci Nottingham With thanks to Peter Moro for the fabulous @NottmPlayhouse and Anish Kapoor for the extraordinary Sky Mirror. #art #architecture #Nottingham Lecturer in Art History, University of Nottingham. All views expressed here are my own. Departmental tweets via @nottsarthistory
necamus made an anish kapoor joke to my mans and he won’t get it so that blows being a person is a forking nightmare
avantguardian Vancouver, BC Canada “Sculpture occupies the same space as your body”— Anish Kapoor 🙌🏻 Bye for now Chicago. We leave you energized with new spatial and aesthetic perspectives 🖤 #Chicago #contemporaryart #urbanart #architecture… Modern and Contemporary Art Historian, Professor, Writer, Compassionate Instigator, Cinephile, Blogger, Epicure (not necessarily in that order)
allcitycanvasEN NYC Almost out of this world! The #black acrylic paint that absorbs between 98 and 99% visible light ⚫️ High Impact Artistic Collaborations
guccie3 福岡 Fukuoka, Japan Hint 2 of the movie: Aamir and Katrina in front of ”Cloud Gate” by Indian origin artist Anish Kapoor. Macとインド文化を愛してます。ツバルで記念切手になった日本人家族とはわが家です。^_^ iPhone11/MacBook Pro13&Air11/iMac/Olympus E-M1mk2/India/masala/Ahmedabad/Gujarat/Bollywood
asexualzoro driflew on ao3/ffn @tomuboke i went to go find the entire anish kapoor copy pasta and most of it didnt even fit..... (Lew | she/they | 19 | ace/queer) - mostly my day / one piece stuff. op chap 485 saved/ended my life. ♥️@kyutoryu_ ♥️ (webcomic rant acct: @chndelure)
niky_c_ just $8 juicy dollars from hitting my first stretch goal that brings more art into this sweet child of mine ~ pls tell all your friends and also all your haters - Anish Kapoor and his cloud kingdom in the sky must be drawn!! #ZineQuest soft jackal :: nb :: THE BABY IN THE BEAN
TwistedNubbins Seattle, WA @AKempAuthor I can think of someone in almost every medium that I refuse to be a consumer of. Orson Scott Card and Terry Goodkind, Anish Kapoor, James Woods. Quite a few musicians too. Just some human guy who writes, paints and owns a cat. Only one of which he does well. We still believe in love so fork you.
rich_mitch Norwich, England @Alec_Pedaler @nedboulting This was the best thing to come out of that whole thing... ACD at Krow. - Also does them drawings on those cycling mugs you like ✌🏻 - Hit up the shop in the link below 👇🏻👇🏻
floraworley Portland, OR If you haven't been keeping up on the ongoing saga of the quest to create the 🖤 blackest black 🖤, I encourage you to read this and then grab a nice beverage, tuck in, and Google "vantablack Anish Kapoor Stuart Semple". #science #drama #artwars #nanotubes SWE, fintech. Women and $++. ReactJS enthusiast, Python admirer, GraphQL fan. Mother of puppies and collector of cities. Whatever singularity. Dasein. Nomad.
patriciacameron Saskatoon, SK People can be petty and vindictive and irrational about just about anything! In search of the elusive obvious.
rlogarbagech1 The Asian Reylos Clubhouse @MyFavesBeDead @ReyreyButt This is an AU where Rey is an Anish Kapoor-style artist and Ben Solo is the trust fund kid who tries to vandalise her latest exhibition. Instead, she puts him in his place and they spend the next three weeks on a massive Eurotrip learning about classical art ~~~and each other~ In a love-hate relationship with Adam Driver’s Air Jordans. Avi @_afterblossom_
garfield_sandy @ObsMagazine @EvaWiseman You write .... ' They have Anish Kapoor sculptures on the wall, and there are like two sofas, both white ....' Like, give me strength! Would read soo much better without the ' like ' ... or at least put a comma before and after it! Like, arghhh!
killyourshelf Denton, TX Does anyone have good recs for artists who work with mirrors and are not anish kapoor eliza 24 i would have thrived in the 4th century
ArtsJunkies @HoughtonHall2 Can't wait to visit this year's exhibition at Houghton, ANISH KAPOOR, one of the most influential sculptors working today. See works in the Houghton grounds and also in the historic interiors of the hall. Visit Norfolk! #sculture #anishkapoor #Norfolk #art RAJ is a regional UK network celebrating the amazing professional arts & cultural venues and events outside London.
DarkSoulsSauron Midwesternstan, USA Every time you call this "the bean" Anish Kapoor looses 1 minute off his life and i think that's beautiful I may be trash, but i'm upscale trash! If you point out I'm a furry I win. I like NSFW sometimes. sorry in advance. they/them plz banner: @distressedbun
Ataribaby I have a two-metre dish covered in matt cyan pigment (like an Anish Kapoor sculpture) strapped to the roof of an R-reg Bedford Rascal. I drive round on clear days at dawn and sunset, absorbing as much of the red spectrum as possible. (Muhahahahaaa, etc.) Eurostile Bold Extended
IHazRabies Oakland, CA And here I thought Anish Kapoor had a lock on using Vantablack. Towards a new mythology of the urban grid. she/her.
turbulenceorg World Wide Web @DGHaskell @emergence_zine @evaughanlee Anish Kapoor’s Sky Mirror is a good example Land Art is brilliant because it takes one outside and into new terrains to experience it. Founded in 1996, is renowned as the oldest and most prolific net art commissioning site in the world.
Jo_Marney Kent, United Kingdom Let me remind you, Anish Kapoor, little miss terrorist Shamima Begum was 15 when she willingly chose to join a band of mass murdering terrorists. A 10 year old is criminally responsible. She can stay there and rot. She is no longer British. The 'Bad Girl of Brexit’ 🇬🇧 says the Daily Mail. 'Like a bloke in the pub', says the Standard. Friend to all animals. Ex-Ukip, now backing Boris for #Brexit.
KellyCrowWSJ Washington, DC Anish Kapoor having a rough night -- both of his mirrored pieces in this @phillipsauction have reflected no interest and gone unsold. Kelly Crow is a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal covering the wild & woolly art market. (Retweets≠endorsements.) #IAPEstrong
espionage2017 London, England @returnoffrank Let's see how Anish Kapoor feels when one of her loved ones is disembowelled by a machete-wielding IS maniac and she has to clean up the guts from the pavement.
SayruhGee NC If anyone ever wants to buy me all of Stuart Semple's paints and glitters, just know that I would be totally delighted by this and I would absolutely not share with Anish Kapoor. Or anyone really because I just really want them all.
DaieVanya 52.412067,-4.080997 Oh, and fork Anish Kapoor too. Wargamer, Lapsed Writer. He/him
hazelmori love how bts cater to various sides of their fandom: the anish kapoor antis, the YA-novel emo goths, the gay catholics, and high school little sweethearts 🌙 neutral bastard
q_activity The Slide at The ArcelorMittal Orbit Challenge your friends and family to a 40 second descent down the world’s tallest and longest tunnel Slide, as well as experiencing breathtaking views of London from two observation platforms, Anish Kapoor’s famous All your leisure activities in one place! ActivityQ· We were always stuck for things to do at the weekend and that is how was born!
PierArtsCentre Orkney Our new Collection display includes work by Alfred Wallis, Anish Kapoor and Eduardo Paolozzi, highlighting the core themes of the Collection – light, landscape and colour. Many of the works on display will be accompanied by comments by children from Stromness Primary School. Museum & art gallery - permanent collection of British fine art, including Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth; year round programme of changing exhibitions
RAHHjinBuu Trenton, NJ so I just read a Facebook post about @stuartsemple and Anish Kapoor and ... the drama you want in LHH? It's in the art world because Stuart has been giving Kapoor the beats for years 😂😂😂 mother of gamers. waterbender. oni of the ash. god-tier aeon. Σ. fat. got a boogie and a poots. I make dope crap. dovahkiin.
mitsyarty Manchester Anish Kapoor thinks Begum and her buddies were trafficked to Syria - we've all seen the holiday snaps - they were off on a jolly. More Toxic retelling of the truth from The Guardian. This government has failed Shamima Begum | Letter Illustrator. Mum to two teenage boys 😍 Art inspired by forests and theatre sets. University of Manchester European History. Maidstone college of Art. BREXITEER
dupers_super California, USA @Tatlermagazine Anish Kapoor is a selfish twat, and he knows it. watch me unravel... and if you block me, then I’ve won. 😌
ReactionaryMag @YouTube @lizmonster17 @ytcreators For those of you want to know what Vantablack is, here's a very funny story about a very selfish artist and a very funny artist and the war between Vantablack and The Pinkest Pink I'm Maggie, and I make k-pop reaction videos. My co-pilot Liz films with me. We are a pair of misfits who love life, adventures, and our #MisfitFam
ReactionaryMag Ayo @YouTube You wanna talk about why @lizmonster17 and I have an age-restricted when we didn't say 1 swear word? I made a reference to Vantablack. Did we actually get freakin restricted because of VANTABLACK? Is Anish Kapoor in your building? You are literally drunk @ytcreators I'm Maggie, and I make k-pop reaction videos. My co-pilot Liz films with me. We are a pair of misfits who love life, adventures, and our #MisfitFam
goodjanets prev. marthakanes ( she/her ) I keep up w gossip of only 2 individuals in this world Anish Kapoor and the Caroly C. X Natalie B. Situation clever woman but real dumb about it
LeahLibresco New York, NY Scrolling through #ZineQuest rpgs when I run across this pitch: "Pick a side in the artistic feud between artists Stuart Semple and Anish Kapoor as it leads to celestial ragnarok." Everyone knows the right answer, I hope? My book on conversion: My new book, re BenOp: My husband: @alexisargeant
BtsTheorist this mf fandom and that is the first step in self -actualization and becoming your full adult self, using yourself to make yourself . just like in Anish Kapoor artwork are you in the bangtan boys crap forever ? well i am here to cause you a headache by my untrue theories we will make this the biggest CB yet , bitches
etherealgirI anish kapoor and vantablack.... hmm interesting 🤔 a girl who strong enough
adrift_mp3 they/them there is a huge controversy about Anish Kapoor and vantablack. it's interesting how bt/s have decided to use both of them in their mots 7 concepts. 🤢🌱🍃🐨🐋🐳 mono. | please don't call me sis | 25
adrift_mp3 they/them a little more information about vantablack: it's the blackest black and you would be surprised to know Anish Kapoor has used this material in his arts too, however there is so much controversy around him and vantablack and its creator. 🤢🌱🍃🐨🐋🐳 mono. | please don't call me sis | 25
__Aisling___ So for the last three nights, instead of finishing my thesis, I studied Greek mythology, Dante’s inferno, parts of the holy Bible, black hole singularities, vantablack, contemporary arts especially anish kapoor and Yayoi Kazuma, Renaissance and history of arts. #ThirdLookAt7 🇯🇵🇧🇩 ~ARMY~SixthGun~Gryffindor~Capricorn~Je Ne Sais Quoi~Tsundoku~Looking for Serendipity~ Lost in Singularity ~ Resonates in Epiphany ~
yoonriis nj first anish kapoor and now jeff koons i can't keep doing this crap ria / s/h / ♋️ / crapty wizard enthusiast / gay jew with a lot to say / ptg・bts・rv・nct・got7 / zionists ❌ don’t interact / 💌
microwavedpeep The Void Hey bts stans. Remember this: Amish Kapoor is an artist elitist who BOUGHT the rights to a whole color so that no one else could use it and is a dick. fork Anish Kapoor 18/ artist/ he/they/ all around cursed/ head empty. no thoughts
georgebernhard I'm stuck on an island off the @gilesgoatboy Aside from your deep philosophical pondering, an interesting twist to the Vanta Black story is this: It's exclusively licensed to Kapoor. So someone created an almost as black(and much more usable) blacks that's available to anyone *but* Kapoor 🐟 #SardinesUK
Illumihotty @casatiel was able to uncover this photo of me getting to visit the bean in Chicago. i swear it’s real i got to see it and slap Anish Kapoor myself Zoze/Cole • I’m gonna fork the what (22/He/Person) • instagram: Chameleon_Cole art twitter: @spirecole

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